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    Hlub Koj mv

    Hello, just wanted to post up an mv i directed during my sister's Christmas break. It is nothing professional, just a regular home made mv to kill time and hang out with friends. This is a song by my friend who also took part in the mv, so it's his official mv for his song for now :P I am not in...
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    Talented or Not?!

    I believe she was second runner up for Miss Hmong Milwaukee Pageant. My sister-in-law was there that day and recorded her talent. She singed the song way off pitch which made it sounds funny. She's pretty but i don't think singing is her talent, what do you all? Tria Xiong
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    Teem Caij Yuam Kev

    Teem Caij Yuam Kev Muaj ibkhub hluasnkauj hluasnraug, tus tubhluas lub npe hu ua Ntootshuaj tus hluasnkauj lub npe hu ua Sajhuam,.nkawd tau sibteem caij tuaj sibntsib tim ib lub park nyob hauv lub nroog St. Paul MN. Nyob hauv hnub ntawd lawv tig sibhawm ib hour rov qab lawm tabsis tus hluas...