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    Testimony of General Vang Pao in Hell

    You say say this... Telling someone about your religion is like this, "I believe in God. In my religion, we believe there is a Heaven and a Hell. We believe that those who does bad things, will go to hell and those that does good things will go to heaven." Trying to convert...
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    Ugly A@@ Cover for Thai Lakorn

    The titles are worst.
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    dating other races or ethnicity

    As long as you guys have a good understanding of your and his culture and be able to adapt to it, it should be no problem. My friend used to date this white guy and the white guy is actually more Hmong than her. He wears the red strings and helps her parents with the shaman rituals. He asked her...
  4. C - Now offering Korean Dramas for rent

    I'm not sure how your plans can work with korean dramas since there are more than one part. Plus, all these dramas can be watched online for free. Do you guys have permission to rent out korean dramas?
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    :thumbsup: i'd stick to youtube and netflix. :bopping:
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    Mab Sua Lis-rumor or truth

    I didnt even know she had a kid already.
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    Answer please?

    I dated my husband for 5 years before we got married. We had our disagreement but we worked it out. I dont think the length of dating's how you compromise with each other.
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    Lee "Eb" Lor wedding reception

    I thought he was so cute too. I hope to spot him some day when I visit MN. :coverlaf:
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    who did Xa Thoj married?????

    She is super cute. Those of you who says she's not that good looking, and if that is the case, then I must be hideous. :nailbiter:
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    Mai Xiong Thao is Pregnant!!

    Whoever she is, best of luck to her. She should be glad people take time out of their lives to talk about her. :thumbsup:
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    Couple who suicided together

    This is truly sad. Since they are quite young, they probably thought there were no other ways to be together. With all the pressure from the Hmong tradition (disapproval, gossips on their relationship, bringing shame to their families), they thought dying together was the best thing. May they...
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    First Scar

    From my experience, my second cut was the deepest. I was hurting much much more because I believe I loved him more.
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    Liking a best friend's BF/hubby

    That's gross.
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    I dont know any Hmong people..but I love wong fu production, kevjamba, and nigahiga. :thumbsup:
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    9 Lub Mouths [2011]

    LOl. I love the hmonglish..but whats with the hair (buns)? Is this movie out already?
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    Need advice/Opinion

    It's wrong on your bf's part to tell them that. It's true, you dont want to go because you are shy and he should respect that. He could've made some other excuse, that you were busy or something. And you know, even if you go, who knows what they will still say about you too. He really need to...
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    suggestions/advice would be appreciated

    You are still so young. Enjoy your time while you can. I barely got married at age 27 and marriage isn't fun!
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    anyone know the title of this movie

    I was about to make a thread about this movie too. Can anyone tell me where I can buy this movie?
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    Miss Int'l Runner Up Paj Ntsa Vwj visits Hmong Orphans

    I'm sorry but the person recording sounds kinda annoying.