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    looking for lakorn by Chakrit Yamnam ...

    I'm looking for the lakorn played by Chakrit Yamnam. I don't know the main actress name. The story line is she sleeps in an old bed and dream of going into the past. She meets him in the past and falls in love with him. Each time she sleeps, she'll dream of going into the past. Can someone give...
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    Bao Lee

    Does anyone know where I can find bao lee's albums? or where to dl her music? i looked for it at the new year but couldn't find it at all. thanks.
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    looking for an old hmong song..

    i heard it when i was little. i remember some of the lyrics. it goes something like "ua leej laus tas los txog xyoo no......kuv yeej tsis tuag, yeej ua nyob saib koj.." i think it was sang by maiv mua, but im not sure. the song is about her husband cheat and left her. does anyone? thanks in...
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    Does anyone know where I can download some of Tsab Mim Xyooj's music?

    Or where can I find to buy it? I like her old music. THanks.
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    Who knows the person (livefans) in youtube that posted the kisslive videos? I'd like to send that boy a message. I guess he commented me, got scared, and blocked me so I can't comment back to him. This is what he wrote to me: "All you do is Talk the Talk and watch while KISSLIVE Walks the Talk...
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    Mas Miab & Tub Ntxawg

    Does anyone know where I can watch this movie or where I can buy it? It's been so long since I've seen this movie. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks.
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    So, I heard some rumors about me...

    My ex-sister-in-law went and spread tons of rumors about me to all her friends heard and laughed about it. Wow...she spent her time talking about me. Thank her for letting my life affect her so much. I feel special. :P
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    Pra Tinawong

    Does anyone know where I can watch or buy this lakorn with eng sub? This lakorn looks very interesting.
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    A funny story I'd like to share...

    I'm getting old and is losing my memory. I woke up on a Saturday at 7:45am (I work at 8am) and freaked out that I was late for work. I got up, ran to the restroom...and realized that it was a Saturday. *DOH!* hahaha... One morning, I was getting ready for work and took out a tank top and a...
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    Need help looking for a song...

    A hmong girl translated this song and put it out on an album. On her cassette cover, she wore a red veil. This is from back in the 90s. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ordering movies from Nehaflix..

    Have you ordered from nehaflix? I find their movies pretty cheap and just wanted to make sure that it's not pirated movies. If you have ordered from this website, how was the movie and their customer service? I found alot of my favorite movies from this site, but I'm not sure if it's safe to...
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    Does anyone know where I can find this movie? Any help will greatly be appreciated. Below is a clip from youtube. Thank you.
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    Chu Lian Nkauj Ntshuag

    I have been looking for this movie since forever! If anyone have it, can you please give me some information on it so maybe I can research on it and see if I can find it anywhere. Thanks in advance. Ka Bao