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    Neej Xaj Maim No

    So have anyone check this movie out yet? I heard it's pretty funny and the new actresses are pretty good. Especially the pog rog? I heard my cousin was saying that the scene where pog rog carry Teem was funny...pog rog is supposely Teem's niam yau and dib is his niam loj and when they got...
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    Xab Thoj or Tub Yaj

    Actually comparing these two together is not a good comparison because they both are great actors in different catergory. It's hard to choose between these two. Lets say you like romance/sad movie more so you're probably going to lends toward Tou and if you're into comedy then you're probably...
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    mab sua lis

    I heard that too. That is some guy from St. Paul. He actually sells korean movies at the flea market. Heard he went to Laos already to marry her and bring her back to USA. But I also heard that she doesn't really like him but her parents seems to like him and want her to marry him. I heard...
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    boun mee lee

    saw the movie but can't recall what song he sang. The best person to ask is the owner of the movie. I think it belong to BKM. They should be able to tell you. My guess is it's probably sang by him but no clue on what ablum though. Sorry not much of a help here.
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    The movie does have it's funny parts but overall I must agree with pinket julia kash said..."overall the storyline is not all that strong" storyline doesn't stand's the same o same o stuff. J dim J loj in my opionion is the one who got away is the better one but like the elders say...
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    Xab Thoj new movie w/ Hnub Lis & Txiab Yaj

    Yeah that part was funny. You help I...I help you... but thinking about I realize it had nothing to do with the whole point of the movie. It was basically through in the movie for laugh. The part didn't support the meaning/storyline of movie. The movie was about Xab being this poor guy and...
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    To maiv xyooj fans

    "Taws tsau tsis pom tom hauv ntej"....I think it means....with a torch light you can not see what's ahead but only what's around in front of you...therefore one can not see/predict what lies ahead...she was relating her life to that metorphor. She starts a life full of many things and from the...
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    ntxawm lis

    How do we know she's not married to Tub Yaj? I mean Ntxiav Vaj did say it's not an OG but a lao guy. Tub is from Laos. Plus there was rumors awhile back that they were dating and all.
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    Xab Thoj new movie w/ Hnub Lis & Txiab Yaj

    Finally saw this movie. Storyline is very similar to Khib Ciaj Khib Tuag and Ua Neej Rov Qab but not surpise because I knew this from watching the preview. I hope Xab's next new movie is different because it's starting to get boring watching the same o same. He's reminding me of Nom Phaj and...
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    List your favorite hmong

    Romantic/comdey actress: 1. Hnub Lis 2. Blaas Muas 3. Cua Yaj (pog blaum) 4. Maiv Pu 5. Ntxawm Lauj (pog nom phaj in blaum series) Orphan/Romance movies actress: 1. Ntxoo Lauj 2. Mab Sua Lis 3. Paj Kub Lis 4. Ntxawm Lis 5. Ntxawm Hawj 6. Mos Mim Lis Romance/Comdey actors: 1. Xab Thoj 2. Tsab...
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    Whatever Happend to Bee Monkey?

    I don't find that white guy at very good of acting. Actually he sucks at it. His emtions and acttion skills is poorly. Our hmong actors and actress are way better than him. I think he's only popular because he was the first to be seen in hmong movies made from Thailand and in comdey form...
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    List actors/actress of new faces

    So with all these new movies out and new faces out...Who do you like to see more of in the upcoming movies. Remember name only the new faces and leave out the old ones because we know who they are already. My list: Actress: Don't know her name but the girl in Tsua Ib Yam movie... The girl in...
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    hmong movie

    This is one of Txhaj Hawj's movie a while back. The movie it self was okay. Though with more acting abilites now I think with it was to me re-make it would be better. For example like the mean step sisters. The ones they cast back in 2004 and was replace with some of the new actress who can...
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    voos yaj two new movie

    Movie was alright. The ending was probably ended that way because remember the title is 3 Tiam Hlub Tsim Tsis Nyog. That's why at the end she is the 2nd wife. Actually I found that heart breaking for them. To love someone so much and yet to only find out you can't have him the proper decent...
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    Tshua Ib Yam

    The na'ke is very pretty. She's a pretty good actor too. Has a very sweet clear vovice and she can act the crying scenes too. Her crying emotions are clearly visible and doesn't look fake like others. The movie is okay. I think it focus too much on their relationship that is was all talk...
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    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    I also wanted to mention the na'ke in this movie did a great job at acting. Her first role Npauj Nlpaim lub Lub Kua Muag her acting wasn't all that. I think she fits more playing the character in Thov Qib Hlub Koj and not the orphan crying type.
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    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    Really? During Fresno New Year I asked Lee Xiong and she said it wasn't quite ready yet. If anyone got a copy please let us know how good is it and give us a summary of it but please don't spoil the ending. By the way is there two parts to part 3 or only one part.
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    Guess What?????

    Sheesh some of you people here are quick to judge. And judge by what people are gossiping too. Honestly I don't think it's a one person's fault. Like other's said in here...It takes two to tango. They both probably have their own faults and it probably has gotten to the point where they...
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    she "models"

    she's got a very pretty face but not the body. Her body is alright but not the supermodel body type.
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    Hlub Pauj Kev Chim (classic movie)

    Yeah back then that movie was the best. I would love to see the re-make of this one.