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  1. simplysweet

    Yia The Bull Mua

    How sad, I heard he just past away. I know he had cancer and was going through Chemo but didn't know he passed away. Can anyone Confirm? Well if it is true, my condolences goes out to his family&friends. He was a Son, Father, and a known Fighter in our hmong community.
  2. simplysweet

    Dok Champa or Plumeria Flower

    I was wondering does this flower exist in the United States. I was really bored at work and started to research it and somehow learn to LOVE this flower alot. I live in the US but never seen this flower around at all. interesting.....anyone knows if it does grow in the US please let me know...=D
  3. simplysweet

    need help finding this artist..=)

    i been wondering who sings the songs for the lakorn Tseem Tos Kev Hlub with Oil and Noon..and she also sang the song for the intro of the hmong dub Mia Luang ?? Thanks!.
  4. simplysweet

    Challenge of Love (COMPLETE)

    Since Win and Kwan was most voted in the poll i had decided to pair them!..i've decided to change the supporting characters from mart and cherry to ken and aff..Since Win will be leaving for school and we won't see him much! i wanted to write a fanfic with him in it also..hehe..since we'll be...
  5. simplysweet

    Aff Taksaorn???

    omg!!...this girl looks soo much like AFF!!!...or did Aff do a MV with Wilber Pan and i just didn't know about it?!?! re-edit.... I didn't mean to say this was AFF on my last sentence that did a mv and i jsut didn't know..sorry i should have...
  6. simplysweet

    Simply…. L.O.V.E (COMPLETED)

    This Will be my first Fanfic!!!...It won't be that great but Enjoy!..don't forget to leave feed backs and suggestions to help me improve on writing my Fanfic!...thanks!! love rome&rita!! Simply…. L.O.V.E Starring: Rita Jensen&Rome Patchata Prologue Rita Jensen is a pretty young lady. She’s...