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    Who Should James Ma Pair Up With?

    omg, since he has such a cutie, baby face, it looks like the producer usually pair him up with actress that has a more mature look :)). By the look, I think Mint is the one that is perfectly looking good pairing up with James (so far). Matt n Kim look a bit too old when being with James (at the...
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    [GMM25] Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar (GMM)

    i personally really like Gypso. She's pretty good. i found her acting very smoothly n naturally.
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    [Movie] I'm Fine .. Thank you .. Love You

    omg, this is one of the best asian rom-com  I ve watched so far :)). Now i m totally in Thai movies. Funny n smart plot, great main leads too. n Thai english accent is so cute :))))
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    [GMM 25] Ugly Duckling Series (Exact)

    i also love Perfect match so much, such a great plot n great casts too. I actually picked up the series since it started airing but then I stopped for a while after the first episode- cause I wasnt into kind of ugly girl vs pretty slutty boy. But I was back n finished the whole thing n felt so...
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    What's your top 5 thai actress???

    My top 5: 1. Anne - she s just great. she is natural in all of the characters n now as the producer her products r always worth to watch. Now i prefer watching lakorns from newbie - young n cutie actress (especially if it's the product of Anne), but I still think she's the best of the best. 2...
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    Which Character(s) Made You Fall In Love With Your Favorite Star(s)?

    I remember the very first lakorn I watched is Sawan biang of Ken n Ann. I was very new to slap/kiss n rawr lakorn n thought it was kinda weird thing to watch. But then somehow I kept watching it n got addicted to it. I didnt really like Ann at first cause she looks a little bit old (look like 35...
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    Ratings for Lakorns

    yes, I also have the same question since I m new to Thai lakorns n really keen to what the high rating ones. thank u for put up the question, hopefully someone can answer us
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