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  1. aikoden

    [Mainland] Three Lives Three World, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom / Eternal Love

    Mainland Drama version starring Yang Mi as Bai Qian/ Su Su, Mark Chao as Yehua & Moyuan (he plays 2 characters), Dilraba Dilmurat as Fengjiu :icon12:, Vengo Gao as Donghua, & Zhang Bin Bin as Demon Lord :love:. Will come back to edit this first post. Btw, is anyone watching this drama? I...
  2. aikoden

    [Mainland] The Legend of Chusen

    I've been keeping my eyes on/off this drama since it starrs both my favorites Li Yi Feng and Zhao Liying. I'm glad it finally started airing (like last month). I must say that the flow of the story and scenes/graphics are really neat. I need more ZLY scenes though... I kind of didn't want to...
  3. aikoden

    [Mainland] Old Nine Gates / The Mystic Nine

    Ok... I swore I made a thread for this drama already... but I guess not? *coughcough* Anyways... If you're a fan of the OTP from Legend of Zu or just a fan of these actors/actresses... William Chan and Zhao Liying are paired again~~~:aplastao: (interestingly though from what I read, her...
  4. aikoden

    [Movie] I Am What I Am - Superboy 2013 Documentary Movie

    Ok, I didn't really follow the show much when it was on but did come to know many of the contestants like the winner Hua Chenyu and 2nd place Ou Hao as well as some others. I totally did not realize that Alan Yu (the actor who played 9th Prince/Jiu Wang in the hit drama Go Princess Go was also...
  5. aikoden

    [C-Variety] Divas Hit The Road

    I just got done watching ep1 of the first season with Zhang Han, Liu Tao, and the rest. I'll probably watch it RAW and rewatch it when it gets fully subbed one day. So far though.. I have to say that I would love it if ZH was to ever be my tour guide haha :aplastao:. He's so reliable :3 I...
  6. aikoden

    [Movie] Youth Never Returns

    cr:goldposter <--- check out the additional HD posters here :) This rom-com film is adapted from the novel of the same name written and starrs Zhang Han and Joe Chen. If y'all are a fan of this pairing then this is a good watch because they definitely are adorable together. Story-wise... I...
  7. aikoden

    [Taiwan] It Started With A Kiss (2016?)

    *DrumRolls*.... Ta-Dahhhh~ Taiwan will be remaking ISWAK!!! :clap: :crybaby2::icon_domokun: The male lead will be played by singer/actor Dino Lee Yu Xi(Hsi), who gained popularity through his role as the popular student "Ouyang Feifan" from the last year hit film Our Times. The female lead...
  8. aikoden

    [JMovie] Itazura na Kiss The Movie: High School & Campus

    Yup, you got that right... another remake? Yay~~ not.. LOL. :cbiggrin: I remember reading about this last year but didn't bother much to post.. until I found out that there was also going to be a new TW drama remake (which I will also post in a bit). Anyways, this new Japanese live adaptation...
  9. aikoden

    Kingdom Manga 10th Anniversary Live Action Short Video

    Because I'm unsure of where to place this thread.. I'll leave it in the Anime/Manga section even though it's a live action short ;) It's been awhile since I've updated myself with Kingdom... (a long time actually) but I think it's pretty neat that a short video was made to celebrate the manga's...
  10. aikoden

    [Mainland] Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds (HunanTV)

    This drama is based on the novel of the same name. Starring: Zhang Ruo Yun as (Pei Shangxuan) & Sun Yi as (Li Li)
  11. aikoden

    [Taiwan] Love at Seventeen (TTV)

    Starring: Lego Li as (He Hao Yi) & Nikki Hsieh as (Ai Li Si) Who's watching this one? *waveshand* There's only 2 eps out so far but oh goodness, Lego's character is adorable~~. I loved the misunderstanding between his character HaoYi and AiLiSi in the beginning. Anyways...
  12. aikoden

    [Mainland] The Legend of Zu

    Is there a thread? If so, I'll merge it :) But anyways, I decided to pick this drama up and I'm 18 eps in... I'm enjoying it so far since I like seeing Zhao Liying in a different kind of role and the flow of the story ain't bad... it might be a bit slow-paced only. Well anyways, with the past...
  13. aikoden

    [Mainland] The Lost Tomb

    I just finished this drama and found it to be so entertaining and adventurous! I really do hope that the series will continue and the cast stays fixed :3 Such a cliffhanger~~~~ I want to know what happens next. I'm even tempted to go read the novel to spoil myself but... I can't read...
  14. aikoden

    [Mainland] The Classic of Mountains and Seas

    Who's watching??? *raises hand* Me, me, me~~ :aplastao::lupie: I've been waiting patiently waiting for this drama since Zhang Han was in here but after seeing the first few eps (while waiting for subs), oh goodness... I'm enjoying it. Why? I'm a big fan of the manga/anime Fushigi Yugi or The...
  15. aikoden

    [FUJI TV] Minami kun no Koibito: My Little Lover

  16. aikoden

    [FF] Hide and Seek

      CAST   Mario Maurer as Yuthakorn / Korn Mint Chalida as Karnchana / Karn   GENRE   Thriller | Mystery | Romance   PROLOGUE   What was originally supposed to be a simple game of "Hide and Seek" between friends on a normal evening at the park turned into a nightmare for Karnchana when she fell...
  17. aikoden

    [TV Asahi] I'm Home

    Cr: AsianWiki
  18. aikoden

    Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage

    Hello~~~~  Who's been reading the sequel for Naruto?  *raises hand*     Goodness, as happy as I am to see Naruto as Hokage... the feeling still isn't there much.. why do I always get the reccurring feeling that Kishimoto should've called Naruto ---> Sasuke instead since it revolves around him so...
  19. aikoden

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Because... I'm dying of excitement. The trailer was shown at E3... Have a look, have a look... I'm going bonkers. I had it on repeat. Then when I stopped, I heard it around the house because of my brothers hahahaha... Oh yeah~~~ Please be real~~~~ for this will be super duper truly...