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    Andrew Gregson

    why is he so damn handsome?!
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    Aum Patcharapa

    its funny how she does lingerie shoots but she wouldnt do swimsuit shoots. but she is very pretty here and the lingerie are very pretty. is this her lingerie that she helped designed?
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    Rotmay Kaneungnij

    she is sometime prettier than most nang aeks :P she always play and the friends of nang aeks or pra aeks. i wish she get more of the nang aek roles.
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    Yardthip Rajpal

    she is very pretty. i didnt like her hair in cheun chee navy at all. i hate the "weave" or extensions or whatever that is on there.other than that..she is very pretty
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    Bie and Tono the star

    tono <3
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    kob gave birth.

    it has been confirm by NineEntertain NineEntertain Exclusive!!! บรู๊ค ดนุพร เผยไนน์เอ็นเตอร์เทน ยืนยัน "กบ-สุวนันท์" คลอดแล้วได้ลูกสาว 2 minutes ago via Twitter · UnlikeLike · · @NineEntertain on Twitter NineEntertain Exclusive!!! Brook Danuporn announced to NineEntertain, confirm "Kob...
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    The Best Classic Lakorns

    taddao bussaya= Kob and i forgot the praeks name. joy siriluk and willy mcintosh lakorn = Rak Diew Kaung Jenjira. [I can watch this over and over.] theres another lakorn of Joy Siriluk. I forgot what its called. Joy plays as a ghost and she brings praek and them to her home and even though she...
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    who are you?

    who are you?
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    The Star7

    wait what?! toomam got voted off?! i dont think soooo. he is just at the lowest percentage right now and thats just in the audience that voted. he didnt get voted off yet. the results will be up on sunday?! i think. the results from saturday show was just the audience voting which note got the...
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    The Star7

    the next 2 or so weeks. i think nes and kwang will be voted off since they aint all that good and stuff. and the top 3 will be amp, toomtam, and note. and from those 3 i think either note or toomtam will win, but it seems like note has more fans cheering for her with toomtam...not so much of amp...
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    OMG, Nathan Oman does "VOODOO"

    they finally lock him up for his scam. he admitted to his fault about scamming and lying, everything. they found the "voodoo" work after he went to jail.
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    OMG, Nathan Oman does "VOODOO"

    I just saw on KhanPak, that a son of a person that was involved with Nathan Oman. He found a box of papers that was tied to a whole bunch of celebrities and people that are involved in the entertainment and with him. Nathan Oman did some Islam "voodoo" to some if these people, some celebs and...
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    Aum Patcharapa

    she look sooo airbrush.but thanks
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    Annoying talk show host

    i am big fan of woodytalk and he is like the only host that i see from any other show in thailand that actually asks REAL questions to the guests. and het gets straight answers too. how is he annoying for wanting to know the truth. you like it when celebs blabbers on and not tell the truth and...
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    Thai Music

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    Phakhin Khamwilaisak

    he is suoer cute. love him in the star favorite :D
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    Please help translate this to me..

    จะคอยชม เจ้าสาวกระทันหันนะคะ <--- earier comment ja koy chom "jao sao gratin hin" na kah. i will be waiting to watch "jao sao gratin hin" รอชมเจ้าสาวกระทันหันต่อนะคะ <-- early comment rau chom "jao sao gratin hin" tau na kah. waiting to watch "jao sao gratin hin" ไม่ลง เจ้าสาวกระทันหันแล้วเหรอคะ...
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    Thai New Years @ LA (thai town)

    aww...i juss start school. DARN IT.
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    Thai New Years @ LA (thai town)

    when is it?
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    The STAR 6

    i feel like this season is more about the looks than the voice. during the auditions through out the city there were a lot of good singers but they didnt have the looks. but imma try to watch this season because i want to see who will win. i hope it will be someone talent more than juss the looks.
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    i am coming from sacramento.
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    is anybody driving to the LA concert? im going by myself and i cant drive myself or take the plane myself, i have never been that far by myself before. no one that i know of are going or willing to spend that much to see him. i was wondering if anybody would let me carpool with them?
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    Yah!! It's Finally Here! The Age of the REAL Kiss has arrived

