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  1. Muddie Murda

    How was your Thanksgiving?

    I know I'm late but Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday because family close and far get to come together to cook and eat :D please share your photos and stories! Especially FOODDDD! This year was one of my favorites. Got to be around all the people I love and cherish and people I...
  2. Muddie Murda

    Thai Medicine Label

    Can someone read the name in the box for me? I can read some Thai but if it's in a different font, then it makes it hard. Thank you :D
  3. Muddie Murda

    SCAMMER ALERT: buklaoboi360

    It has been reported that buklaoboi360 has scammed a few people already. He buys items and then once he receives the item, he files for fraud with his credit card, then sellers lose money AND they are fined a $10 charge back fee. His name is Chris Bone. All his other info is listed below...
  4. Muddie Murda

    Hmong's Tales and Stories

    For some reason, when Hmong tell their ghost stories of events that happens, it's quite exciting and scary at the same time! It might be because most Hmong parents and grandparents had lived in the jungle in their younger days and a lot of events occur there. It might also be because of the...
  5. Muddie Murda

    Canceling Sprint Contract

    Hi! For all upset Sprint users who have corporate discounts (discount because of your work place), now is your chance to cancel without a termination fee! I just found out about it today and the last day to cancel it is TODAY 09/27/2010! Sprint executive analyst says, "...effective August...
  6. Muddie Murda

    [Request] Sawan Bieng DVD

    :D I'm too late to purchase the official set so I'm wondering if someone out there has an Official Sawan Bieng starring Ken & Anne that they want to sell? :D Or if you know of a place where I can get the official set or someone who has it and want to sell? I don't care if it's used as long as...
  7. Muddie Murda

    Film & Lee Da Hae

    :lol: I just thought it was funny because Film is saying all this and that about getting very close w/ Lee Da Hae (Korean actress) and they are "talking." And when asked if they are dating, he goes "oh we're just friends" and that he doesn't know what will happen in the future with her...Then...
  8. Muddie Murda

    Selling/Trading Section?

    Basically, I want a section because I want to encourage people to sell their old stuff so I can buy it. Haha :D It's also a good opportunity to sell lakorns and stuff...except um, I don't think we're going to allow pirated stuff. Now the cons are: There could be this is all at...
  9. Muddie Murda

    Who's still using IE 6 or lower?

    Anyone still using the old Internet Explorer 6 or a lower version? If you're not sure, click on "Help" and then "About Internet Explorer." Just wondering, because I'm making graphics and they're not compatible with IE 6 or older. If it seems like a lot still uses IE 6 or lower then I'm...
  10. Muddie Murda


    I'm back into my blogging phase. I used to do websites but...*lazy* :D Anyway, anybody have a blog and/or website they'll like to share? And don't mind me if I add you onto my blog's affiliate list :D I just like to collect. Tee-hee. Here's mine: Http://
  11. Muddie Murda

    Twitter anyone?

    Anyone uses twitter? :D Just wondering. I've been using it for a few months but it's getting quiet...for me at least. :D Well! Look me up and I'll do the same for you!
  12. Muddie Murda

    sarNie record

    So Darvil wanted to compete. He says he's #2 in meeting the most sarNies. Haha :P So, how many sarNies have you met offline, face-to-face? :D I've met up with: -Pa -Joey -Lekkie -KT -Sarah -Reagan -Stima I think that's it. It's a dangerous mission.
  13. Muddie Murda

    Sung Tong VCD

    Hey :D Anyone selling VCD of Sung Tong? My mom really liked the boran lakorn. e_e so expensive because there's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many parts...anyone selling at a lower price? :D
  14. Muddie Murda

    New Year Resolution 2009

    Hello all! I hope you guys had a bless 2008 year like I had! I was blessed tohave my niece come into the world! I love her soooo much! Got to meet up with Pa (Anti-Hmong, that's her username here). Got to see my Grandmother. Got a new car! Got a great job! Doing good in school and feeling so...
  15. Muddie Murda

