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    Dao Pra Sook

    Does anyone know where I can find the Hmong dubbed online?
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    Kim & Mark in SEOUL! Need information!

    Kim and Mark fans!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! How long are they going to be in Seoul for??? Does anyone know? Give me their schedule in Seoul please if anyone does.  :heart:
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    Cee Siwat in Monkhood

    Does anyone know which temple Cee is doing his monkhood at? I want to visit him even if I can't touch him. :(
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    Does anyone where I can watch this on Youtube??/
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    Anyone have any photos of Mild? She is such a beauty. I just saw her in Asukothai MV. :) I want to see her modern lakorns and boran lakorns as the lead.
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    [Ch3] Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series (Act Art)

    Credit to shampoo @ spicyforum: http://www.spicyforu...luerd-mungkorn/ Suer, Singh, Krateng, Raet, and Hong. Next series after Suparburoot Jutathep. Krateng looks like Nadech and Hong looks exactly like Boy!! :P
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    [SBS] Fashion King

    This drama is good so far, love the cast!! ^_^
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    Productions Names/Dara Nicknames

    What are the oddest production names/dara nicknames? The first two off the top of my head is always Good Feeling & No Probelm.. Lol. Like really?! As for nicknames.. During Kob and Anne generations most sound original and trAditional but once newer generations came it was surprised... And some...
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    Teeth Whitening

    What products are recommended?!
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    CH3 New Actresses 2012

    Found this on 4+1Superstar facebook. ALOT of new actresses! :o But I'm sure half of them will start out as supporting/nang'rai.
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    What are my powers?

    So it will be my first time ordering contacts online, and here's my prescription. But I'm not sure which one are my powers. RIGHT EYE: Sphere +6.25 Cylinder -0.50 Axis 155 LEFT EYE: Sphere +6.00 Cylinder -0.50 Axis 035
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    Is anyone a math genius? Or know math websites that can help me get answer to this question? THX IN ADVANCE<333 2) Find a polynomial function of lowest degree with rational coefficients that has the following features: (leave answer in factored form) • c = 2i and c = 3 and c = -1 are zeros; •...
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    CH3 2012 Lakorns

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    Would anyone recommend taking Chemistry summer course?

    Hello all, I actually have three questions: Would anyone recommend taking Chemistry summer course? Does private college(s) accept transfer of D? Are some courses transferable as D's? THANK YOU ^__^
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    Locked Thread, plz UNLOCK!

    Rak Pathiharn thread is locked>! O.o
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    pH scales

    Does anyone know how do I find the pH of these? Water, milk, lemon juice, and vinegar.
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    半生缘 18 Springs

    Does anyone know where I can watch this drama? It's old drama of Ruby Lin from 2003. 半生缘 18 Springs (Half Life Fate) (After Lifetime) There is only a few episodes on Youtube. I want to watch to watch the entire drama.
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    Pinky Paradise Contact Lens

    Has anyone ordered prescribed contacts from Pinky Paradise before?? I just found their website and they sell prescribed contacts too. I want to know if they're good or not b/c I only buy my contacts through my eye clinic.
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    Mint Chalida

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    Sammy Bunthita & Mint Chalida: Sweet & Spicy

    *Credit Chalidaclub @ PANTIP.COM*
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    Asianfuse Channel

    Hi, The videos on my asianfuse channel doesn't load anymore, they say there is an error. I haven't checked my channel for a few months and now I wanted to re-watch some of my video's that I uploaded there and it doesn't work anymore. However, other video's posted by other users I am able to...
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    Mint Chalida

    Credit Chalidaclub @ PANTIP
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    CH3 Upcoming 2011-2012 Lakorns

    1) Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Mark & Kim + Boy & Marie + Kane & Toey) 2) Tawan Dued (Mark Prin & Yaya Urassaya + Pope Thanawat & Mint Chalida) 3) Plerng Torranong (Mario Maurer & Taew Nattaporn) 5) Roy Marn (Boy Pakorn & Margie Rasee) -- NOT INCLUDED IN THIS CLIP! See below posts. 6) Game Rai Game Rak...
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    Mint Chalida

    *Credit Chalidaclub @ PANTIP*
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    CH3 Hot Praeks of 2011

    I thought it was interesting how CH3 had Mark, Nadech, Mario, Boy, and Pope featured in the beginning of this clip b/c they're all my fav. actors. :P However, at the moment I'm having a major "Pope Crush", muaha.
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    Bidding on Ebay & deciding not to buy item ?