    Ann Thongprasom and Kong Sarahut in Rak Lamoon Loon Lamai.
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    Rome-Yard Presenter of Thailand to accept star award in Korea

    yrad is soo pretty. i miss her onscreen.
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    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    i know why her, they have alot of the nang ek out there but why they giving it to her, i hope they sticking with pinky and por?
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    Marisa Anita

    are you serious?
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    Happy Birthday p'Big Panrawat Kittikornjararern

    happy be-lated birthday kah. i have been busy with finals and forgot his birthday.
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    Exact - Scenario TOGETHER 2010

    aiii yah..was that dew and his new hair looks like wig on him...but his voice is still good
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    what's the name of paul's white sister in law in sapai tornado

    well right now im looking at the preview, im not good at reading thai that well but i think her name is DESIREE WYLOCK. correct me if im wrong.
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    Anne Thongprasom

    soo elegant.
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    chakrit is soooo FINE.
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    i think they need to stop remaking the boran lakorn cause they totally kill the boran lakorn they try to make it good but end up they make it worst and i don't understand why they extend so long and make it sooooooooooooo boring
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    CHERRY 's WOMAN &HOME magazine interview A_Z....PART 1

    i like the IDIOT:the most stupid thing in her life. that one was very funny
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    Jui Warattaya TV Inside : 327 Vol. 6 - 21-27 October 2009

    she is sooo pretty!!!!!
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    Thai song

    do u have a longer version?...i cant seem to get it yet, it sounds familiar thouh
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    Bangkok Traffic Love Story

    omg..i want to see this movie!!!
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    Mario Maurer & Bua Sarocha: Stylist Chill Out

    bua is gorgeous
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    Hey Check this out that i have make for wwhj
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    Opal "It's Opal"

    [b] vol. 10 no. 17 March 2009/b][size="5"] credit magazinedee
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    Dear Parisa

    i miss her seeing onscreen..
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    Weir Sukollwat [Firmer & Fitter]

    soo CUTE
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    HELLO STAR vol. 2 no. 19 September 2009

    pete is soo cute..por is too thanks
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    Paula Taylor

    i love her hair and outfit..and everythign is soo pretty
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    Cheer Tikumporn [Chic&Smart]

    she sooo PRETTY!..she should smile MORE..
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    Convergence Love 1

    i only like ALeX song..the others are WTH.
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    Dome Pakorn Lum

    dome is very HANDSOME...
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    Pare Pisarat [Unlimited Hot]

    who is she?
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    she is prety as always!
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    Ploy Cherman [Naturally Sensual]

    I love her HAIR!...hehe Not digging the outfit though.
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    Woonsan [Party Girl]

    she is pretty but she has the same face expression....
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    yards recent pic..

    she is pretty as always..but i dont really like that 2nd pix at all
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    Chompoo Araya

    this shoot is VERY VERY NICE...
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    ploy dome back together?

    i dont think they both would want to get together AGAIN but they CHOOSE NOT to..
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    Son Yuk, Wiew, Margie, Guy, Mario, Taew, Singtoh&Armie

    the shoot is OKay..
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    Tangmo & Thank

    he is the boifriend rite.... well they cyute but i HOPE they LAST..
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    Paula Taylor

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    Chompoo Araya & Great Warintorn

    the shoot is ok
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    Poo Praiya [Perfect Girl]

    she is very pretty..the cover her smile looks forced...
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    Mam Veechuda Pindum [Sexy Classic Real Life]

    very pretty..she is very pretty in PEN TOR
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    Amy Klinpratoom

    amy is very pretty
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    Great Warinthorn

    he is sooooo CUTE...OMG...does he have a fanclub webbby??
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    Nat, Anne,Benz,Cherry,Aff,Pinky,Cherry,Aom,Yard,etc

    i really like all of them but the makeup on benze is not that as nice as the others
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    Wanida Termthanaporn [Gifsy]

    yeah she is over rated but THis shoot is like the best shoot i have ever seen og gybsy ...she needs more practicing in her voice too...i love girlly berry music though..juss the voice...need more fixin
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    Tina Pimradapa Wright

    she is very talented..i like her single ween..hehe thansk
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    Stars [Vote-Aum Patcharapa vs. Chompoo Araya]