    Happy Friggin' Birthday Darvil

    DON'T LET DARVIL COME IN THIS THREAD. THAT FREAKING AHO! Well! As we all know, special people deserve special threads....(I expect one... LOL JK) So.... Happy Birthday Darvil. You've been a great ass kicking admin and meanie. You rock at all things you do...except being nice. Which is not a...
  16. Muddie Murda

    July 4th in MN

    Hey guys! Does any of you all know the contact info for getting a booth at July 4th in MN?? :D Thanks!!
  17. Muddie Murda


    I'm so desperate for a job...but I'm picky :( I'm still a student w/ hardly any experience. The only choice I seem to have is food/restuarant places since they hire anyone, but I have a retarded hand that can't touch water much, so I have to keep it as dry as I can. Retail, I'm scared to work...
  18. Muddie Murda

    Downloading things w/ Thai Titles

    Hey guys! I know most of ya'll DL from Dedeman's stuff and other stuff in the BM! I'm not sure if it's just me, but all the files that I DL that has Thai titles saves as ________ instead of the actual Thai titles. For example: File Name: คนที่รั�เธอ - ฟลุ๊ค...
  19. Muddie Murda

    Taking Care of The Bill

    Whenever I'm with someone and we go out to either eat or shop, I usually always pay for everything because I force others to not pay. Like, I race to give them my debit card, or if someone else takes care of the bill, I stuff the money into their bag or something. (Except when I was in Cali and...
  20. Muddie Murda

    Random Survey

    Are these allowed? Hahahaha I dunno, but I just like filling out surveys :D If ya'll like it too, fill it out too, but make a topic for each different survey...or i dunno, do whatever you want. :D post here, whatever :D ----- 1. Name a quote from the song you're listening to? "If you're...
  21. Muddie Murda

    The power of makeup

    Stolen from Soompi (This is a forwarded post from another forum~ I'm not the person in the picture. lol) Want to achieve this look? You'll need the folowing (i'm just translating this straight from the original post..the person was not very specific with which exact shade of color she...
  22. Muddie Murda

    The hardest riddle on the internet

    Hak showed me this a longggg time ago and I just recently went back to it on my bookmark. It's known as the hardest riddle online. I got to level 7 I think...or was it 9? I forgot :D But, do what you must to get to the next level besides cheatttinnnggg... Now...
  23. Muddie Murda

    How to tell you're not Mama's Favorite

    How to tell you're not Mama's Favorite Just spamming...
  24. Muddie Murda

    Lost my purse!! :(

    Gosh I'm so freaking out T___T I lost my purse and it had my life in thereeeeeeeeeeeee!! All debit SSC and Birth Certificate. I KNOW! Kill me! :( I needed those official documents for something so I kept it in my wallet (yes my birth Certificate fits right in all...
  25. Muddie Murda

    What's Hanging In Your Car?!

    [/b] I plan to do more later, but it's not ready yet. :P Anyways, I heard that most of those who hang something up in their car like this are most likely to have road rage. :P
  26. Muddie Murda

    Secret Santa!

    Anyone interested if we do hold a secret santa here on SW?? Um...I would say anyone who has over 50 posts (or 100) could particiate. Since seems safer. Don't want a sarNie ending up with nothing. :( But it's up for you guys to decide if we do hold this. Sorry if I was sorta late in...
  27. Muddie Murda

    READ ME! (Announcements)

    Hello Fellow sarNies! :D Tis' I, the mod who neglects her section. Hahaha Anyways, just some um, info. I don't really have rules, but these are here to help keep things a bit more organized. Firstly, HAVE YOU NOTICED THE NEW TUTORIAL THREADS!? :D I got my lazy ass to do something. I didn't...
  28. Muddie Murda

    Miss you sarN!

