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    I'm back ^_^

    I'm back ^_^
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    I'm sorry to bother anyone, but can someone delete this fic please. I'm super busy with school right now and my classes are killing me that I lost all my motivation in this fic. I hardly have time to keep my account activated too. Maybe someday I'll continue it, but for now please delete it...
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    A Token of Remembrance [Mini FanFic] (COMPLETE)

    this mini fic made me tearful TT__TT by the way ur poster is just amazing. i love it <3 hehe...i read ur fic weeks ago, but just puting down comments lol
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    Revengeful Love ~ COMPLETE ~ CHAPTER 26

    i love this fic... ur such a great writer. my favortie chacaters is Sila & Aerin. they were soooooo kute through out the whole fic. hope u can write more of Bie & Aerin too ^___^
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    glad to be back

    glad to be back
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    glad to be back

    glad to be back
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    FANFIC Trailers/MV

    i was bored when i was gone, so after reading and writing fics i made this. Link:Forever More
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    i'm back and just updated one chapter of FMWUB and a trailer. will be putting up comments on the fic i took with me later.
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    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

    thank u very much. I love it and yes it goes with the mood :D
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    I'll be gone for the next two weeks and a half. Currently heading down south for some programs and babysitting. I took some fics along with me so I'll give comments when I'm back. Hope everyone enjoys their summer. :D
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    FF Wallpapers/Poster Requests

    Title: Illgeal Destination Casts: Barry Nadech Kwan Usamanee Dan Worrawech Genra: Romantic-comedy & fantasy like... Pictures: it can be of choice. Thanks to whom decides to make this for me, I'll be out of town, so i'm leaving a thank you first.
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    thanks. i'm glad to be ur friend too....

    thanks. i'm glad to be ur friend too....
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    Destined by Heaven

    finally, i caught up with this fic. i <3 Grandma W, she's the best ^__^ i love every single sweet scene b/w Feng & Rin also Yongchai & Ree too. why FENG why???! he fall so easily for other people's lies. i agree with Yong, he's drowning in lies right now. what i'm confused, miscarriage...
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    Too Beautiful To Be Mine

    ^^^^lmao...i agree with u guys.
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    Series 1: My Sweet Revengeful Wife -- Complete 47 chapters

    ^^^i'm sticking with the gals, no Neecha & Tawan at all T_T aww...i'm happy they got their dad back, all that revenage and nothing really went wrong too. i hope Tawan finds her soon and forgives her =)
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    Everlasting Tears of Love - Short FF - COMPLETE.

    wow, great intro. keep me update please. this is gonna b a sad one T_T
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    Too Beautiful To Be Mine

    this reminds me some wat of East of Eden, where he took the fault for his brother. Annie, that poor girl, seems like Leena won't be any good to her at all.
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    Destined by Heaven

    wow, the first chapter got me hooked. i'll stop by later to catch up on some readings.
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    prologue 4 FMWUB is up...thanks for dropping by the fic.

    prologue 4 FMWUB is up...thanks for dropping by the fic.
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    oh and also CONGRATZ! Class of 2010!!! =)

    oh and also CONGRATZ! Class of 2010!!! =)