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    2High MV Released...

    2High Poppy & Tomo MV for Dejavu is finally released...enjoy! ^_^ mv clip credits to xlaoxgirlx if you want to catch up on some behind the scenes, etc. check out my previous post
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    Tina Pimradapa Wright

    Tina Pimradapa Wright a.k.a....Tina "Preppy G"...or duo Sherry Cherry... is back with her 2nd single called "Rong Hai Yoo...Crying" check out the teaser to her new mv ^_^ if you missed her 1st single check out the link below...
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    Poppy and Tomo (2 HIGH)

    kamikaze has a new special project and it is "2 HIGH" poppy and tomo ^_^ here are some links you could check out (jingle to their single) (full single...Dejavu)...
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    Tina going...Solo

    here is some update for Tina (Preppy G) fans** last i heard about her was when she had a duet project Sherry Cherry with Preppy G fellow member Praew...back in 2007 you could find more pics @ the link below now she is branching out as a...
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    here is C-Quint back with their new album Hybrid (without Best) Best left the group abruptly due to school their first single off of their album Hybrid is called Play Girl (my guilty pleasure the moment) here is the link to the single Play Girl (this version has Best) now p'fluke...
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    Various Fashion Shoots

    hey here are some of my scans that i wanted to share :D :) to see more of my scans visit Dreams Forum
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    Marsha Wattanapanich

    Marsha on DICHAN Magazine :) see more @ dreams
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    Paula Taylor

    PRIEW Magazine...Paula Taylor :) i really love the shoot...paula looks very pretty :P (view the rest @ dreams forum)
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    Paula Taylor

    Kullastree Magazine...Paula Taylor :) i think she looks very pretty (view the rest @ dreams forum) :P
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    Aum Patcharapa

    EXray Magazine...Aum Patcharapa :D courtesy of nenejung @ yimsiam
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    Tangmo Pattaratida

    LITE Magazine... featuring... Tangmo Pattaratida
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    Amy & C

    Sudsapda...February Issue... featuring... Amy & C
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    Aum Patcharapa

    Volume Magazine featuring... Aum Patcharapa
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    Namfon Kullanat

    WOMAN Plus Weekly Magazine featuring Namfon Kullanat namfon looks pretty in this photoshoot...
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    Namwan Zaza

    IN Magazine featuring Namwan Zaza courtesy of thairath
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    Girly Berry

    MARS Magazine featuring... 'Giftza' Piya, 'Nannie' Pattaranun, 'Belle' Mananya & 'Gybzy' Wannida...none other then Girly Berry
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    Pang + Tiny + Jen

    Slimming Magazine featuring... Pang Ornjira Lamwilai, Tiny Klinneam, and Jen Janesuda Parnto :bl they all look very pretty and cute :P
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    Poo Praiya

    Poo Ying Wunnee:Today's Woman Magazine featuring Poo Praiya (i am not sure if anyone has posted these pics yet)
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    B Namthip

    LISA Weekly Magazine one of January 2006 Issue featuring P' B Namthip p'b looks cute and pretty... i love the the photoshoot b/c it's very colorful :)
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    Mew Lalita

    Front:FAME Magazine featuring P'Mew Lalita pics courtesy of airaom @ mewlalita forum p'mew is very gorgeous :D