    Sorry to hear about your loss sarN. We just want to let you know we care about you and miss you! :) I was at the bookstore and came across this card...reminded me of you...creepy, but reminded me of you. lol
  29. Muddie Murda

    Car Insurance

    So I'm getting my own car insurance and it's my first time ever ever? What are some questions I should ask when I call them up to get quotes? What should I be looking for exactly? Err since I'm new to driving, it'd be a bit more expensive right? I was looking at some sites and trying to get...
  30. Muddie Murda

    Plastic Surgery

    I do business a lot on Soompi lol so I'm there browsing around. I noticed um....alot of the Korean kids, they go, "My parent's going to make me get a nose job." Or "My mom said I should get my eyes done. She'll pay for it." "My parent's are flying me to Korea to get plastic surgery there."...
  31. Muddie Murda

    Fobbie Girl!

    ahahahaha so funny! And he sounds so effing hot!! Who's the singer!??!?!?!! Click Here To Listen! If you like it so much, you can DL here:
  32. Muddie Murda

    Tatoo anyone??

    So what do you guys think?? I've heard stories that people think someone's "gorgeous" until they see a tattoo on that person and then it turns to disgust. Are tattoos hot?? I know it'd "depend" but what do you think of other people who have them? How do feel about guys w/ tattoos? Girls w/...
  33. Muddie Murda

    Marrying Young

    It's something that I'd NEVER understand. I'm not really attacking anyone...or atleast I hope not. But why do some girls marry so young?? From like age 12-17, even before they get out of high school? :\ What's going through their mind? Is it all just marshmellow world to them? That everything...
  34. Muddie Murda

    Oh Hell Yah! Show me dah Money!

    Look what I got Darvil and Marduk.... :) Money from those "Scam" sites! Totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to brag! Tee-hee. Here's the site I worked with in case you're curious. If you want to do it, you must read all the terms and...
  35. Muddie Murda


    *stares at my farmer tan* :spin: Hahaha So I was at the beach the other day, walking alone on the side of the beach . And there are these girls there, roasting away in the sun. I mean, they KNOW it's dangerous. They KNOW it'd probably cause cancer. They KNOW they'd probably get wrinkled...
  36. Muddie Murda

    Do the impossible!

    Hey guys, I played this for a while! Hahahaha it's um....very interesting. ^_^ Try it out! I failed 384209389432 times but you know what? NEVER GIVE UP! Hahaha :D Yeahhh
  37. Muddie Murda

    Voicemail/Answering Machine Messages

    What's on your voicemail or answering machine? Here's mines: OKAY, before you call me meannnn... I've been getting these calls from private numbers. I don't usually pick them up, but they just leave me weird messages. So, yeah after a while, I made a new...
  38. Muddie Murda

    What if the person you hated the most, died?

    Okay, so you really really really really really really really really (repeat infinity) hate this one person. And you could never forgive them for what they've done. Because how can you forgive someone who don't think they did anything wrong right? :D So yeah, this person totally ruined your life...
  39. Muddie Murda

    Fansign Game!

    I don't know how bad this game will go, but I'll give it a shot ^_^ Basically, you just make a fansign or something for the person above you. Then the person after you will have to make a fansign for you. You can write their name on a piece of paper, on your face/body, table, or whatever...
  40. Muddie Murda


    OMGGGG!!! I clicked the heading.... My heart beating... Racing......... 2nd line till finished, I remember it was April 1st... Then I clicked on the lawyer's note anyways and omggg! ahahah you REALLY got me!!! T__T OMG my heart was beating sooo fast! At first I was like, "cant you just...
  41. Muddie Murda

    Insurance Fraud!

    I'm sorry, this is long. Bare with me! Okay! So it seems like after I made a bank account with Bank of America, I've been getting these letters in the mail about life insurance...except these are from "Banc of America." The logos are about the same, just placed elsewhere around the word to...
  42. Muddie Murda

    You're Song

    So, I was wondering, everyone has a favorite song, but what song is "you." Like, when you heard it, you felt like it was written for you. Tell us the title! Post the lyrics! Share the song! Why do you relate it to yourself? :D All optional though. I just want to see the results. ^__^
  43. Muddie Murda

    Jo Min Hye

    She's sooooooo adorable!! Here's her perfomance. She's really good. Reminds me of Jrock/pop i dunno the difference. haha Anyone know any info on her? Well, my eyes are kinda heavy right now cuz it's...
  44. Muddie Murda

    Pho' Shizzles!

