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    Neej Xaj Maim No

    So have anyone check this movie out yet? I heard it's pretty funny and the new actresses are pretty good. Especially the pog rog? I heard my cousin was saying that the scene where pog rog carry Teem was funny...pog rog is supposely Teem's niam yau and dib is his niam loj and when they got...
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    List actors/actress of new faces

    So with all these new movies out and new faces out...Who do you like to see more of in the upcoming movies. Remember name only the new faces and leave out the old ones because we know who they are already. My list: Actress: Don't know her name but the girl in Tsua Ib Yam movie... The girl in...
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    New Faces of Hmong celebreties

    I'm would love to see some new hmong celebreties coming to the USA new year besides the same o same o. Name some of the hmong celebreties you would like to see. Who know's maybe some of these producers will hear of word or actually stop by here and see this and we might just get to see new...
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    Any new hmong movies out?

    Hey sarn peeps do any of you know what movies are coming out or is out. Please share any info. you know. Here's what I heard: Ab Lauj has a new moving coming out this x-mas
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    Kwm Lis new movie out

    This movie was release on Labor day. I saw part 1 but never got around to part 2. It's suppose to be like those korean types of movie. Honestly I think Kwm Lis should just stick with reqular hmong movie. I liked him and his acting when he was starring in the hmong movies made in Thailand but...
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    Tooj Vaj

    I was just wondering how many of you here like him and would like to see him do more know starr in hmong movies. He's done 3 so far I know. And I think he's a pretty good actor and just need to make a hit to be really recoginze in the hmong community. Yeah sure he's pretty...
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    Blaum Lwm Blaum Liam Part 3 & 4

    Hey sarn peeps the sequel is finally out. Just got a copy. I just love the comdey in it. Especially where Xab's mother and her sister talking crap about eacother thru singing. You gottta see it to see how hiliarious it is. Another scene I like his when Xab's mother told him he better...
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    Dawb Thoj/Maiv Huas Hawj's new movie

    Did any of you see this movie. It just came out. But I thought she was married someone whose related to Ben Herr. I guess her husband don't mind her doing this movie. The weird thing is this movie is not produced under Herr's Video Production but under a new production called Passion. Movie...
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    Best it

    Here are a list of some well known hmong actor and actress. Add more if you wish...Now name which movie do you think that person did that was a hit or should of have been a hit? Male actors: 1. Luj Yaj 2. Pov Thoj 3. Keej Yaj 4. Kwm Lis 5. Txab Thoj 6. Tub Yaj 7. Cua Yaj 8. Xab...
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    Which hmong movie is the better to watch

    These movie came out sometime from November to December. I have split them into their catergories now it's up to you sarn peeps to pick which one you think is the best. Romance/Orphanage 1. Nkauj Hnub thiab Kab Yeeb 2. Av Luaj Quav tsis tau wb 3. Lub Zog Ntawm Txoj Kev Hlub 4. Ib Zaug...
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    New movie out: Blaum Lwj Blaum Liam

    I just got a copy of Xab Thoj's new movie. Check it out at the store nearest you. I think it's worth your money. Don't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet so I'll just share a little with eveyone here. The comdey there is hella funny too. It's about people who are...
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    Love Story-Starring Which hmong actor is better

    Hey hmong movie watcher...who do you think is better at starring a love movie? Please share your comments and comparison between Voos Yaj(starring in 80 xyoo Tseem Hlub), Ntsaim Thoj (starring in 3 leeg neeg ob txoj kev), and Lis Vaj (starring in Kuv Leej Niam part 1) I think Voos is great at...
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    Xab Thoj new movie coming out

    Hey to all Xab Thoj fans out I heard he's having a new release during Fresno New Year by link picuters. Its another comdey and it should be as interesting as Khib Ciaj Khib Tuag. The story line is one that you have not seen in any other movie yet. Poster should be up something late November...
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    Juciy news on Herr's Video

    Hey peeps...I just got of the phone talking toLink Pictures theproducer of Khib Ciaj Khib Tuag...I asked them if they will have a new movie out this x-mas and they said yes...the poster should be out sometime in November or early keep and eye out. And then I went on to ask if they...
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    what do you want to see

    Hey hmong movie watchers...heres a list of hmong actors...who do you want to see pair up together and in what type of movie... Actor list: Actress list: Tub Yaj Hnub Lis Cai Yaj...
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    types of movies

    hey sarn world users...what types of movies would you like to see from hmong producer??? for example if it's a comdey...what would you like it to be base on? same thing goes for romanace, orphanage, action, etc.
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    actor Cai and Tub Yaj

    Here's a little info for those who were not aware of...hmong actor Cai Yaj (from the movie Poj Ciav Nyab) and Tub Yaj ( from the movie Txij Nkawm Teev Kua Muag) are brothers. Cai is the older brother of Tub Yaj. So now that you know they are brothers...who do you think is a better actor and why?
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    New hmong movie productions

    Hey everyone who watches hmong movie out...I know that Asian Video, Herr's prodcution, goldenpath, moonlight, all-pro (Su Thao) are all productions that have been around for quite awhile and they all have produced some good and bad movies :lol: ...but I was wondering what are your opinions on...