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  1. babie_sara

    ❤️[ONE31] Wanthong (The One Enterprise): Mai Davika / Pong Nawat / Chakrit Yamnarm

    Where can I watch it with English subtitles? Is Muse subbing this?
  2. babie_sara

    [CH3] Ubat Rai Ubat Rak (TV Scene) : Masu Junyangdikul / Mo Monchanok

    Yay! I hope it’s with Nadech, Mark, James Ji, or James Ma.
  3. babie_sara

    Puntai Norasingh 2016

    Thank you!
  4. babie_sara

    Puntai Norasingh 2016

    Hi, I’m trying to look for the title and artist of this song. Can anybody help me out, please?
  5. babie_sara

    [Ch.Workpoint] Puntai Norasingh (Prommitr Productions)

    What’s the name and artist of the OST for the movie version? Is there another singer who sings the same OST for the lakorn version?
  6. babie_sara

    [CH3]Song Sanaeha (Makers Group) : Kim Kimberley/ James Ma

    I want Mo Monchanok
  7. babie_sara

    Who Should Great Pair Up With Next?

    Taew, Yam, Patricia, Mo, and Best.
  8. babie_sara

    Who Should Pope's Next N'ek Be?

    Cherry, Margie, Taew, Mo, Yam, Patricia, Best.
  9. babie_sara

    Who Should Mark Prin Pair Up With Next?

    Margie, Yam, Mo, Esther, Best.
  10. babie_sara

    [CH3] Ded Pbeek Nang Fah (Who & Who) : Son Yuke/Patricia Good

    I want to see Son with Margie.
  11. babie_sara

    Na'ek's who suits action lakorn the best

    Cherry Khemapsorn
  12. babie_sara

    ❤ [OneHD] (Sitcom) Ruk Tae Mae Mai Pleum (Exact) : Jes Jespipat / Mo Monchanok

    Aw, thank you for the link! I'm sooo happy that they're dating. They make such a cute couple and they really match.
  13. babie_sara

    [Ch3] Akom (TV Scene) James Mar/ Margie Rasri

    OMG, they both look so good together! Margie looks so small next to James. James is buff haha.