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  1. mysuper_girlfriend

    I totally forgot this forum existed

    The last time I here was in 2009 when it use to be SarnWorld lol. Next month will be 10yrs since I've been a member here. Crazy...
  2. mysuper_girlfriend

    Herr's Video Production???

    Those were back in the there is no more.
  3. mysuper_girlfriend

    Thai and hmong song sound alike

    totally different... 
  4. mysuper_girlfriend


    mine as well just get naked right? lol
  5. mysuper_girlfriend

    I am upset

    guys like that are wussies. it's a good thing you two call it quits.
  6. mysuper_girlfriend

    Are Hmong actors and actresses cursed?

    All Hmongs are curse.
  7. mysuper_girlfriend

    Is cosmetic surgery a good thing?

    it's just like how stephanie posted. if it makes you feel better and brings that self esteem up then why not right?..
  8. mysuper_girlfriend


    get over it! your putting yourself and everyone around that circle in deep situation.
  9. mysuper_girlfriend

    Can someone teach me how to become a better Nyab Hmong?

    this is just like asking "what can i do to become a better son-in-law?". but let me tell you one thing. don't try too hard or you'll just break yourself at the end. don't put your heart and soul into some thing you tried so hard and yet they still can't see it. this is the united states. it's...
  10. mysuper_girlfriend

    Victoria Her

    there are 3-4 different type of models. run-way models, swimsuit models, playboy models, and then there are models who simply aren't that great but still like to show their body figures with small boobs.
  11. mysuper_girlfriend

    Been mistaken for another race

    LOL some of you are being mistaken as a Latino? That's harlilous. Mexicans and other Latins are a totally different look into them. You can tell a difference from a Asian compare to a Latin person. Some people need to get their eyes correct.
  12. mysuper_girlfriend

    What do you think about the Hmong Chicken Post-Partum Diet?

    as the hmong says. it helps to build up body strength after birth. other then that i'm glad i'm not a woman or else i would go crazy eating that stuff 30days straight 2-3 times a day.
  13. mysuper_girlfriend

    Shopping for *Gold*

    every where you go now is quite expensive. gold are starting to become like a collectible thing just like the 60's cars. a 10gram susie bar costs 450 & up online.
  14. mysuper_girlfriend

    Okay..what do you guys think?! really need help

    need i mention this is not laos/thailand anymore? if both are over the age of 18yrs old the law or parents simply can't do anything about it unless there is domestic violence or abuse involve. nice story though. maybe it should bring up a idea for a another hmong movie in the near future.
  15. mysuper_girlfriend


    getting a cell phone isn't base on credits scores when you open up a new line/contract with the wireless provider. if you have previous wireless credits or have a good outstanding credit report they most likely still and will always charge you 100 dollars and up to open up a new contract. i've...
  16. mysuper_girlfriend

    Hmong Potato

    lol never heard of hmong potato tribe.
  17. mysuper_girlfriend

    my dad's favorite phrase "I'm sick and tire of all this bullshit."

    so my favorite line is "i don't care!" =)
  18. mysuper_girlfriend

    female friend with married husband????

    this is bull sh**! it's just like my situation with being around the other way. you know me and my wife has been married for almost eight years now and she just recently told me the other night that she's going to go to the movies with her (guy friend).. i'm like wtf are talking about? she's...
  19. mysuper_girlfriend

    Controlling boyfriend

    i hate to see other guys mistreating their girlfriends/wifes
  20. mysuper_girlfriend

    so is this messed up or wht?

    i hope this ain't the same guy my parents was talking about where she brought him over and left him with nothing. what a b****!