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  1. cool :)

    Which fantasy couple do you wanna see?

    A New Year, a new pairing? lmfao just kidding . I'm just bored like always. But Happy New Year AFers. I love you all 555 X)photo-shopped by cool:) ....yes yes... everything was photo-shopped 555    
  2. cool :)

    ByeBye Wishboniko :(

    ediWishboniko's account has been deleted off YT . I'm sooo pissed and sad. She subbed all of my childhood dramas. I grew up watching all of her lakorns she subbed. I've learned so much Thai off of her since those Sawan Biang days. I'm going to miss her/him..i never knew if it was a women or a...
  3. cool :)

    what were the tragedies of 2012

    I know this is late but better late than never ;) What were the tragedies in 2012 in the thai industry for you guys? i got so many but heres some    1. Nuer Mek 2 canceled    2. K-otic departing .    3.not meeting Yadech in Cali even though i lived in Cali.   4. Mario's suddenly it's magic ...
  4. cool :)

    I'm Sorry (Fanfic)

    UPDATED : I'm Sorry                                                                         "I'm Sorry"FF wriiten by cool : )                                                                                                      Starring : Mark Prin as Mark/Fai                                     ...
  5. cool :)

    who has the cutest....

    just bored. But yeah i always have trouble answering those questions to myself,it's so hard!! and the overall outcome of who i like the MOST
  6. cool :)

    Nat Sakdatorn