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  1. phatman

    ❤️[CH7] Kularb Krot Petch (Nine Bever): Es Kantapong/ Hana Lewis

    Kularb Krot Petch: Revive to Killกุหลาบเกราะเพชร.htm Cast Es Kantapong Hana Lewis Producer Oliver Bever of Nine Bever FilmsCo., Ltd. Looks like Bever found his new action star. I approve! Been waiting for Es to get an action lakorn by himself. Other than Cee, Es...
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    More Oum Atshar This Year?! Does this mean it's coming soon too?? Hurray! He should feel sorry for holding back all the people who worked hard on these lakorns that got shelved.
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    Rome Patchata aka Ohm Atshar Coming Back?! Um he's still alive? Haha. Jk. Jk. Anyone know what this article is about?? Is he finally making an on-screen appearance after all these years??
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    2018 Lakorn Lineup

    Anyone know the lineup for Ch3??
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    [CH.Workpoint] Raeng Chang (Prosperous Productions Ltd): Kan Kantathavorn / Taya Rogers

    Raeng Chang / แรงชัง (Strong Hatred) Teaser Official MV Cast Kan Kantathavorn / กันต์ กันตถาวร Taya Rogers / เทย่า โรเจอร์ Tong Pakramai / ตอง ภัครมัย โปตระนันท์ Nat Nutt / นัท ณัฏฐ์ กิจจริต Ai Saranchana / อ้าย สรัลชนา อภิสมัยมงคล M Apinun / เอ็ม อภินันท์ ประเสริฐวัฒนกุล Nook Suthida /...
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    [Taiwan] Marry Me or Not?

    Marry Me or Not?   Title: Bi Qu Nuren (必娶女人) English Title: Marry Me or Not? Genre: Modern, Romance, Comedy Episodes: 15 Broadcast network: Eastern TV...
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    [Mainland] Love Me, If You Dare

    Love Me, If You Dare     Title: Ta Lai Le, Qing Bi Yan (他来了,请闭眼 ) English title: Love Me, If You Dare Also Known As: Close Your Eyes, and Close To Me / He Is Here, Please Close Your Eyes Genre: Romance, crime, thriller Episodes: 24 Broadcast...
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    [Ch7] Luerd Tud Luerd (Polyplus)

    This lakorn is currently airing. You can watch it HERE.   This is an action lakorn starring Pae Arak and Kan Kantatathavorn as the male leads. I'm not quite sure what the storyline is.   Pae's acting makes me cringe. I just can't and don't understand why he's pra'ek...? As for Kan, man they need...
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    Plae Kao

    I knew Ken T. and Cherry K. were in a lakorn called Plae Kao, but I didn't know it was a romantic lakorn. I thought it was a war lakorn, so I never bothered to watch it. After learning that it's actually a romantic drama, I want to watch it now. For those who feel the same sentiments, here you...
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    Best's of 2015

    I know we're not even close to the end of this year yet, but I can't wait to share my bests of 2015 thus far!! Haha. I just need to share it now and then add on later. HEHE.  So my best's of 2015:     Best Couple   1. Peter C. & Anne T. - Ab Ruk Online  Hands down the best couple this year, so...
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    So I'm looking for this lakorn. Starred Rita S. and Don T.. Only the first 300 mins are on YouTube. If you guys know where else I can watch this please do post it here. I'm loving this lakorn so much, but can't finish it.
  12. phatman

    Update on Don Theerathada

    Do you guys remember Don Theerathada aka Don Tai? Or know of a Don Theerathada? Well, he was that super martial arts star from the nineties who retired from the Thai biz to do stunt choreography in America. Anyway, just an update on his personal life. He is no longer a bachelor ladies, he...
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    Actors: 35+ and Still Looking Good

    Just to kill time, which actors do you guys think are still so hot and looking good at age 35+??? I have a handful of men who are well over 35 and still looking as handsome as always, perhaps even better!!!!   Ken Theeradetch (37) - He's lost some weight, but still maintaining that nice figure...
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    Check out this hottie!

    Oh my, so my little cousins were watching this Australian children show on netflix called Mako: Island of Secrets about...mermaids and a merman. Haha. Yes a bit childishly funny. Anyway, and this boy er guy, pops out swimming in the ocean. He plays the merman. Goodness gracious. He is so hot...
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    Update on Pat Patson Sarindu

    I know he's kind of off the radar in lakorn terms, but he's still around doing I don't know what. Haha. Anyway, here's a very recent show that he's been on; it's on Channel 2. I have no idea what the name of the show is or what its purpose is, but I do know that Pat's in it. :ghehe: So for those...
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    Favorite Prince/Princess Fantasy Lakorn

    Hi there...again. :ghehe: So after I watched Lah Ruk Soot Kob Fah, I couldn't help but create this thread. I haven't seen that many fantasy lakorns and I don't typically take interest in this genre anyway, but the ones I've seen thus far have been quite satisfying. I've only seen three. HAHA...
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    Which Character(s) Made You Fall In Love With Your Favorite Star(s)?

    I know, I'm just popping threads like crazy, but hey I'm trying to keep this place alive alright, haha. Anyway, there's gotta be a reason you like an actor or actress, whether or not it's because of their talent, looks or personality. In here I'd love to know which character(s) made you guys...
  18. phatman

    Most Handsome Actor

    I thought there was a thread for this, but couldn't find it. I created one for the girls and just for my personal satisfaction, I have to make one for the guys as well. Haha. Not who IS, but who do you guys THINK is/are the most handsome Thai actor/s? I'll share my list in a bit, still...
  19. phatman

    Most Anticipated 2015 Lakorn

    Year's almost ending! Tell us what's your most anticipated 2015 lakorn!!! I'll share my list in a while. Gotta go run some errands. HEHE.   EDIT Here comes my anticipated list; it's fairly short...very, actually:   1. Mafia Leurd Mungkorn Series 1-4 (Ananda E. & Kim K.; Tik J. & Mew. N.; Ken T...
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    What's your most favorite lakorn from 2014?

    I know the year hasn't ended yet, but it's close! We're in September, only three more months until 2015. Hehe. Anyway, what's your most favorite lakorn from far?? I didn't watch that many, surprisingly. These are the lakorns I've seen/sneak peeked so far this year:   CH5 Koom Nang...