    :baby-scene-pop-corn: Oh yeahhh :drool: I introduced them to my errr...friend a few weeks ago and he went obsessed. He said it's great to eat it when you're chicken noodle soup. I told him it wasn't too healthy. :P I had some today that my mom tasted weird e_e...
  45. Muddie Murda

    Spammer Alert

    If anyone has recieved a PM about uploading to a video site from this day on. Please forward the PM over to me (Muddie Murda) and then delete it. He/she has seem to be a regular member, yet he/she spams with this website, advertising it all over. I'm just giving him/her a warning as of now.
  46. Muddie Murda

    New Cellphone Contract!

    I think I wanted to rant...but then I want people's opinions. :D Okay, so my contract has just ended with cingular and I thought I should get a new contract with a new phone, because you know, they're cheaper. I didn't want to spend over $200 on a phone. It's not worth it. After looking all...
  47. Muddie Murda

    Dental Hygenist Career

    So I plan to go into the Dental Hygenist path... Anyone into this? Looking into it? Well, my problem is that, my college record's really ugly. You'd take a glance at it and go, "Whoa..." We can clean it up right? My high school transcript looks good. Except I don't have any classes...
  48. Muddie Murda

    Muddie's Pics!

  49. Muddie Murda

    Counter Strike

    Tis I, Muddie, the worst player on Counter Strike. But I's here to recruiit people for our team in which we are desperately in need. Okay, just kidding, but it's fun if you can join us. Server Address: Try to use your sarNworld Username when joining...
  50. Muddie Murda


    So I thought I'd just spread the news that Nameless is a dog. And that we're over. :) I think in each relationship that we put ourselves in, we should learn a valuble lesson.
  51. Muddie Murda

    Darvil...King of SarNie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU SO MUCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that cake the bomb? AHAHAHA PS >> I thought he deserved his own thread cuz he's so speeshul!
  52. Muddie Murda

    The "Help with Thai" Thread

    :sweat: :sweat: Hehehe isn't this the perfect bestest thread ever? LOL I needed some help with a Thai Phase, and I thought, "Well other people might need help too, why not just throw it all in one thread to keep it organized?" So, HERE I AM!!!!! :lmao: Can you help me? :D My Thai is not...
  53. Muddie Murda

    Did you march?

    I'm so behind on this and I wouldn't have known of it if it wasn't for My Mye who was preaching and showing and chanting. She's such a brave soul and I'm so proud of her. If you guys don't know what HR 4437 is, here's a summary for those were were clueless like me. I feel so bad. I don't keep...
  54. Muddie Murda

    Your Reputation

    :lol: Hi! Back from work and I noticed that our lovely Darvil has installed the "reputation" system into our lovely forum!! If you have no clue what that is, take a look! It's right..................... [size=14][b]
  55. Muddie Murda

    [Tutorial] Glowing

    Glowing with Photoshop Tutorial By: Muddie Murda For some of those who don't know. You can use this Tutorial for glowing text too and other objects. :D First, you can DL the hair brushes I'd be using at: Go to the "scanned" section and it'd be the 3rd brush...
  56. Muddie Murda

    [Tutorial] Making Video GIFs!!

    Making Video GIFs By: Muddie Murda Please do not take out without permission or crediting. First of all, before we begin, I do NOT cover any sort of how to make banners with brushes, effects, textures, blah blah. I start right from cutting clips and end saving it as GIF banner. I tried to...
  57. Muddie Murda

    Do you eat as a family?

