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    [JMovie] Lupin The Third

    Frankly, the hot cast draws my attention.   In theatres August 30, 2014
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    [CH3] Mun (Medta & Mahaniyom)

    Action Drama Starring Mark Prin from P'Nok Chatchai's production again. Nang aek is between Mint Chalida and Yaya Urassaya   Mun =  Gratification
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    [JMovie]Rurouni Kenshin Live Action

    Never saw this coming. I'm pleasantly surprised.
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    Margie Rasri and Mint Chalida Interviews

    Picture credit to Pantip Note: This pretty old news--from 1-2 months ago; but I just recently found the links today from M & M's home in Pantip and then decided to translate it. Buddy Talk Mint Chalida Wijitwongthong One more sweet-faced young lady is Mint Chalida Wijitwongthong, who has...
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    OHO Magazine Interview: Story of Love, Mark and Mint

    Scans: Khun fan_beam from Translations: mintwix The ratings for Pathapee Lei Ruk, 1 of 4 series in 4 Huajai Hang Koon Kao--the celebrated lakorn for Thai Tv Channel 3’s 40th anniversary—is just as strong as the hearts of the...
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    What is your day?

    Hi there fellow sarnies! On what day were you brought into this world? SUNDAY: But the child born on the Sabbath day, Is fair and wise and good and gay. You are sunny, fun, and loving. You bring much joy to other people! Your ruling planet --> THE SUN MONDAY: Monday's child is fair of face...
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    Should 'justified' R scenes be abolished from Thai dramas?

    No options for those who don't care/ who have no opinions. >:D
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    Do you have dimples?

    Yeah, so I'm just wondering. Do you have dimples? :D
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    Seu Ruk Chuck Yai Olaworn (Broadcast) The opening ceremony will be on May 20, 2008. They will start filiming on May 21, 2008. I read that the writer is Khun Inthra the same person who wrote Yutha Karn Hakkang Thong. Hopefully, it'll be fun! ^_^
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    Tye + Noon Pics

    Pictures Scanned by Siraphun's Thai Fansite
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    TV POOL Noon Sirapun

    Pictures scanned from her Thai Fanclub
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    Woman's Story Noon Sirapun

    Pictures Scanned from Siraphun's Thai Fanclub
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    What's your sign?

    Earth and Fire.
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    What kind of rice do you eat?

    I just felt like starting a topic. So I'm away from and I'm Laotian. I miss eating sticky rice, but nowadays I just eat brown rice b/c it just seems more convenient and healthy. So what kind of rice do you usually eat and why? So random yeah I know.
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    What's the difference between women's brain and men's brain?

    Something funny and generally true.