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    I Wanna Watch...

    Ok So I'm writing this movie :lol: and I was telling my older cousin about it. My cousin is in her early 20s and is fluent in Thai (she understands it very well). Her and her family watch Thai drama like crazy. So back to what I was saying, after I was telling her about the movie that I am...
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    Ok So like I promise, I created this thread dedicating it to our passion for singing and raising awareness for more Hmong girl's involvement in the Hmong Music Industry. I'm VERY VERY VERY VERY new at this but since it has already begun, I'll take lead for now unless one of you girls wanna take...
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    It's time for the HMONG REVOLUTION! Let's fill up this film with some real HMONG! Call NOW! Amelia Rasche, Casting Director 212-627-1662 ext 263 We got nothing to lose right? Call now! I know I am!
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    Desires of the Heart :: Aum/Pinky

    DESIRES OF THE HEART The More I Hate You The More I Love You Thank You Cecilia for the beautiful FFPoster! I lalalaLOVE it! “Damn You! And everything about you! If say that my brother is so bad, maybe you are the bad one! Keeping me here for months and torturing me…YOU ARE THE EVIL ONE!â€...
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    Mae Krua Kon Mhai

    Mae Krua Kon Mhai starring Pat and I think the P'ek's name is Nat. Is there a Hmong Dubb version out yet? My cousin said that there is a dubbed version out in the Midwest already. Anybody know the number I can call and order or any information at all?
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    Hmong Remakes!

    Thai people do it all the time, so does Chinese people, and so many other people. So why can't we? Yeah there was a Zeb and Sua remake but WHAT HMONG MOVIE WOULD YOU LIKE HMONG PEOPLE REMAKE? For me, I would like Kev Hlub Tsis Yooj Yim- Tub Ntxawg and Paj Ntsaim possibly Voltage's Ib Sim...
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    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    I stumbled about this story while Googling. ALL CREDITS GOES TO NyobIbLeeg @ HmongBlog A CHAPTER OF MY LIFE: KUV ZAB DABNEEG My second ex girlfriend and I were on our way home. Then the phone rang, it's her father. He demand us to go back, because not matter what they will not let us get...
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    Who's gonna order one? I am! Anybody else? Aren't you people excited? Get to see Hmong people 24/7! CLICK ON THE LINK!!!! I'm very excited! I wanted to be a news reporter for Hmong TV but I lived too far.
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    I just met MAIM TSHEEJ TSHEEJ!!!!!!!!

    ok like about an hour ago i met him. i saw him walked out the car and i was like HEY! i said "hi i'm your number one fan!" and shook hand with him but then...the gross part is that....later on, he was like "leej muam koj yog hmoob dabtsi os?" 0_________o WFT? he said it in those sweet MTT voices...
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    Casting Call In SouthCali! they are looking for 5 males who can sing and dance. prefer in southern cali because they are located in the santa ana area. also you should go check out the auditions for their movie. the storyline is pretty interesting. so HELP SPREAD THE WORD!
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    I don't Know if there has already been a post on her but her name is Ayouduo, she is a famous Miao Singer from MainLand China. I think she is really pretty and I like the fact that wherever she go to perform, she always wear our Hmong clothes proudly. Her Biography: Name : A young Tibetan...