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    [NEW: Chapter 2] Love is Torment

    Hey guys. So I recently had a dream about MTeam and I couldn't help but write this. I still am writing with the Heartbreaks group but I can't restrain myself from this idea. Introduction: Prin Mark Suparat, son of a Thai multi-billionaire businessman, meets Chalida Mint Vijitwongtong, a regular...
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    A Mafia's Lover | คนรักของมาเฟีย

    credit pics to original owner Main Cast: Mint Chalida as Saengdao (Dao) Mark Prin as Kovitchet (Vit/Chet) Nadech Kugimiya as Virote (Note) Yaya Urassaya as Tasanee (Nee) Supporting Cast: Mint Natwara as Solada (Da) Toey Jarinpon as Lawan...