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    a n i e ' i s m

    ceci: miss yaaaaa xD rr:hahaha jea! shes funny as hell
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    a n i e ' i s m

    yo sarnies! miss y'all so much ='( Been busy with my legal attachment which is going to end tomorrow! anyway, I havent been psing much for almost half a year i think o.O Anyway, I've recently became an everlastings due to gain (she's totally my bias atm lol) So i've been psing some artworks for...
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    d u a's :) - last update, 2.18.13

    aff is so pretty :)
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    Pangia Xiong's Artworks

    keep up the good work
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    swirlblue artwork

    experiment more, loving new concepts for ur work
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    My Posters

    cool posters on ateam
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    ~~New artworks update~~

    keep up the good work :)
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    cute icons
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    mzyang artwork

    keep up the good work :)
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    LeEmYiS' cReAtiOn

    nice posters :)
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    Pangnerlicious FanArt

    loving it
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    Kat's Artwork

    loving the bg for tis work :)
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    RR's Artwork

    wuuu love the blending n ur fonts in those 2
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    ah conceptual poster, love it.
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    my artworks

    oh wow love the blending loads
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    Bellefire Artwork

    i've always loved tis kind of solemn color
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    +++MY DeSiReS+++

    love the blending in those two :)
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    a n i e ' i s m

    thanks :') I hardly do icons cos i suck at it. bau n my sis k2 said the 4th one was hideous ='( anyway, i asked bau to make me a banner based on the avy i did. shes really a pro in banner since last time isnt she lol credit to bau:
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    ♥ mainhiathao's artworks ♥ 6/12/12

    i like the last poster 'married with a stranger' the concept is cool
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    Chenling's Artwork :)

    love the 2nd one alotttttt xD miss ur work!