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    tik J & Oil

    HAHA i thought this mv was pretty funny. it goes along the lines of your dream guys and they are represented by the pra-eks. credit to Anothaidara
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    Tik J & Ann Alicha & Tak B.

    i think this is old but i wanted to share. Dang tik was so hot in this era. ann is pretty too! credit to the original uploader Anothaidara
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    paula taylor on amazing race interview

    she sounds like she has an accent but i was surprised she was on the amazing race asia. enjoy! credits go to the original uploaders. and heres another one
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    num and aum lakorn

    SOrry in advance if this the the wrong forum to post this, but i was wondering in num and aum p. lakorn called Hemarah or something like that what is is about? i going to give it a try if the story line sounds goood.
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    ngao asoke version 1999's awesomenesss

    so i just finished watching the old version with ae issariya and ekkarat and i thought it was pretty darn good. i love their chemistry and the pra-ek's aggressiveness. sometimes he made me say to myself. did he just really do that?! lol. ae was perfect for this role. she's such and underrated...
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    bee namthip and chakrit

    i don't know about you guys but i've been waiting for bee namthip and chakrit to be in another lakorn together like the one from vimarn rai. omg that lakorn was so good. someone should inform exact about this. lol if you haven't watched it here's the link ...
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    new lakorn teasers!

    i thought these videos were interesting Aom's new lakorn Pong and bee's lakorn aum p's lakorn AUM AND AFF (...
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    Where can i find/watch this lakorn??

    Does anyone know where i was watch this old lakorn starring namfon kullanat, hugo jurajak, and jay monton jira? i think its called look poo chai hua jai mai ped
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    Bangkok adrenaline

    Does anyone know when this is going to come out? I want to watch it. ahhh this is driving me nuts, the trailer looks cool.
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    CHakrit's english

    Okay so i knew chakrit could speak english but, i didn't know that he was THIS good. i was sort of surprise of how his accent is almost perfect lol. It's funny how in bangkok dangerous they ask him to speak english with a thai accent.
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    Poo praiya's movie

    i was just wondering what is poo praiya's new movie name? the one where she has an american looking pra-ek, doe anyone know?