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  1. lovestar

    #findmintchalida my story to finding Chada in Melbourne

    Hi everyone, these couple past days have been chaotic. Once I found out Mint Chalida was coming to Melbourne, I got ready for battle, and started stalking her from day 1.....check out my videos @888tou on youtube to find out how this whole journey unravelled...
  2. lovestar


    Hello everyone, does anybody know what these awards are?  Are they just weekly rankings on respective categories e.g. actresses, actors, new actresses/actors, lakorns, hosts, cartoons? Here are some examples cr ch3fanclub
  3. lovestar

    Favourite Lakorn Opening?

    So, what is your favourite lakorn opening?? As far as these go, the first that pops into my mind is Tawan Deard's opening. I don't know what it is, but I love how it introduces each character and then stops to close up on their face with their name scrawled across the screen. I especially like...
  4. lovestar

    [Ch1] Hormones 2 (GTH)

    From what I remember, there wasn't a thread in AF for this series which is quite surprising because it's extremely popular in Thailand. The first ep hit 10 million views and from then on it's been hitting over millions of views on YouTube. So, I was just curious, but is there actually a site or...
  5. lovestar

    I can't find this song anywhere @33:35. i really like the tune. thanks in advance
  6. lovestar

    What's this song??? the melody @ 6:40 the melody @ 6:03 i've already asked in the sixth sense...
  7. lovestar

    Chalida's Next P'ek?

    i am really curious as to what everybody thinks