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  1. mzyang

    When that moment comes..

    A young pretty girl who is a very big fan of a superstar, which is pong. Yaya told her three friend what she going to do to pong if there ever a chance pong ask her out. When that moment come is she able to do what she said even after she know how he is. Also will she let her boyfriend go just...
  2. mzyang

    Looking for a lakorn

    Do anyone know where i can watch or buy this lakorn in english subtitle? Thank you. Pleng Ruk Baan Nah (เพลงรักบ้านนา)
  3. mzyang

    Loveless Revenge

    Prologue The Main Cast Tle Thanapon Numtaisuk Pinky Savika Chaiyadech Geng Chartchai Porche Sarun Sirilak Jui Warattaya Nilkuha Pol Tanthasatien Shane Nattawat Plengsiriwat Janie Tienphosuwan Cee Siwat Chotechaicharin Amy Amika Klinprathum Tle was once a nice and innocent man but until his...
  4. mzyang

    mzyang artwork

    I'm just a beginner. Not that good. thankz
  5. mzyang

    Patient, Pain, Discovery within Love

    Prologue There were three guys that liked Min. Min is currently dating Om right now. But sadly he is in a army before they date. He have to be in there for 10 years. He already finished 4 years plus the 2 years that Min and Om have been together, so its 6 years. While Om was at the army...
  6. mzyang

    Tomorrow is never an Ending

    Prologue Kimberly and Rome they were boyfriend and girlfriend and kimberly was pregnant by rome baby, but Rome doesn't know. Rome Grandma doesn't like Kimberly and her mom so Rome grandma killed Kimberly mom. Rome doesn't beleive her so kimberly ran away from him to a different place. Few...
  7. mzyang

    The Love of 3's Om, Rome, Nadech/ Jui, Pinky, Min

    Episode 1 Summer has ended, school start the next morning, the sun was up early and here it come: Jui's mom: Wakeup! Jui chaiyadech and pinky chaiyadech. You guys don't want to be late on your first day of school. Jui & Pinky: umm..okay. Tle: beep! beep! Jui & Pinky: were coming! they...