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    she looks weird here

    I'm assuming this pic is of pzk. she does not look pretty here without no make up. but the rest of the pics she looks chubby. It must be true what they say she eats too much sushi. Sushi contains too much fat, because of the mayonaise I don't know why some girls thinks dao is so hot. look at...
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    Pakou Thao

    Pakou Thao, she is cute and has a beautiful voice. Anyone know her or hear her sing before? Really nice. The girl in the WHITE pakou singing took first place
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    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    stumble upon who this girl is, I always wonder who this girl is but now I know who is the face behind this image Its our girl Cristine Lee taking some better images with Dao Vue Now this is competition. Pang Zuab khab should envy this image of Cristine & dao. They are a much better couple then...