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    Parents thought about me?

    ^ yeah i agree with u..the traditionall hmong parents dont believe in a guy and girl being "Friends"..thats wat my mom always tells me that a guy and girl cant b just friends.haha..and even thought u guys r good friends..i dont think u should b going to his house so often..well my mom likes to...
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    chinese shaman

    wait ure mom actually paid 6500?..thats dont wanna b mean but thats hecka stupid...
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    Personality or Looks?

    lol!..i totally agree with u!..i was just thinking that the other day..that if anyone says look doesnt matter they r hecka lying
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    and!..about the hmong pageant girls..they have layers and layers of make up! can u even tell if they gots natural beauty when they r covered in make up..they look hecka scary..omg.haha..i saw them last year when they were tossing balls and they look so wrong with all that make up..i got scared
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    so um..u put make up on when u sweat? matter what the reason is..the majority of the hmong girls still put hecka make up on..and how is make up gonna help u have less sweat?..and me less oily?..shouldnt u b using some kind of soap and not make up??.haha
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    HA!..mai xyooj has natural beauty?..her face is all make up..not to mention i heard shes got surgery done on it too..but she may be pretty..but its not natural beauty considering how much make up she puts on... and i agree that hmong people do put too much make up the majority of the...
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    Who is your favorite actor/actress in the Hmong community?

    actually i dont think hnub lis can act all that she is good but u can tell shes faking especially when shes talking "nicely" her voice sounds hecka fake.. i think my favorite will b txiaj yaj (not sure if thats how u spell her name).but shes the girl that acts with xab too..i...
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    Koy Rachwin Wongweeriya

    shes pretty..but she kind reminds me of margie
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    What bothers you the most when u watch a dubb movie or drama?

    the voices!..i mean shouldnt u have a "good" voice to wats with all the freaken voices..i mean..dont they ever watch the lakorn after they've dubbed it..
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    it was different..but it was stupid..not to b mean but there was really no point in the was just a daily life thing...
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    maiv xyooj's back~!

    well i did hear that she didnt wanna marry her ex yeah..but i dont think she should have gotten divorce.. i mean he did practically get her famous..but its ok i guess...and wats up with her page.haha..almost all her top friends r pictures of her (her fans supposingly)..i thought that...
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    Mars, February 2009

    i dont understand y this guy would do that..i mean..yeah!..y would he do that? bothers me..:(
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    Aom Phiyada

    aom's so her jeans.ahha
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    donut is so pretty..but i dont think she looked her best in this photoshoot..with that hair..she reminds me of jaja?..the girl in aum and ann lakorn right now..aum's sis..waen
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    Nathalie Davis

    shes really pretty in this photshoot..minus the wardrobe..i agree in one of the photos she does look like janie
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    Nat Thepasadin

    nat is really good looking..^_^
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    Nyab Siab Zoo:New Hmong Movie

    i thought this movie was the STUPIDEST movie ever made!..i mean its not fully they've got a start..but they needed to do alot of work with suppose to b a very good daughter in law right..they barely showed that..yeah she bathed her mom and stuff but come on..and...
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    ::Brenda Song::

    i think shes really pretty..but shes all make up.haha..
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    Paj Suab Yang vol.2 (NEW)

    i dont get wats with her make up..its really ugly..i like her singing i bought her dvd..but i seriously hated her make up..with the eye stuff..i mean..its like a lil kid put that on..shes much prettier if she didnt have that kind of make up on..
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    she looks weird here

    wat r u talking bouts..teh first pic.she still gots make up on.haha...hes ugly and shes ugly..^_^