    I asked this at soompi but I wanted to ask my fellow SarNies too! ^_^ :D Does your family eat together as a whole? If so, how often? 2-3 times a week? 5 times a week? Everyday? Don't mean to get too personal, but if you do eat as a family often, is your family close? Do the teens in the...
  58. Muddie Murda

    [Tutorial]How to post pictures & fix sigs

    Yo yo! Whachup! haha Ok! First, you must learn about uploading pictures :) A few great places is: (my fav! :D) Once you upload there, they will give you a URL for that pic. To post the pic on Forums, you will use this code: ^ You would...
  59. Muddie Murda

    <span style="color:red"><b>File Storing/Sending</b></span>

    Yo Yo! ;) Here's the list. Just look through and see which one you like. Reply/comment on which one you'd recommend for your fellow sarNies! ^_^ I got lazy so I didn't finish listing them. I'll just link you to another site with a list, yeah? Click! Happy Sharing!! Credits to: CreativeGuy &...
  60. Muddie Murda

    Watch Darvil Dance!

    Rightclick - Save as :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: I must say, I love the duckie... :D
  61. Muddie Murda

    Muddie's Hut!

    Welcome to Muddie's Hut! :D Here, I feature some of the best songs for your emotions and music videos for your eye pleasure. :D Please report broken links or info you would like me to add! :) Coming into this thread and viewing ANYTHING from this thread, you will agree to NOT hotlink any of...
  62. Muddie Murda

    [Tutorial] Round Border

  63. Muddie Murda

    How did you find sarNworld?

    =D huh? how? How'd did you stumble upon this awesome site? What made you stay? Why do you love sarN so much? kakaka You only have to answer the first question. :D ------------ Me? I'm sorry, I TOTALLY forgot! =( I forgot how I came to this forum. =\ I just remember going to sarN's site...
  64. Muddie Murda

    The New Skin

    Sorry I made a new thread! I wanted to make this one to be a bit more organize. Well, as you can see we have a new skin. Freshness!! Well, some people are still adjusting to it. If you see anything wrong w/ the new skin or something you don't like, please post it here. So far sarN...
  65. Muddie Murda

    Ever had thoughts about commiting suicide?

    Now, to turn over and focus on more serious issues... =D Have you ever had thoughts about commiting suicide? I'm sure most people have. Let's have this thread to help those who are in trouble... Maybe not exactly suicide, but depression fits in well too. Maybe? lol Yeah it does. ^_^ Do you...
  66. Muddie Murda

    Slogon For SarNworld

    Hello fellow sarNies! Need your help right quick! ^_^ Can you guys think of a slogon for sarNworld? Example of slogons: -Nike: Just do it -Snickers: Hungry, why wait? yeah, just to get to your head what a slogon is. ^_^ Please help!!!
  67. Muddie Murda

    Hmong writing

    I found this in which they claimed it being Hmong writing. Not saying they had facts of it. THey just had a list of writings in all different language and I happen to see Hmong. I clicked on it and wow.... Looks greeskish and egypt kinda. ^_^ Ur view? Or other writings that others had...
  68. Muddie Murda

    [tutorial] Watermarking Videos

    :lol: This is the fastest tut i've ever made. meaning, I said I was gonna make one, and 2-3 days later, I HAVE ONE MADE!! Usually it'll take me weeks before I get my ass on it. ^_^ Enjoy! And if you have questions, ask away!! ============= We will be using Window's Movie Maker to do this...
  69. Muddie Murda

    The Birth of SarNworld

    I gotta head to class right quick, but I was curious.... when was sarNworld born? So we can celebrate its bday!! also...WHEN'S SARN'S BDAY!?!? (include year please B) ) wooo! i'm out! ;) -Muddie Murda
  70. Muddie Murda

    [Tutorial] Blinkies!

