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    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    omg been waiting for this one cant wait till it air
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    man i hope it only her hater and not herslf that is upload that one because it make her look like a whore
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    female friend with married husband????

    u know somthing is wrong if the dude spent more time with his friend then his wife because no matter how closed u are with ur friend after u married u have too get on with ur life with ur wife instant of kicking back with ur friend so i say dude must still want too be single that why he dont...
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    Seven charged with murder in St. Paul bar

    man why does us hmong make our self look so bad in St. Paul am gald i dont live there i hear more bad thing happen too us hmong from there then any city in the US
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    i say just married the dude or just stop calling him because the more u call him the more ur parent think u like him so either stop calling him or just married the dude so he can have a better life then living over there
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    saving yourself until marriage

    teen today have sex before they married so i say no because i saw way too many hmong girl have baby before they even turn 16
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    [ NEWS ] Actress Ahney Her of Gran Torino

    the movie sux big time it make us look bad so i could care less about ahney her and the movie
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    Mother gossiping

    wow calling ur mom name is just sad if mine mom gossiping behide mine back it just mean that she want me too bond with her more that why she saying bad thing about me but hey do what u think is right not like am in ur shoe and know what really happen
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    Hmong Girls on Tyra Banks Show

    tyra bank show is for dumb people who got nothing better too do
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    What bothers you the most when u watch a dubb movie or drama?

    i dont really hate anything when i watch hmong dubbed movie or drama because it short instant of dragging on and on about the same thing anyway i only watch those that i cant understand so i could care less what that done too the drama
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    Short Boyfriend....

    why would it bother u lol if u really love him no matter how he look u would still love him but i guess some girl can be picky but hey do what u feel right
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    it doesnt matter how old is the mother in-law it all depend on whether she a lazy or not so the answer is no
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    Sister is b****

    hearing ur story of ur sister like that is just sad am really feel for u and ur parent am glad mine parent is strict with us so none of mine sister or brother turn out too be a bad person
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    Problems W/ sister-in-law

    wow that is just wrong no matter how much u dislike anyone there no reason too say that too anyone mother as special ur husband mom so am guessing that when ur sis-law say that too ur mom her husband is not there with them right because if he was he should really put her in her place because ur...
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    what should u do if u feel like ur parents are way too strict and traditional?

    i like parent who is strict with their daughter it just show that they care allot about their daughter i saw some hmong parent that dont give a shit were their daughter went
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    should parents ask for dowry prices over 6000.00

    10k is nothing i saw one of mine cuz asking for 20k for his daughter and the dude and his parent even pay for it so it all depend on how much the guy and his parent is willing to pay for the bride
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    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    cant wait for this one too air
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    i need oipions plz....

    i say move on u deserve better dont let u him ruin ur life because if he did to u once he will do it again and the email u know he trying to do anything to get u to fall for him again but mine advice is dont go back to him
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    omg man i really fell bad for u mystik woman this is just getting worst for u now she even telling ur cousin that u and her break up was because of u god it seen like u will never going to get away from ur friend who steal ur money and now going to become ur cousin wife I really hope ur friend...
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    man i really fell bad for u mystik_woman how can ur friend do that to u i just glad u dont have her as a friend anymore because once a thief will always be a thief