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  1. Weir-Pancake


    Me too i love Kamikaze <3333333333
  2. Weir-Pancake

    Bie, Ruj, and Singto the star

    Bie Sukrit is so handsome, love him so much <3
  3. Weir-Pancake

    Yardthip & Pinky [Two Hot to Handle]

    They are both HOT but i don't really like Yard so i prefer Pinky :P Pinky Powaaa <3
  4. Weir-Pancake

    Kwan Usamanee: Quest for a Perfect Dress

    Kwan is so so beautiful, like her as an actress <3
  5. Weir-Pancake

    Pinky Savika: Denim Goddess

    Pinky is sexy and cute, is one of my favorite Thai actresses <3
  6. Weir-Pancake

    [KBS2] God Of Study

    In fact Master of Study is a remake of Dragon Zakura so this drama is Dragon Zakura Korean Version ^^
  7. Weir-Pancake

    Kung Fu Drunk

    This films is just so great i liked itttt, Jay POWAA <3 And the OST was awesome :P
  8. Weir-Pancake

    [Taiwan] Black & White (PTS)

    When i see this topic it reminds me of finishing this drama, i have begun it since last year LOL The reason why i've stopped watching it was not that i didn't like but i had no time and then my dramas' list has skyrockated/increased on one shoot so now i can't watch all these dramas at the same...
  9. Weir-Pancake

    Down With Love

    This drama seems to be awesome but i don't like to see Ella near Jerry Yan (he's not my husband but i like him as a star XD) !!! I'll think about it again then will take another decision if i'll watch it or not :P
  10. Weir-Pancake

    [Taiwan] Autumn's Concerto (TTV/SETTV)

    Oh oh this drama is just so great i really really like it, i think everybody is crazy about this drama hahahah, i can't wait to see the last episode :P Ady Love Van Ness Love Ady (L) Xiao Xiao Bin (Xiao Le) is so CUTEEEEEEEEE <3 How can he has a cute face like this ? I'm very jealous LOL
  11. Weir-Pancake

    Ethan Ruan

    Yep yep agree with you, he's sot HOT, love this guy , love him in Fated To Love You with his partner Joe Chen <3
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    Oh i really don't like the voice from Ntry company, it's so annoying, i prefer the old voice Mayura <3333 !!!
  13. Weir-Pancake

    [KBS2] God Of Study

    Title : Master Of Study (Dragon Zakura Korean Version) Other titles : Lord Of Study, God Of Study Gender : Comedy Episodes : 16 Chanel : KBS2 Release date : 04 January 2010 Official Website Casting : Kim Soo Ro as Kang Suk Ho Bae Doo Na as Han Soo Jung Song Yoon Ah as Jang Ma Ri Yoo Seung Ho as...
  14. Weir-Pancake

    [MBC] Tamna The Island

    Hey Tigra, we meet again hahahahah i'm Asian87 XD I have to speak English here because i think they don't understand french ^^ I've seen the episode 1 to 5 then had no time to continue but this drama was awesome <3
  15. Weir-Pancake

    [Film] Heaven's Postman

    I have seen this telefilms (it's a films and not a drama) with fancam, can anyone know the official release date for the DVD please ? I can't wait to see it in HIGH QUALITY :P
  16. Weir-Pancake

    You're Beautiful Vs. BOF

    OH MY GOD, it was not an easy response for me because i liked them both T__T But i had to make a choice so i voted for YrB because of the story and the cast <3 Jang Keun Suk, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, UEE...<33333333333
  17. Weir-Pancake

    news on Aum and ??

    He is so hot Aum i like him but he looks better with Aff
  18. Weir-Pancake

    me and p'kens pictures

    Awesome !
  19. Weir-Pancake

    Anne/Ken Mv made by a fan

    He is handsome and i like the MV
  20. Weir-Pancake

    Ken's Profile

    I really like him as an actor in "Oum Ruk" and "Sawan Bieng" with Ann Thongprasom