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    I Hate The Fact That I Love You

    I hate the fact that I love you Main Characters Kwan Usamanee Win Tawin Supporting Characters Aum Artichut Aff Taskorn Barry Nadech Yaya Urassaya Her life was planned out for her by her parents. No matter how hard and long she argued it was no use. It was the same for Win. He was a playboy. He...
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    our first moment

    main characters Kwan &win Other characters Nadech &yaya Weir & pancake PREVIEW It was in high school the last time he saw her. He was affected by her beauty and kindness. But he was he shy to tell her. Until she had to get married to this guy whom she didnt know, didnt love. His thoughts...
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    hate turns into love

    hate turns into love characters win tawin kwan usamanee wier sakollwat pancake khemanit poo priaya chapter one at kwans house kwans dad: kwan i want you to get marry my friends son kwan...
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    tHe uNkNoWn tRuTh

    hi guys I hope you guys like this one I thought of putting up this one earlier , but i did`nt. so im doing it now. tHE uNKNOWN tRUTH characters Kwan Usamanee Win Tawin Punch Warakan Por Thrisadee Tangmo Pattaratida Tle Thanapol preview Kwan,Win,Punch,Por,tangmo and Tle are best friends...
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    mind lost love

    This is my second fanfic I hope you guys like it Mind Lost Love Characters Kwan Usamanee Win Tawin Jakajan Akumsiri Weir Sukollawat Pancake Khemanit Kwan and Win was living with each other peacefully untill something bad happened to her. She had lost her memory! Jakajan is Kwan`s best...
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    This is my first fanfic so i hope you guys like it I been thinking about putting this fanffic up. If u dont like it tell me I`ll try to make it more intresting. Love Hurts charaxcters kwan usamanee...