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  1. ntxhiav_vaj

    Old Hmong Dubbed Chinese Movie

    I don't know if the movie is chinese or not, but please forgive me. I remember from the movie is that there was fat lady crossing the bridge, but she fell in. Also, the main guy went on to revenge for his father and brother. If anyone know the title of the movie, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. ntxhiav_vaj

    Koj Yog Tus Kuv Hlub

    I was wondering if anyone know the korean title of the movie. Its about a girl and a boy being childhood friends. The boy likes the girl, but the girl likes the teacher. I think that's right. There's another girl who likes the childhood friend, but he doesn't like her. The character's names are...
  3. ntxhiav_vaj

    Eb Lauj

    He's here in America. I saw him at St. Paul New Year. I don't know how long he's staying and I don't know if he'll be coming down to Fresno new year. I really wanted to take a picture with him, but some ladies took him to chat and walk around. He's very handsome in person. Hope you guys get to...
  4. ntxhiav_vaj

    Txhaj Hawj & Xai Yaj in the US now

    Txhaj Hawj and Xai Yaj are in the US now. I want to meet Txhaj. He's a great actor. Here's the link to the picture. Credits to and tubnujtoog.
  5. ntxhiav_vaj

    Tuag Nco Ntsoov Tsawg Tiam Kev Hlub Tsis Hloov and Niam&Ntxhais

    I was wondering if anyone know those two movies. if do, i want to know if part 3 for both movies are out yet?? My mom and cousin are trying to find it, but they can't. If its out please tell me. thanks.
  6. ntxhiav_vaj

    Paj Thoj (Maiv Puv)

    my brother and sister in law are sponsoring her to come and do a concert here. my mom told. my dad and my mom to party at the cities and she was talking to my sister in law and she said to her and everyone. she'll be here in september. i want to go, but don't know yet.
  7. ntxhiav_vaj

    one question

    paj tawg tshiab lis is she also kab lws lis too?? or is she her sister?? i just want to knoe cuz they look alike. thanx.
  8. ntxhiav_vaj

    paj thoj (maiv puv) album 3

    does anyone have her album?? if do can someone upload it for meh?? thanx
  9. ntxhiav_vaj

    ntxawm lis

    its true. my mom was talking to her sister last night and she told my mom that ntxawm is getting married. now she cant act or sing anymore cuz of her husband. if anyone ask who the lucky guy is i have no clue. her sister wouldnt tell my mom. my mom asked but she didnt say at all. so i have no...
  10. ntxhiav_vaj


    ntxawm lis and tub yaj just finish filiming their fourth part to ua neej raws txoj hmoo. i know this because my family knows her older sister who lives in washington. she told my mom that they finished it and now they are editing it now. i don't know if they finish the editing or not. i hope to...
  11. ntxhiav_vaj

    mn metrodome new yea

    does anyone here know when it starts? i want to know cuz i am going and don't know when it is. if anyone knows can you tell me?? thank you.