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    Into the Sunlight hmong dubbed

    Hey, I saw the hmong dubbed version of Into the Sunlight years ago, but I do not know the hmong name and what production dubbed it. I really want to watch it again. I need help. Would anyone happen to have a copy and upload it on or be willing to sell it? I am desparate for the...
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    Hmonggurl10 2010 Story Collection

    Hey, Thanks for stopping by to read this. I'm a huge fan of films and the media. Personally, I get the plotline of the stories from the media and some are about my personal life. I love reading and writing. I have wrote many stories, but I have never shown anyone other than my two sisters about...
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    post any kind of poetry on here

    here is my poem: Friend of Mine Friend of Mine, Whenever I see you All you seem like is pain; Hurt in the heart, so Why are you still hanging on? You mean nonexistence to him Just a game of chess that he can move it back and forth When he had taken you all the way. So, friend of mine, Stop...