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  1. Mae

    Tub Yaj Vol. 5 Song?

    Hey, does anyone have Tub Yaj volumne 5 with Ntxawm Lis? I saw a sneak peak of the music video and there's this one song Tub was singing, which is a remake of Luj Yaj's song... I really want that one, anyone willing to share?
  2. Mae

    what lakorn you anticipate to see?

    I really can't wait to see Kob and Vee.... Gotta support my favorite actress....
  3. Mae

    MN July 4th Tournament

    Does anyone know when the Minnesota July 4th tournament is this year? Is it the weekend before July 4th or the weekend after that date? Also, where is it held? Please help...thanks...
  4. Mae

    1990s Vaj Yim Leej Movie

    Do any of you remember that really famous war movie called Vaj Yim Leej? It was made in the 1990s and was very famous...Well, I'm looking for a song in part 1. The song is sang by a guy and a girl, the song is played in the movie during the part when Paj Huab went to go get water with her friend...
  5. Mae

    Which clan?

    Okay, so this has been bugging me. And this isn't a hate thread against any clan, but I was just curious if your parents or relatives tell you to stay away from a certain clan because of past tension, such as one of your relatives married that clan and it didn't work out? I know it's still...
  6. Mae

    Hmong Labor Day Tournament

    The dates are September 2-3, 2006 in Wisconsin. Words has it that Wisconsin's Labor Day Tournament has been moved from its original location of Green Bay to Oshkosh, Wisconsin! I can't believe they moved it...has anyone heard this too? And anyone planning on going?
  7. Mae


    Is there a way to save a music video that's uploaded on YouTube to my computer?? I wanna save something onto my computer but can't figure out how to...Please help....
  8. Mae

    Hanoi Bride

    I saw the SBS k-drama Hanoi Bride at yesasia. It seems really good.......anyone know anything else about this short k-drama?
  9. Mae

    How safe is it?

    Just wondering, how safe is it to dl episodes from tv series from all these sites such as Filefront, Yousendit, clubbox, etc.???? I'm just wondering cuz isn't downloading kinda illegal? And i don't wanna get caught or anything if i do dl...ya know what i mean....