    ARAYA ARAYA ARAYA ARAYA ARAYA ARAYA ARAYA ARAYA ARAYA!!! but i love both their lakorns aloot aloottt heheh
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    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

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    20th annual TV POOL Party: 2009

    p'new and jui is one hot cuople ther..also wid amy and cee ann is very pretty..i love pancake..the whole outfit..very pretty.. p'por is mutty fine..hahah p'kelly is soo hot also..OMG..soo many people are dressing very HOT.. this year to the tv pool award party
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    four is soo pretty
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    Does anyone know what her name is?

    her name is ja jittipat or something like that..she has been in many other lakorns as the leading role... *she was also rumor with BEAM D2B
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    Sujintra - Thailand Super Model - March 2009

    wat the hell is wrong wid her face expression..she has only one expression..she AIGHT
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    Bo Thanakorn + Paula

    they one cyute couple..haha
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    Clash coming to the Bay area..............

    where u buy the tix at?!?
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    Pok Piyatida

    she isss soo pretty..i want to see more of her in lakorns
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    Various Guys

    i seen some of the guys but i dont know their names..i see NOON "FIANCE" Krit...pod Moderndog..bie of course...
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    Kraikpol Massayawanich [Fluke]

    tooo HOT..
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    Paula Taylor, Ruj, Nat Tephassadinc & Others

    paula isss soo gorgeous
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    happy 25th birthday dan!

    HPpY BdY
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    Chakrit Yagnam & ?

    chakrit isssss tooo hot!!
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    Hugo and Hana

    OMG...i miss HUGO..
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    Marc Nelson and Paula Taylor

    they totally match
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    Anne & Yard @ Central Diva Beauty 09'

    HOT...very HOT
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    Pepper & Earn @ Event

    havent seen ERAN for the longest...
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    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)

    sornram is HOT
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    latest Oops! mag.

    them 2 are very cyute..i hope they LAST...
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    donut new hairdo

    p;'donut isss so pretty.y...
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    Chakrit Yamnarm & Sinitta B.

    chakrit isssshhh so hot
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    Chakrit Yamnarm & Sinitta B.

    this is a hot shoot of chakrit BUT iono about that pix of his contact...he is SOOO FINE..OMG
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    Watch Norah (Noon and Kade)

    i love this lakorn VERY MUCH.. Tone Rak and Norah is my ALL TIME lakorn
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    ruj the star first i listened to his song on the front page of OLBFC and i thought it was beam but it was actually him..some members on there didnt like the song for it...hahaha he looks like beam but he needs to cut that hair..its sooo is annoying.... his VOICE does sound like...
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    Happy 26th Birthday Big D2B

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    Gibzy Vanida: Goes Sexy

    she is the "SHORT" girl from GIRLY BERRY...
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    ZaZa USA Tours

    ^.. it just shows the date and the location and it didnt show the prices or the time..
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    ZaZa USA Tours

    CAN SOMEONE TELL ME THE TICKET PRICE FOR SAN FRAN?!? AND THE TIME??...if you know Minnesota Friday October 24th 2008 Buasayanh Ballroom Chicago Saturday October 25th 2008 Aroma on Randolf Washington DC Sunday October 20th 2008 Cafe Asia San Francisco Thursday October 30th 2008 Height...
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    VIP Zaza concert - Oct 24 MINNESOTA

    are they going to be in cali?!?
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    Anyone have good pictures of Oil and LIft?

    they going to fresno???
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    Aon sex clip SCANDAL!!!!!

    OMG..YOU GUYS GUESS HWAT..THE PEOPLE ON THE MAGAGER "FANS" THEY WERE ASKING FOR THE CLIPS..OMG...THEY ALL WERE LIKE "I WANT THE CLIPS..PLEASE EMAIL IT TO ME.." ความคิดเห็นที่ 769 ผมขอรูปหรือ คลิป ด้วยครับ ความคิดเห็นที่ 768 อยากดูมากๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ...
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    Aon sex clip SCANDAL!!!!!

    heres some clip i found from youtube about his "talang kao" credits to the owners from youtube
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    STAR s album vol. 14 no. 536 September 2008

    the title on the front it say like..what their all the time saying.. for AUM: dee wah PINKY: ae..baeb wah STEPHAN: wah ngai jah FILM: i t hink its "ae" or "ah" TANGMO: laew ngai eek lah SIRITA: kah NEW WONGSAKOEN: ...
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    Tangmo Pattaratida

    this is the best shoot that TVINSIDE has done....i SWEAR
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    T-intermedia not working?

