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    Does anyone know who is Tye dating now? I like his smile and his eyes.
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    Oldies actor

    Does anyone have latest information about one of famous hong kong actor name: Meo kiev Wei. He used to played Cheu Lao Heung from the early 90s? He is one of my favorite actor in the oldies along with Andy Lou, Tony Leung...etc
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    Num Sornram

    I just finished watching Mae Ying with Num Sornram and Noon W. I still like Num as p'ke. Does anyone know will he have more lakorn after Mae Ying?
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    Rome had a crush on Rita

    Is it true that Rome had a crush on Rita? I think he is shy around Rita. When they were in lakorns together, he seemed nervous when he looked at Rita.
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    Current lakorn section

    what happened to this section?