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    Tub Muaj Koob Lis

    sorry man i cant help dont got his song..
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    Badarn Jai MV

    look ok..
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    having problems...

    i dont know ask the admin..
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    Eh Leej Muam

    gay song lol..
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    free movies

    fake site dont go u might catch some trojan..
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    Tou & Mai movie MV

    movie is kinda weird but is ok..
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    this movie kinda look gay not really attracting..
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    Shaman lady

    anyone can be shaman is depend on ur fate..
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    Ntseeg's new album release

    never heard post up the album..
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    Get ready for: MISS HMONG MILWAUKEE 08-09

    wow haha i think there not alot of peoples gonna go there...that why is so cheap lol..
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    uploading dvd to youtube.

    i would love to help u but i dont know where u comin from and what u try to
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    help me find these two movies!!!

    i dont knoe sorry im no help..
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    HTR - Ib Xyoos

    heard it but didnt like it...
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    Koj Ib Leeg by Winner Xiong

    hmmmm ok
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    maiv xis muas - new album

    i dont have it oh well...
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    who's some good hmong singers?

    mos hlub really good band..
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    HmSA Halloween Boogie Bash

    too far from me cant make it..
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    the Sad Love Story (hmong Dubb)

    i dont know there a hmong verison too..
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    This is sad...

    wow sad very touching..
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    wow i didnt know there alot of members in here hahaha there must be everywhere...