    Making Blinkies Muddie Murda's Way... This is the way I make my blinkies. Doing things my way requires ALOT of patient. If you do not have enough not attempt anything. -_- Please............................. Program Requirements: -Photoshop -Paint Shop Pro -Animation Shop Our...
  71. Muddie Murda

    [Tutorial] Making wavy dots

    Making wavy DOTS with Paintshop Pro This is the way I make my dots. Doing things my way requires ALOT of patient. If you do not have enough not attempt anything. -_- 1) Start off with a new black document with a transparent background. 2) Click on the brush tool and then set...
  72. Muddie Murda

    Was wondering...

    I was wondering...our subbed lakorn... it's just gonna be for sarNworld right?? exclusive??? B) We'd get more members that way. just wondering what you guys think. Or should we be nice and like post it at other forums too. ;)
  73. Muddie Murda

    House Fire in SC

    Did anyone hear about this? My mom said she heard it on the news about a Hmong family in South Carolina, in which their house caught on fire in the middle of the night. The wife and the 2 kids (both around 5-6 yrs old) died, while the husband survived. I find it fishy that the man survived...
  74. Muddie Murda

    Gallery of Mud

    Err I'll just post the new stuff I made and post the old ones later.... :) NOT TAKING REQUESTS... I don't make blinkies anymore, so please don't request. You will get turned down. I don't like making things when I'm not in a graphic-making yeah...don't request anything from me cuz...
  75. Muddie Murda


    :D I like my topic description.... I'm not a big fan...i don't think I'm a fan at all...ahaha But i find it interesting. I'ma be biases and post only those I like...okay??? okay?? hahahahaha HEY LOOK, YOU can contribute! I'll try to be as fair as possible... and reminder...THAIS...
  76. Muddie Murda


    Majority rules... The current one wins... We're keeping this skin. A banner will come soon! ====================== I forgot to give my comments. I reason why i chose that silver skin [scroll down] was because it was a neutral color. For both males and females. The width was adjustable just...
  77. Muddie Murda


    Damn, this is the 3rd time posting their profiles! ahahahah SARNIE! DON'T LET ME DO IT AGAIN! THIS IS THE LAST TIME! I hope...haha TAKE - Profile Dowan Name: Kim DoWan DOB: 08/03/82 School: DongAhBahngSong University Family : Parents//Older brother Blood type : O Height: 5'6" Weight: 127...
  78. Muddie Murda


    Shinhwa Introduction of Shinhwa "Shinhwa" is a pop group which consists of 6 male members They are an idol group who are not only recognised in Korea, but in other countries too. They have been doing group and individual activities since their debut 7 years ago, long running stars! After...
  79. Muddie Murda

    Your 411!!

    Use this code! ^_^ Name: Age: Location: Gender: Hobbies: Fav. Actress/actors: Fav. Singers/groups: Pic (?): Name: Muddie MuRda Age: ~_^ Location: North Carolina Gender: Female Hobbies: Reading/designing Fav. Actress/actors: Tik K, Aom Piyada Fav. Singers/groups: TAKE!!!!!! Shinhwa...
  80. Muddie Murda

    Post your desktop!

    well I just formatted my comp so i redesigned my desktop. I LOVE IT! ^_^ I don't take credit for the wallie though. I uhh forgot where I found it but i loved it so much i saved it from long ago! I think "Suji" made it...or so it says in the credit. ^_^ I had to edit it a little to fix my...
  81. Muddie Murda

    [Tutorial] Stroking with Paintshop Pro

    STROKING WITH PAINT SHOP PRO :D I'm so behind....I have PSP 7... But I'm sure they work the same way. ong_christine90 had PMed me asking how to stoke on PSP. I've never done it before using PSP, so I tested it out using problem solving. (:P) here's how I did it.. I will be using this...
  82. Muddie Murda

    The Blah Thread

    haha j/k I wanted to make a welcome back thread!! Slash Blah thread. I didn't wanna spam...*cough* OMG THIS MEANS I HAVE TO RACE TO THE TOP AGAIN! OMG OMG OMG!!! I MISSED EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Have SarNworld bookmarked and made a special button for it on my browser. I...