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  1. noungning

    Wiki Design Changes

    Hey users, what would you like to see changed at the wiki design wise?   Colors of the background? Fonts shown? Areas of improvements (loads!)?   I'll check in often. ;)
  2. noungning

    Michael Jackson Died - RIP Michael, Farrah, Ed Mcmahon

    OMG what a sad week! It's just on the news now confirmed that Michael died from heart attack cardiac arrest. :( He was my childhood icon man, I'm so sadden and still shocked. :( This week Farrah Fawcett also passed away this morning. Ed Mcmahon also passed away yesterday. RIP. Life and...
  3. noungning

    Swine Flu - 331 confirmed cases worldwide

    According to World Health Organization (WHO), it's up to level 4 now, very close to being the next pandemic. Here's a look at what I'm talking about and how close we are to peak - Graph of Levels. It's currently level 4 out of 6 so we are confronting a very scary outbreak. :mellow...
  4. noungning


    Hey people... long time I haven't posted. But I wanted to get some people to help me out, I need referrals lol... I'm not going to lie to you lol ... This site really works and I wouldn't get you harmed so don't be scared I'm trying to trick you or something because I won't lol. Anyways, what...
  5. noungning

    Peanut Butter Recall ---Important---

    WASHINGTON – Federal health authorities on Saturday urged consumers to avoid eating cookies, cakes, ice cream and other foods that contain peanut butter until authorities can learn more about a deadly outbreak of salmonella contamination. Most peanut butter sold in jars at supermarkets appears...
  6. noungning

    Spanish Word of the Day

    I got an email and I think it's funny so I wanted to share lol! try to be open minded, and it's a joke lol. :D Spanish Words of the Day: The teacher told Pepito to use these words in a sentence Pepito replies: 1. Cheese Maria likes me, but Cheese fat. 2. Mushroom When all my family get...
  7. noungning

    dj stuff

    ok... next session should be better informed. sorry... lol ;)
  8. noungning

    Solicitation - Subways

    hey ne one eat at subways? if so, do u play scrabble? if not, can i have your game piece? lol... :lol: um i know i sound desperate but who gives a crappers. haha. :P ok, for game pieces, if they are pieces i'm looking for, and it works, i am willing to trade for music, i have loads of thai...
  9. noungning

    Didn't someone say Sawan Biang won't be a HIT?!

    i just wanted to chat haha... and i'm bored because i wanted to have a break from the wiki lol... this is a discussion thread. i don't mean to offend or harm feelings. well, didn't someone start a thread for JLR and said... if Anne and Ken were the couple for that lakorn, would it have been as...
  10. noungning

    ❤️ AsianFuse's Wiki!

    Yes we have a wiki!!! Yes, that's why i'm a mod for Wiki lol... So since it's relaunched. I wanted to officially tell everyone in this section that they should definitely check it out and add some info that they might have... asianfuse will definitely appreciate your hard work and so will...
  11. noungning

    Oh no, are ALL actors GAY?

    :lol: :o :P well, you know, i just check the entertainment news alot now that i'm bored. and i didn't even read yet but i saw pictures and the headline and i went :o headline says, "Rome, jumped! Picture of Rome's package popping at the most liked by gays pageant was discovered"...
  12. noungning

    Transportation in California

    Some please help me!!! I need to know if there is transportation from SFO to UC Davis by train, I know there is, but i don't know the station names... I've checked and there's amtrak of california, BART, and some others. it lists some station names, but i have no idea! any help would be...
  13. noungning

    Man Kills and Eats Girlfriend Well my friend was telling me this news and i read it, and i started seeing pictures. it's just so disturbing and nasty i had to share it. :mellow: he's in texas tooo! =oX
  14. noungning

    Gonna Miss YOU Jensen!!!

    So today is Monday for me at 8.52pm, but it's now 2.52am in France. Jen is going to be catching her flight to Laos today, she's going to have a new beginning... All I wanted to say is I'M GONNA MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH YAI BAH!!!! Gosh, now I have no one to tell me how idiotic timmy is, and how...
  15. noungning

    sarNworld it still the same?

    you know it's been sooooooo quiet lately, i understand people has lives than to browse a forum and posting stuff. i was telling someone and that someone said it's an individual's perspective, but sarNworld is still very active. :huh: so i wanted to get some insight from those who are...
  16. noungning

    A toy pet with life?

    i was forwarded an email. thought it was interesting, so i wanted to share. it's about this new pet. 01. Genpetâ„¢ The Only Bioengineered Buddy. Available in 7 different personality types. 02. Color Coding Each personality type of the Genpets has been linked...
  17. noungning

    Minnesota Bridge Collapse

    i know many are from that state, i hope everyone on sarnworld and those in the incident are safe or recovering. such a sad event. :( here's more info
  18. noungning

    Ning is the Sweetest Sinner

    01 Ning & Jensen - Reung Bon Theing - yousendit | sendspace | mediafire 02 Ning - Yah Ruk Kow Dai Mai - yousendit | sendspace | mediafire 03 Jensen feat. Ning - Huk Ai Leaw - yousendit | sendspace | mediafire 04 Ning - Kon Tee Mai Kow Tha - yousendit | sendspace | mediafire 05 Jensen - Lom Naow...
  19. noungning

    [NEWS] YouTube clip out, but Thai ban continues

    YouTube clip out, but Thai ban continues Gov't banned site after video was posted mocking king By Ambika Ahuja The Associated Press Updated: 1:11 p.m. ET April 5, 2007 BANGKOK, Thailand - The Thai government retained a ban on YouTube on Thursday despite the removal from the video-sharing site...
  20. noungning

    101 Things To Know About Thailand For Newcomers

    ahhaha i had to share this, it's soooo true and funny :loool: :dude: it's not thai entertainment so i figure it goes here...