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    Virgin | Baby

    Hi, my name is Mario. No, not from the Super Mario Bros nor do I have a tall as hell brother called Luigi. It’s Mario Maurer and I’m a loser. I don’t need you to pity me though, because I’ve pitied myself enough. I got the best mother in the world, she always preaches on the goodness of...
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    Sarnworld Photoshop Battle

    Since its the Shoutout Forum I decided to bring notice to the other sarnworld members who might not know the existence of our weekly sarnworld photoshop battle. We've just started it last year and its been getting good response. The sarnies will be given a theme every week and they'll battle wif...
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    Interactive PS-tutorial

    Here's an idea we thought of during one of our boredom days. We realized that many sarnies would love to ps but just don't know how to do it. Trust me, it's really2 not difficult once you learn the tricks. Yeah, it's nt really skills or w.e - merely tricks that you accidentally learn while...
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    Ur Desktop 2.0

    lol i remembered that i used to have one deskptop thread but its kinda long time ago. would it be ok to make a new one lol? here's my latest desktop sc :lol:
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    am i being selfish here?

    How should I put this...erm...well i've been really really close with this one person in my life. She's more than a bff to me now and yeah I cherish her A LOT. So having her in my life is like a routine already you know. The problem starts this year for some reason. She's facing some exam and...
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    How un-romantic are you?

    lol im kinda bored today and suddenly thought about this topic serz, hw unromantic are you? take me for example, i dont like bouquet of flowers...i hate candle light dinners, i dislike typical movie nt those type who needs my bf with me 24/7 (i need space to breathe, that...
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    Walked Away

    Since a few people asked for a fanfic due to the banner from my artwork. Here you go, a one shot lol -- From a far distant, a man could be seen walking on an empty street. The place seemed lifeless, too deserted. He kept on dragging his two legs with much effort. He couldn't stand the pain...
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    Pigeon's Love :: Rteam [ one shot ]

    Who could ever forget their first love? That one innocent crush contains many bittersweet memories. It was that love which introduced you to everything. It made you love them, they loved you back but in the end -- they broke your heart. Still, being the foolish us; no matter how hurt you are...
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    Capture d' Moment :: Rome/Rita

    I'm starting this one...cos I wana see if u gurls like the idea of this fanfic/not. ^_^ -- -- [ Chapter 1 ] Love, work and money. Three simple words yet it is those element which controls the very aspect in our life. This perception also applies to the man called, Rome. Except, he is...
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    "Annoying Andy Dance"

    check it out ppl .. cos if u havent .. u shuld .. i mean everyone noes Susan Boyle .. but u shuld noe Andy too!
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    Essence :: Aum/Aff

    -- [ Chapter 1 ] Sometime, we try so hard cringing on a love which was never meant to be. That is because we don't want to experience emptyness all over again. But at times, it is better to have an empty heart rather than a bleeding heart. That way, at least there's still a ray of hope in...
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    Part-time Lover :: Ken/Vicky

    Ok, since Angel is going to end pretty soon .. I might as well start off with this one. Enjoy~ -- -- [ Chapter 1 ] In a low-cost apartment, live a pretty well-known playboy -- Ken Theeradeth. This man can't be labelled poor nor rich, maybe slightly above average. Then, why is he living...
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    Ghost season 2!!

    Yep, i just found out that they'll be GHOST season 2 coming out soon. It's airing this Sunday :D Cheryl is confirm coming back but I'm not sure whether Naz who's acting as Zac Imran would be acting as well. Posted here cos last time Moh posted Ghost season 1 here :) to those who's curious wif...
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    Cursed Amulet :: Rome/Rita

    This is for those who still can't get over RTEAM fever hehe. I got this idea on them, so I might as well post it here. Although the title is called Cursed Amulet .. it doesnt mean that this fic is really about a cursed amulet lol. but its kinda comparing rome n rita to a cursed amulet. -- --...
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    Whispers :: Ken/Ann

    Shall start with this one right after I completed my Angel fic. Haven't decided on the cast yet .. so help me out please? One thing for sure, no more ATEAM .. it's either RTEAM or Ken/Ann ^_^ -- Prologue Whispers .. whispers .. whispers .. WHISPERS! I couldn't stand it anymore .. why must...
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    credit to kosmo! online BEIJING - anyways, the baby is still alive. but his parents is poor, so they r hoping for the public to help contribute some money. So that an operation can be done to place back the heart to its original position.
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    Unwanted Valentine *completed*

    It's weird to think that I'm still alive. Breathing, inhaling and exhaling the contaminated air surrounding us. Here, sitting in front of the white computer screen; clueless. There's this white canvas appearing on the screen, waiting for a writer to paint it with colourful writings. Yet, she's...
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    weird snake

    err.. im nt sure if u guys saw this pic yet. i juz saw it in the news today lol
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    Plastic surgery gone wrong ..

    took the pics n info frm my bff blog. kinda interesting. this woman is a VIP in the fashion world .. look at her now lol. Carrot Top .. he's a comedian .. but i dont think his latest look is funny at all..scary =.='' Joan Ark .. no comment .. this err person name is Amanda Lepore...
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    Angel :: Aum/Aff/Dennis [Chapter 12 - finale UP!]

    Can you love the sinner and hate the sin? [Chapter 1] Heaven won't take me and hell's afraid I'll take over. I'm a 'man' stuck in between two parallel world known as earth. During the day, I may seem like your normal average guy but when the sun comes down -- not a single satan dare to defy...