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    Panyachon Kon Krua OST? @ 4:30.....
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    Ann & Tik Petition! MUST LOOK! HELP CHEER ON TIK AND ANN! If you would LOVE to see Ann and Tik star in a movie, please give us your name and EMAIL! PLEASE PLEASE! :)
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    What's your best/favorite Ann/Ken lakorn? (Pick One)

    HONESTLY i love all of Ann/Ken lakorns together...but if i had to pick ONE would be.... *Soot Sanae Ha**
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    What's your best known favorite hmong movie?

    Mine is "Mob Niam Yau" starring Cha Bee Thao & Lis Xyooj !! I LOVE THAT MOVIE :dance3:
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    who do you considered an actress/actor a great role model?

    For actress, I consider Ann thongprasom a great model :) For actor, i consider Bie Sukrit a great role model
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    What actors do you want to see together that haven't acted together yet?

    I wanna see Om Akkapan Namart & Ann Thongprasom pair up as a couple in a thai drama <3
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    The Pearl Bracelet Of Love (Ann/Ken)