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    thanks for letting me know. i'm definitely interested then! just let me know when you are done with it then we can continue the next process. can't wait to see your site also!
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    ^^ ok that's fine. how is the quality though?
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    how many disk is ban sai tong, is it the one staring num and joy? if so i am interested in it too!
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    Lis Koob Xiong

    what is his youtube account?
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    Help me find the title of this movie

    It sounds like the hmong movie "The Innocent Cyclone"
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    Nag Hmo Rov Tsis Tau

    this movie is worth watching. It was quite sad.
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    Txhaj Hawj & Xai Yaj in the US now

    For those of you who are from Milwaukee, WI. They were here last week for a party and I was inform they will be back for the Milwaukee new year along side Cooj Thoj.
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    ::Brenda Song::

    there is such hmong last name as Song.
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    I need help with interview questions

    I don't think you should lie and i don't think anybody can answer that question for you. It's about you and you personal faith. If its for a church, don't you think they will ask you to do christian activities with the kids and teach them about jesus christ?
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    Order Geo lenses!!

    I bought some before from a different user and to make sure that you are getting the real geo lens, there's a Anti-Fake Systemwhich allows you to check whether your lenses are valid or not. Geo has printed a 20 digit code on each of the bottles it comes in. Here's the site for you to check, just...
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    anyone know or heard of this old chinese movie that was dubbed?

    i don't know the hmong title but next time when i go back to my parents house i'll be sure to remember to check for you.
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    anyone know or heard of this old chinese movie that was dubbed?

    yes i know what movie you are talking about, i have it at my parents house. I don't know the original Chinese title though.
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    "Npam" New Hmong Horror

    this movie was not worth watching.
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    Hum. need your votes

    Hey I like it. Nice job. You should continue it, i might even read it.
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    Neej Xaj Maim No

    This movie wasn't good. yeah it's suppose to be funny but i think they're trying too hard to make it funny that it's rather more annoying. there's also too much fighting scenes between the two wife that's not even necessary. The two main character's role is almost exactly the same role from...
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    ET & Paj Suab Yaj

    saw it and didn't like it. Eb Lauj was HOT though, he's the only reason why i watched this movie. he didn't appear until part 3 though.
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    i wonder if she made the hmong dress

    Personally, i don't think it is ugly. i have seen some of these dresses before when i visited MN's flee market. It wasn't cheap either. I love how the design looks old fashioned and worn out. But i don't think she made it herself, she probably bought that dress and added some adjustments to it.
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    Paj Huam Haam

    i like a few of her songs and i saw her performing at our new years party before and she wasn't that bad. i mean she was just singing regularly but who knows. maybe it could be a different story too if she was performing at the clubs.
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    stuff i've been looking at..

    i learned about all those leaders in my Hmong History Class in college already. I really encourage all of you guys to take any Hmong History class if your university offers it because it's really interesting and helpful.
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    she looks weird here

    ^^^ I think Kelly also meant that if her "looks" make her look like a MTT then what kind of image do you consider not looking MTT? I'm curious as well. and she does have makeup in these pictures