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    I'm a failure!!!!!

    tell me what you guys think about this? please comment LoL i wanna know if my singing SUCKS!!!! :lol: :o :mellow: :huh:
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    how did i do?

    Here is me singing one of Cai Yaj's (Somchay) songs from his karaoke. Listen to it and tell me what you think :D
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    OMG...Check it out!

    Here is the link He is singing tub yaj's song from vol. 4. My brother would appreciate any comments so don't hesitate to comment. Heres the download link if u prefer to download the song.
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    ok listen to this~!

    ugh nevermind!~
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    Make a Gizmo

    Go to the website below there should be a tab with the word create, and under it is a column called gizmoz. click on it and then experiment and see what you can make. Here is mine -> Have Fun!