    the forum works okay..but i dont know about the blog or the one
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    Suparb-Burut-Satan (Dara Video)

    i hope it will be pinky too and i hope if they do lakorn together again i hope they will have more sweet sence than fighting, i cross my finger hope they pair up againt
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    Kob and Brook

    wow i thought that only in lakorn but in really life too, why brook mom didn't like kob, do she have a really good reason for not liking kob. can some1 tell me what the reason she didn't like p'kob
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    Wung Nam Karng [Kantana]

    i hope it comfirm to be pinky ans win
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    latest pic of pete thongjire and his fam!

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    CLICK ... --->>>>> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A VDO OF DAN SINGING "ya peung bauk rak" beam song ........."ผมเป็น�ฟนคลับพี่นะครับ" ((�ดนdan)) >pom pen fanclub p'beam na krub< " i am one...
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    Pinky Savika: Timeless Goddess

    i like her hair here
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    Odette and num kissed!

    OH MY GOSH..i thought it was then...i actually read it and it says odette.. hahha
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    question pimmada

    have anyone have any news about pim zaza because haven't hear anything about her ever since her last lakorn?
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    Faked tear of N'ek

    kob suvanant is the best cryer ever! when ever should does lakorn OH MY GOD and especially if it is maes me cry with her...... the rest are ...not in orders . JUI .ANNE .AOM .cant think of any right now...
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    Af Supaksorn

    this is not aff supaksorn!!!!!!!! this is TUI GRIEDGAMON
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    Joop Pattra

    is she from badarn margie friends
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    credits to kawee@hi5
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    Beam Kawee

    Album to be Release on August 28 Faen Krai Mai Roo Yah Peung Bauk Rak : they say dan is singing the chorus part in this song credits to zheza&&beam2b
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    what's the beef between kwan and Poo..

    oh my god
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    Margie Rasee

    what is her hi5?!? she is very pretty
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    Pantip Fav. Actor/Actress of the week poll

    :P p'cheer number 2 and dont too.. i love them too...margie too hahahahah
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    I love this man and his voice!!

    hey!!!! thanatorn is in this movie with oil thana and araya a hargate. and he also sings this song call "keu ter" he plays as a cop with araya...i think . this movie was long time ago.
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    FHM Sexiest Women Award 2008

    {araya has big bobbies, never note it in her lakorns... who is the girl in black? not yardthip, but the other } .... ...... ^^^^^^ -her name is aimee morakot everybody is hot here..
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    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed (Dida Vdo)

    i think pancake have more lakorn then anyone in the ch7.
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    "Bangkok Dangerous" w/ Chakrit Yamnarm...

    mostly you see is Nicolas Cage, i think Chakrit in couple sence only.
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    over rated on screen couple

    i think way overrated couple will be pat and por
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    Which Oldschool Nang Ek Would You Wanna See Again?

    i miss tik k, i wonder if she will come back.
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    Overrated Actress

    for overrated nang'ek was pat n, pancake they have too many lakorn
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    p'NUM in Fresno

    my sister dont want to go and i like want to go..but now that my sister is not going i got no one to take me...OMG
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    p'NUM in Fresno

    anyboidy lives around sac or near sac that are goign to fresno for the concer?!?
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    p'NUM in Fresno

    okay...thanks sunnygyrl anybody lives in the sac area?!?
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    p'NUM in Fresno

    hey i was wondering who will be going to the one in Fresno. i am going to go there by myself...sniff..sniff ..maybe my sister is going to but i dont know yet?!? are you guys going to be dressing up?!? who bought VIP tix?!?
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    Do we have any Num Sonram fans in the SF bayarea?

