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    Stand Up!

    This drama was hilarious and I loved it. The guys were great together and are all so hot. Especially Hiroki who has stolen my heart since then.
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    Tik looks HOT with his long hair. Paula is pretty! Aww, they do look good together!
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    Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston

    Haha, wow...there are many different opinions here. I agree with some so I'm not gonna state mine since many has already spoken it. Oh yea, and I'm on Angelina's side.
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    In The Mix

    I got to see it for it was worth it whether or not it was good.
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    cool hairstyle for 2006

    Aww, ur going to cut ur hair? Haha, I remember when I was going to cut mine and I couldn't make up my mind either. Anyways..good time, I'm gonna ask for ideas from the forum too. Well, here are some pics I found on the net. EDIT: Haha, wow...Im actually having fun searching for...
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    hot guys are JERKS!

    Yes, I agree with most of you. Guys are jerks. Good looking or not, they're all asshole.
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    Books u'd recommend..or currently reading

    I haven't read very many books...but from the ones I've read...I would say Ransom by Julie Garwood is a must read.
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    The Chronicle of Narina

    I've seen it. I'm not a real big fan of these type of movies so I haven't seen Harry Potter and dunno which is better. But I thought the movie itself was good. I also give it a 3 ranking from 1-5.
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    This or That

    BMW. --omg, there are so many pages. im srry if this has been asked before. red eye OR running nose
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    Avatar above

    Aum is gorgeous. Whats all this mentioning of 'leaf' about? I'm lost...somebody fill me in.
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    What Religion?

    Wow, there are a lot of Buddhist. I'm a christian btw.
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    christmas joke

    Bwahahaha. The first one was cute.
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    Girls Advice

    I dunno why or how their haircolor would tell what type of person they are? Shouldn't you just get to know them and see what they're really like?
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    what's your favorite tv show (s)?

    That 70s Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Americans Next Top Model, Simpsons, etc
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    Soooo what's YOUR dirty little secret?

    Puahahaha. Im glad some of you shared your dirty little secret...but mine is for me to keep. So I will not say it out loud.
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    I use Dove. It smells real good and makes my hair more soft than any other shampoo or conditioner I've used before.
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    SE7EN vs RAIN

    Wow...they're tied up! I pick Se7en!!!!
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    Sally's Artwork

    Ur gifs are tiiiight! I LOVE the Se7en one!
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    Kayla's Creative Thread

    Wow...ur works are amazing!!! I love the colors!!!!! Great job...keep it up.
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    Gallery of Mud

    WOWWW...ur blinkies are off the hook!! They lookk soo damn nice! Whooo...mad props goes to u. Way to go!