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    Mai Xiong Thao is Pregnant!!

    she doesnt want her parents to know but she will broadcast her pregnancy on facebook -.-
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    hmong name suggestions?

    omg! i'm gonna name my daugter the same name too! (whenever i have one) except its gonna spell jaelynne. anyways, a hmong name that will match is ntsais lias like ntxawm hawj's role in the movie "vim tsawg ib lo lus".
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    i'm not hating on her. it just makes me really upset on how plastic and fake some girls can get just for a beauty queen title. i wouldnt be so upset if she at least attempted to come down here and help the community but she didnt.
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    lol i heard the same thing. my auntie was gonna participate but then they told her that they didnt have enough contestant so it was cancelled and if they find enough contestant then they will call her again. but i guess they never called her. but anyways did anybody noticed how one of the girls...
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    Who will be the next Miss Hmong International 2010?

    I would like to add my two cents. Im from san diego and in my opinion, she did not represent or served her title as miss hmong san diego. yes she is pretty and spoke good hmong but that doesnt mean that once she's crowned she dipped. Ever since her crowning, she has never once come back to san...
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    the movie: Daim Duab

    i have not seen the movie but i have seen tou and mai and the daim duab trailers but i would have to disagree with you when you say that houa lee's hmong is better than the actors from 3 lub tooj npab. mailia lor hmong was fluent. although mtv had a bit of a french accent, it was still...
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    My cousin Lily Vang or Mai Lee Vang

    awwwwwww she's good! keep singing she will definately make it to the top. more power to her
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    how do you say "jia" in hmong? like "ciaj" so paj suab yaj is her stage name?
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    Miss Hmong International Pageant

    i cant sing either but pzk's talent...o.O...not sure if its even a talent
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    Pictures from Fresno New Year

    what kind of camera do you have? mytzer lao (miss hmong california) seems pretty. i agree with nkaujhmooblauj, its as if pzk knew that she was gonna get the crown, probably is the reason why her talent was so crappy. please post up more pictures ifyou have any
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    dang....we still got here? dang....
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    She's a BEAUTY

    dude there's so many threads to go and mess around with u must really have nothing else to do
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    She's a BEAUTY

    please dont be disrespectful. it was rude to joke around like that. i guess what hurts the most is the to know that you were a little too late. but life never goes according plans.
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    She's a BEAUTY

    oh god i know how you r feeling right now. i'm infatuate with someone who is not even interested in me
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    bao xiong miss hmong cali 07/08

    lol that is funny. the year is ending her reign is almost over gotta do something good to put into her resume
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    Leej Twg Mus Xaiv Ntsha Ua Nom (Presidential Election, Vote?)

    if i was eighteen, yeah i will vote
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    Eewww... my new mother in Law is younger than me!!!

    omfg ewwwwww. what did your mother in law say? gosh seriously paub txaj muag rau lub ntuj lub teb tiag luaj!