    I'm wondering if you win a bid on ebay and later decide not to buy it. What happens?
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    Kammathep Roy Rak (Broadcast Thai)

    Nadech & Mint Chalida have NOT confirmed this lakorn yet but Nadech Thai wikii linked them for this lakorn. I don't think we will hear any confirmation until next year since Nadech still have Game Rai Game Rak & Torranee to film this year. Also, he is linked to upcoming to Anne too from his Thai...
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    [Ch3] Suparburoot Jutathep Series

    CH3 upcoming series for 2012! WOOT ^__^ So glad they're continuing this trend! 555 Although, I thought 4 Hua Jai should've been the first and last series since I thought it was only something exclusive but I guess not. Lol. Oh well, I prefer these kind of lakorns with series. I can't wait. I...
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    Worst & Best Lakorn Productions

    BEST: Lakorn Thai Act Act Maker Groups Broadcast Thai No Problem ^__^ WORST: Dida DaraVDO Kantana Good Feeling
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    F3 Magazine: Boy, Margie, Alex

    F3 Facebook ~
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    Supporting Actresses

    Jaja, Maprang, Gale, and Sara have always been my fav. supporting actresses ^__^ IF anyone can be nang'ek why can't CH3 give them the chance too?! *Sigh* They're such great actresses. Ehe.
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    [Ch3] Ruk Kerd Nai Talad Sode (Act Art)

    Thanks to shamp @ again 555+++ :thumbsup: It was rumored to be Nadech at first but now it's said to be Mario.
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    [Ch3] Dao Raung (No Problem)

    Thanks to shamp @ Nang'ek is finally confirmed it's Taew! 555+++
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Kao

    I miss this series too much^^ Hehe. Enjoy! A little fun to bring the memories of 4HJHKK back! :wub: It's hard to pick which one if my most favorite couple since I loved them all so much together. They were all so perfect for each other. :grouphug: Duang Jai Akkanee was definitely the best...
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    ~*~ Beginning artworks ~*~

    I don't touch photo much only here and there.. Hehe. I've learned manipulating in the past so here's my mine first of MTEAM! MTEAM is love! Hehe. :wub: P.S. I won't update much work since I don't use photoshop much^^
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    Love Julinsee รักมันใหญ่มาก

    Has anyone seen this movie? I just saw the teaser^^ It looks cute. I didn't know Alex & Kao were in a movie!!
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    Downloading video's from YouTube + Copyright Issue (Third Party?!)

    I notice that lately I've been downloading videos from YouTube and the AUDIO from the video's are always faster than it is that it doesn't go with their lips! O.o Has this occurred to anyone who's downloaded video's from YouTube? Also, another thing is that when I first began subbing videos on...
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    [CH3] Jao Sao Pom Mai Chai Pee (Step Onward)

    I've always thought Kong was so cute!^^ He finally gets to be praek! YAY! :dance3: His first nang'ek is Namfon too! They're going to be such an adorable couple. * Opening Ceremony from spicyforums *
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    Yaya Urassaya + Margie Rasee + Kimberley + Mint Chalida

    Credit to IMAGE l Spicyforum My favorite girls! :wub:
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    Change Avatar Page won't load?

    Is anyone else having a problem with it that other than me?! O.o
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    Where can I order Taiwanese dramas?

    I googled but not so sure aboout the sources I've found. Please leave me recommendations^^ THANK YOU.
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    Where can I order Taiwanese dramas?

    I googled but not so sure aboout the sources I've found. Please leave me recommendations^^ THANK YOU.
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    Chalida Subs :)

    VISIT US: * WE ARE MINT CHALIDA FANCLUB. * Dedicate to English sub her projects :) - PLEASE BE PATIENT! Thankyou. (* IF ANYONE WANTS TO BE APART OF CHALIDASUBS GROUP PLEASE MESSAGE US! *) สวัสดีแฟน ๆ นี่คือชลิดามิ้นท์ YouTube แฟน ๆ...
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    Mint Chalida: The Exotic Glamour

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    Rome & Namfon Patcharin

    I always wanted to see them onscreen together, too bad it was a movie! But they look so cute together! I want to see them in a lakorn :) *Credit annonymousblue2001
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    Getting over someone.

    So there's this guy that I've like for a couple years now. We've been good friend for two years now also. He's a really good friend. But I guess I missed out on my chance with him and now I guess I do regret not letting him know how I felt about him even if he never felt the same. I've always...