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    my best friend, me and her bf

    Hi! It's my first time posting in this section :D Throughout my college life, I have this small circle of friends that I always hang out with. I consider them as my college best friends LOL So one of my best friends started dating this guy when we were in our junior year (that was in 2010) in...
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    Poseidon's Lover

    A/N: Please forgive me for posting another fanfic when I still haven't finished any of my previous yet LOL Anyways, this is my very first YADECH fanfic so I'm quite excited to post it :D it's going to be a short fanfic, around 10-15 chapters maybe, not sure yet LOL it's going to be a Rated R...
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    Groom...For Rent?!

    Author's Note: Here I am again with another ATEAM fanfic. I know I still haven't finished my other fics but I can't help but start a new one LOL So this story is somewhat similar to my instant husband story before. It's going to be a romantic comedy one (I admit, I totally suck in writing drama...
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    The Overnight Bride

    Author's Note: I'M BACK!! :) since I have a 3-week vacation, I decided to post a new fanfic. I'll try my very best to finish it before my vacation ends :D anyways, the plot of my fanfic is almost the same as the plot on our group fanfic before but I'll make it less dramatic :) and of course...
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    Secrets of the Saint and the Playboy

    poster by: chenling Prologue Secrets. They are bound to be hidden. They make life MORE exciting. And I'm sure each and every one of us keeps a little secret hidden in our closets – even a saint and a playboy. Dear SEXii_guru, I have a...
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    The Bud Brothers Series (Book 1: Chakrit/Aom)

    Disclaimer: The Bud Brothers Series, the characters and the plots are owned by the Filipino Romance writer, Ms. Rose Tan. We're only using it for entertainment purposes and no other reasons. :) Bud Brothers is their name. Flower farming is their game. The Bud Brothers. Owners of the famous...
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    25 Minutes [Aum/Aff] [oneshot]

    so here I am again with another oneshot! a Namtarn Mai oneshot this time... it's my version on how there little love affair began! lol 25 Minutes "25 minutes is all it takes to make you mine..." Part I Aum Atichart sat on his executive chair and read the 10 page document that his...
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    Summer Rain [ATEAM one shot]

    Introduction The sun was shrouded by the dark clouds. The calm waves suddenly became aggressive and wild because of the now stronger wind that was controlling it. A smile slowly crept to his face as he gazes at the darkened sky. Rain was about to make its landfall anytime soon, the...
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    Satan's Treasure [Rome/Rita]

    "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you" -Matthew 5:44 poster by: cutefuzzy/an ^_^ Prologue The sun was shining brightly in the sky. Cars honking as the...
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    donna the explorer

    since everyone's sharing their pics, I'd share a couple of mine too.. :lol: the pics are not in HQ coz my phone's camera sucks... -_- photos taken a couple of hours ago... ---deleted----
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    Under The Mistletoe :: Rome/Rita

    another fanfic from me! this would probably be just a short story (around 2-5 chapters) or just a oneshot... :rolleyes: I would post the summary soon... :lol: I'll try to finish it on or before Christmas... ^_^ **EDIT** I'm changing the pairing to Rome and Rita... I think the plot suits them...
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    Payback Time! [oneshot] :: ATEAM

    I'll be writing another ATEAM oneshot but this time, I'll be using their characters in BGST... :lol: will try to post it maybe next weekend... and as usual, it will be Rated MA... :rolleyes: Payback Time! She'll taste the sweetest revenge ever... Ah-Yong has been very mean to Thee and he...
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    The February Ladies::[Rita/Ann/Aff]

    I'm suppose to post this after the coffee story but... oh well, I decided to post it now! :lol: This fanfic features Rita, Ann and Aff but this is not a lesbo story... their respective p'eks would appear once I started... and please, please, can someone make a poster for me? :lol: credits...
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    Roses Are Red :: Aum/Aff

    I have another short story in mind... :lol: it's a love story between a vampire and an angel.... :lol: I will try to post a short prologue later... I'll be using aum and aff again but they'll be having different names here... :lol: imagining things are easy for me if aum and aff are the...
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    Midnight Secret [oneshot]

    I have a oneshot story on my head and it keeps on bothering me these past couple of days... it's a lemon story... :rolleyes: my imagination went out of control... I can't even update my 2 ongoing fics cause this story keeps on popping in my head... :lol: so blame this one for not having an...
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    Who's Your Daddy Now? :: [COMING SOON- short prologue is up!]

    another fanfic!! this time, it will have korean and thai actors/actress in it... :lol: I've decided to make NAMFON as my n'ek here... as for the guys, I haven't decided yet... there will be 5 guys fighting over the n'ek... :lol: maybe 3 thai guys and 2 korean guys... anyway, I'll post a longer...
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    Love Me Not :: Aum/Aff/Ken/Ann

    thanks to iluvnumandoil for the poster... ^_^ Prologue Aum Atichart and his beautiful wife, Ann has been married for 3 years now. Many believed that their marriage was a match made in heaven for they have accomplished together almost all the things they dreamed of. Everyone thought that...
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    BACK OFF!!! She's my COFFEEMAKER!!! (Sequel) ::Tik/Aff

    This is will be my next story after instant husband... I'm still not so sure who will be the n'ek... ^_^ I don't know if you can call this the sequel of instant husband but this is like Tik's side of the story and more things about him...something like that... :lol: and don't mind the...
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    Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru - Movie

    anyone had already seen this movie? Jun Matsumoto and Nana Eikura are in it... I've only seen the anime version of this and I find it quite weird... :huh: but I still like it... :lol:
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    Hot & Spicy Instant...Husband?! ::Aum/Aff

    Here I am again with another fanfic! I've written this one last year and posted it at Soompi forums but I haven't got the chance to finish it... :P This time, I will try my very BEST to finish the story...This was originally a BiKyo (Rain and Song Hye-gyo) pairing but I changed it to Aum and Aff...