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    Happy New Years Eve 2019. Time has flew by so fast... I hope everyone will have good health, fortune, wealth in the new decade ahead. May 2020 be a new start, a new beginning, a new journey to lots of new wonderful things, experiences and lessons, joy and happiness. I wish that all the...
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    [CH3] Nam Peung Kom (PENPUT) - Yiiiwha Preeyakarn & Dome Pakorn

    Remake of Janie Thien and Nok Chatchai
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    [ONE31] Kadee Rak Kham Pop: Fern Nopjira & Tao Sattaphong

    คดีรักข้ามเวลา Started filming on 7th August 2019.
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    live stream links thread

    Post and share websites and links for live streams here. Ch7 and one31 are the most difficult channels to find a live stream One31 Guchill most channels Adintrend most channels but one31 and ch 7
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    Cannes the place to be

    Thread for everything during cannes Celebs Fashion Dresses Makeup Jewellery Accessories Brands
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    ❤️[ONE31] Look Krung - Gun Napat / Marie Broenner

    ลูกกรุง This just started on 16th. A musical drama... so Gun will sing a lot of old songs.
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    ❤️[ONE31] Layla Tida Yak - Inter / Nicole / Aerin

    ไลลาธิดายักษ์ This just started airing.
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    Huajai Sila Khun Si & Min ♡
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    Noey Chotika house tour

    Noey house tour on tee tai krua
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    Various Kpop News

    #scandals #currenthottopics #thebigscandalof2019 #risingsun #oppaisinnocent #bribing #corruption #drug #rape #prostitution #humantrafficking #taxevasion #kidol #chatroom
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    ❤️[CH3] Kon Luang Thuang Nee Rak (StepPower3) - Mae Nisachon & Auan Rangsit

    กลลวงทวงหนี้รัก Kon Luang Thuang Nee Rak Starting on 12th feb.
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    Matt & Songkran

    Thread for everything about Matt and Songkran Maybe we'll eventually have our own photos to post and share. :BangHead: #igofficial #relationship #love #dating #rewind
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    Happy New Year 2019!

    2018 is almost ending and 2019 is almost beginning. So wishing everyone a happy new year! I hope you have good health, happiness and success in the coming year and always!! ♡Alisa
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    #wehaveahashtagthread #random #thisishappening #hashtageverything #popbella #Buppaesunniwaat #thisisdestiny #itsreallymeanttobe #ily #omg #havefun #livingunderrocks
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    [CH3] Tee Krai Tee Man (Maker K) - Nine Napat, Gina Yeena, Mo Monchanok, Alex Rendell, Ball Jitpanu

    Teeใครทีมันส์ More photo
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    ❤️[CH3] BROKEN 2 (Master One) : Alex Theeradeth & Ja Jittapa

    วัยแสบสาแหรกขาดโครงการ2 Not sure if there's already a thread for this but I saw both Ja and Alek post on their ig recently.
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    A thread to vent frustation about koojins. Since there's many people discussing the topic in so many threads now. Because honestly I just want to see new pairings. :thumbup:
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    Onehd youtube channel

    Can anyone open onehd channel on youtube? Cause I got a notice that say this account has been terminated for violating Google's Terms of Service.
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    Chompoo's Twins Thunder N Storm

    I'm excited to see her twinssssss!!!!
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    [CH3SD/CH28] Yeua Payabaat (LoveDRAMA) - Benz Natthida, Fifa Premanan, Soh Tatchapol

    Credit; นารีริษยา the official ฝากละครเรื่องต่อไป "เหยื่อพยาบาท " ทางช่อง 28 นำแสดงโดย ฟีฟ่า เปรมอนันต์ ,เบนซ์ ณัฐธิดา ,โซ่ ธัชพล ขอการันตีความแซ่บ!! แท้แน่นอน New drama "Yeua Payabaat" on Channel 28 Starring Fifa Premanan, Benz Natthida, Soh Tatchapol @Mz_Em @sarN @Koy123