    OMG..i would want to go too..i live in sacramento so i was thinking going to the fresno one becasue its is the closest...
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    Sanae Narng Ngiew (Kantana)

    it from kantana i hope pinky and either arnas or cee would be in this one i hope
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    Ruk Ter Yod Ruk(Quiz & Quest)

    is she the only nang'ek from ch 3, they should give other nang'ek some chance, im tried of this two
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    Nang Tard (DaraVdo)

    I hope pinky will be in this lakorn 2 b/c I want to see her with kob
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    Yeeuy Fah Taa Din

    aum is way too old for vier, can they find nang'ek same age as vier.
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    i really hope they change the nang'ek b/c i don't really like aum p in this lakorn
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    Lakorn Store (All in DVD)

    ok i take it, how am i going to pay you, like money order, personal check?
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    Lakorn Store (All in DVD)

    how mauch is nang eye? cause i really want that lakorn?
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    Dokfah Yar Jai

    what was the name of amy and kade lakorn?
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    Talad Nam Dumnern Ruk Part 2

    i want araya to pair up with tle twan then tangmo.
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    Lakorn Store (All in DVD)

    how many lakorn do you have for tik k and joy s? and do you have 'nang eye' starr w/ johnny and joy s?
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    do u have ' nang eye' starr joy s and johnny i think that the name?
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    can some1 please translate this for me? thank you เทพศิลป์อินทรจักร / เทพอัศวิน หลวิชัย-คาวี อุทัยเทวี ลูกที่ถูกลืม ไกรทอง กัณหา - ชาลี / ขวานฟ้าหน้าดำ ดาบเจ็ดสีมณีเจ็ดแสง นิลมณี นางสิบสอง นางพญาไพร พระรถเสน
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    if that way, that was so suck, i will skip this one
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    that was long time ago pix, but any new about this lakorn
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    Ruk Tae Saeb Lhai

    i can't wait for this lakorn to come out, i love both the nang'ek. any1 knoe when it going to be on air
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    pinky savika

  145. A

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    is a remake lakorn credit to T_intermedia
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    TV Gossip

  147. A

    Favorite Young Actress?

    i will go with pinky
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    bla boo tong remake?

    i want pinky to be in this boran lakorn since the old one she was in it.
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    for me i difinitely go with pinky because she have the mix that mtch with the role then aum. and i don't might if the p'ek will be arnus or vee either one is ok, even thought they put eye contact on aum still didn't look like mix.
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    Cheevit Ran Thod [Exact]

    for i don't like bee n at all, i don't think she can act. i want to him with other nang'ek i want to see him with tik k or other nang'ek beside bee n, i wish not her cause i like tang
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i love ann but i want to see pinky and arnus or vee to starr in this one?, i wonder how it like.
  152. A

    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    is fang is the main lead?,if it is, i will watch it, if not , i don't want to watch it. i like the p'ek but not bee n, if fang and chakirt are the main lead i will total watch it. can some1 pls tell me? if fang is the main lead or not
  153. A


    i like dah first cute..the last one is als o too so iono which to pick...
  154. A

    Sarnworld Idols 3

    i am thinking to a solo...can i?!?
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    Lakorn Store (All in DVD)

    is this the old one or new one ?Yor Phra Klin (Thanamart)
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    can you give me a price for tavee pop and the name and address where i can send money
  157. A

    tik k

    wow, a new one with sam, i can't wait to see all her lakorn i miss her. do she have a website? and than you tinah
  158. A

    tik k

    any1 knoe what kind of her lakorn was in stock cause she been got for a long time?
  159. A

    tik k

    any1 have any info about tik k cause i haven't hear any new about her long time or seen her lakorn?
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    Rattikarn Yod Ruk - Anne T./Johnny SaeRa DaRun - Noosaba/Liki Wan Tee Raw Kauy - Bird Thongchai and Sirium Kao Pluek - Tao and Kat English Pra Saa See Kao tavee pope how much will all this cost? and can you sent me all list of the lakorn to me here is my email address.
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    can you tell me when can you have the tavee pop? and if we buy alot of lakorn, can we get a discount on it?
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    i like the old one is better. i have the old one but i don't have 1 and the ending but i have the rest. anyone have this lakorn>? cause i really want the first part and the ending to.
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    Bla Boo Tong

    i want them to remake this lakorn and this time i want pinky to be in it like she was little that she make this lakorn.
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    i though the public didn't want aum play this lakorn because it suppose the nang'ek to be mix. they have vote again it. i don't know i could be wrong. i read it in people were debt on it.