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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    dont know if anyones posted this one but stefan speaks great english and heres the girl that was in the movie with ken sorry i dont know her name but her english is good too!
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    Andrew Cronin ARRESTED!

    all i can say is that his good looking ^^ hehe
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    Ch7 new comer actors & actress 2010

    haha these new comers are starting to look very korean like? :S but they are pretty ^^
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    Hunting down stars!

    thanks guys! your awesome!
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    Hunting down stars!

    Hi, I might be going to Thailand/Bangkok very soon, and would like to ask a few questions. Where is the best place to hunt down thai stars? I'm such a big fan of thai drama and would love to see some actors and actress in bangkok! Does anyone know their schedule if they are going to any of the...
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    Aff, Ploy, & Umm at Ratree Samosarn

    THANKS HEAPS FOR THE PICS! Aff is so beautiful! ahh love her and aum together! --
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    Chin Chinawut , Ruj and Mario live in sydney

    AWW WHY DNT THEY COME TO MELBOURNE!! HOTT! They will rock it! :) ---
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    ploys cherman new hairdo

    i love her makeup!
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    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

    i think pinky is a good actor but when she tries to act drunk it doesn't work :S
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    Celebs wearing the same outfits

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    wow she looks different with out makeup but still good
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    Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li

    Kyrstal is starred in the american movie Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li, with other members such as Kristen Kreuk Chris Klein, Moon Bloodgood etc Date of Birth 28 November 1987, Bangkok, Thailand Height 5' 4¼" (1.63 m) Father is Thai; mother is British (with a mix of Persian and...
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    Pinky Savika - The look you'll love

    Pinky Savika - The look you'll love Lisa weekly Vol.10 No.10 ~
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    Jeab Pijittra

    i think the other girls name is monica
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    WTF IS WRONG WITH HER :| holy crap didn't know she was this bad!
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    Young Thai Kids that are Actors/Actresses

    So who are some of the thai kids that are actors and actresses? They are so adorable, cute and good at acting in thai lakorns. I bet all of them are going to grow up with a very good future ahead of them. ----------------- I'll try to find some pictures of thai kids later, if i can find any...
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    Marisa Anita

    OMGGG i envy her! she is so nice and tall :(
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    Who's had plastic surgery?

    oh is that all the pics of aum of her after the surery LOL my bad, to me aff looks like shes had plastic surgery but i guess not then what a lucky girl to have a point nose :D
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    Who's had plastic surgery?

    So who's the thai celebrities who's had plastic surgery? Well from what I know is that Aum Patcharapa has had botox and a nose job.. BEFORE AFTER AND... I think Aff has had a nose job as well, but correct me if I'm wrong guys! If you guys know any Thai celebrities who've had plastic...
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    Miss Teen Thailand 2008

    hahah thats funny! hopefully we might be playing in the same lakorn someday LOL well if we ever get there hehe