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    My AF account has been hacked

    Dear my friends, I am "Preetam" and I think some yadesh fan has hacked my AF account. If you see any posts by a member called "queenhyeon" it is no way of my action. If it is not the action of any yadesh fan, can the admin have a look into the situation please ? Thank you
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    [WEBDRAMA/ NAVER tvcast] Sweet Temptation

    Release Date : October 5 - ?? Episodes : 10 (?) Broadcast Network : NAVER tvcast + SBS MTV Genre : Romance, Fantasy, Drama.     Fantasy Girlfriend | Episode 1 subbed | Cast : Park Soyeon & Lee Joong Moon   ​ Black Holiday | Episode 2 subbed | Cast : Lee Qri & Jang Suwon   It Rains When...
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    Queenyeon/Kweenju's corner

      Starting my own fanart thread!  I'm very NY biased, so do expect to see them a lot around here~      Went away from my safe zone (that is gifs) and tried to do some crossovers hehe  I'm not a very good at editing, cropping/cutting and blending can be a pain lol but I'm slowly learning     ...
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    [Mainland] The Queen Of SOP 2 (Hunan TV)

    Spin off of Queen of Sop    Airing: 31st August 2013  Network: Hunan TV Episodes: +30 Casting:   Zhang Han Zheng Shuang    Synopsis :    Zheng Shuang plays a pair of identical twins born to a rich family, but one of them is switched out by a poor mother who wants her dying daughter to get...