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    Tuav Hmong Lub Npe

    Tuav Hmoob Lub Npe - Full Song BCHS Hmong club and Hmong Class
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    "Hmong Lao"

    hey guys, soo like i just talked to my boyfriend on the phone,and hes green. and he asked me if i know about Hmoob "laos" going around looking for husband and wife? which means.. the dead are gonna come and hunt for wifes and husband..i got creep out.. he said that this is the month or something...
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    hey guys. recently. i had a dream about eggs. there were soo many on the ground. i lift my shirt and use it as a bucket, no matter how much i pick up the eggs their will still be more on the ground? i never had a dream like this. anyone know? im juss curious.
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    Lis Koob Xiong

    okay, so recently, people said this man died! and i hope its not true because i love lis koob xiong! and his song! any one knoes about this?
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    "How Hmong Girl Lies"

    These two hypocrite. Talking about hmong girls! *I have no clue wat the 2 girls are trying to point out at all. VIDEO RESPONSE:
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    hey guys!

    soo like..i had a dream about cutting my hair..? anyone knows wat it mean.
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    Bovy Atthama
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    Subbing Program

    hey guys..i wondering where did most people get there nice and pretty subbing from.. so i can sub some of my videos i want to share.
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    What does this dream means?

    okay..i been having dreams about a full moon..i dunnno wat it means.. im juss curious..if anyone out there knoes wat it means..please tell.. ill be waiting to know..=]
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    Cartoon @ DaraDaily

    Cartoon @ DaraDaily
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    Aum Patchara at TV-Inside

    Aum Patchara at TV-Inside
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    Lydia Sarunat at TV-Inside

    Lydia Sarunat at TV-Inside
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    (Hmoob) Movie New Release - Kuab Muaj Tsuas Preview

    (Hmoob) Movie New Release - Kuab Muaj Tsuas Preview A film by Imagination Entertainment. Starring: Txhaj Hawj, Tsab Lauj, Kue Lee, and Yengtha Her. It is a MUST SEE film.
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    Quote From CiajSia's: this is a TEASER for my up comig film "NKAUJ KIB ZAG" . Starring Ntxhi Xyooj, Tub Hli Lis and Liag Thoj. I'll be directing this project. Coming Soon WINTER 2010. For wholesales contact me at .
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    4minute (Korean: 포미닛) is a South Korean girl group created by JYP Entertainment's sister label Cube Entertainment. 4minute was announced in May 2009. On June 15, 2009, their debut single "Hot Issue" was released along with another teaser video and the profiles for each group member. Within...
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    Love of the 4 Princess

    Starring: Ploy, Rita, Noon, Kob, Yui, Kwan, Poo, [I will post up the Guys Part whenever im getting close to it.] Heres a Trailer i made [Kings Daughter] Ploy as Rasamee Rita as Sireda Kob as Malinee Yui as Vilai [Warriors:] Wut Asadawut as Warrior...
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    Pangnerlicious FanArt

    :: Welcome to my Artwork Page :: My Artwork will be mostly Mixed. Trying my best to make it look good like all the rest.
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    Liu Shi Shi

    Profile Name: 刘诗诗 / Liu Shi ShiEnglish name: CeciliaAlso known as: 刘诗施Profession: ActressBirthdate: 1987-Mar-10Birthplace: Beijing, ChinaHeight: 165cmWeight: 44kgStar sign: PiscesChinese zodiac: RabbitBlood type: B Tv Series Yi Bei Tian Xia as Princess Zhao Jia Yi (2010)Bai She Hou Zhuan as...
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    ong bak 3

    The legend of Ong Bak 3 begins after Tien (Tony Jaa) has lost his fighting skills and his beloved stepfather at the Garuda's Wing cliff. Tien is brought back to life with the help from Pim as well as Mhen and the Kana Khone villagers. Deep into the meditation taught by Phra Bua, Tien finally is...