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  1. spanky

    Ruk Diew Jenjira - wouldn't mind a remake

    There has not been many thai lakorns for awhile now that can keep my attention and interest.... I miss Joy S. She was a pretty talented actress. I would love a remake of this with a little more pra'nang scenes.... I am loving Oom right and. She had the best her bts/live....she...
  2. spanky

    Rewatching BPS

    I liked this drama the 1st time around but didn't love it. It died down during my the 3rd act. it was in my feed so I picked it up and watched it again since there is no interesting lakorn to watch. the scene where nk got hit and her servants blocking it. Joi downstairs was an...
  3. spanky

    Reply 1988 sunBora .....swoon

  4. spanky

    Ka padin remake with pon, ice & om

    Anyone seen the captian/aom version? A love triangle....who gets the nk?
  5. spanky

    Asian movies on Netflix

    Just saw a pinoy from com on Netflix. It was an easy watch. Light and fluffy with a meaning. The pra'nang is wicked cute. Bride for rent They paired up quite often. I guess in pinoy they are big in love promo and repetition of pairing. They work together at least 1x a year. These two are...
  6. spanky

    RS &Gmm MV cracks me up. Love it!

    It pop up in my ig and it made me go search these mv. The MV's are soo cute! I love the Duos Lift & oil Jr Voy -Voy looks the same is he a fucking vampire or what!? Sank bank Mos &Tata The mv - the bromance...the other dude just chilling in the back...lmao The dramatize slow dance ? Arm...
  7. spanky

    Sharing an Eng sub drama website

    Majority are subbed. I like how they have dramas that viki don't have. I tested out eng sub for Mia 2018
  8. spanky

    Mike*Now*Louise*Maggi new lakorn

    So excited. I wanted them to reunite and I love Maggi. She and louise were cute in Fah long hon. I felt she did good in that twin role Can't read thai so ...
  9. spanky

    SAMMY & Porche -supah buruh chai din I'm glad they are Reuniting....I never saw this lakorn. I did read the forum just now and ppl said that nk characters is annoying lol The typical argumentative ...overconfident nk...?
  10. spanky

    KAO + tor + ice a mv? Commercial?
  11. spanky

    PPTV - shoots fired ....hahaha

    This is quiet entertaining to me I think back then there was more ch and actors was mostly freelance I love that PPTV is coming out w/different lakorns. Horror...comedy...romance They will challenge the other ch...hopefully other ch will start doing better scripts...? I love that those...
  12. spanky

    Sammy and Mike looking good! Come on ch7
  13. spanky

    Kem hussawee: my new boy crush!

    Natural girl soo badly for him. He's going to pair up w/now. I hope sammy too
  14. spanky

    Netflix- 1hd Tono lakorn monkey twins

    I hope to see more lakorn on this 1 HD has some decent drama and GMM Then maybe the other ch will follow suit
  15. spanky

    J jetrin and his family are adorable I miss those days of music from r.s and Grammy. His m.v. reminds me of that. This reminds me of it They are a very good looking family
  16. spanky

    Accidentally In love

    Just finished the adorable cute webserie....very funny and fluffy. I actually like pretty much all the character. The otp is soo cute! The soundtrack is good as well. The M.L. is funny...he was cute/funny in go princess go as well.
  17. spanky

    Rewatching pradiwarada - love nk

    She is my ideal N'k When she push the ladder down on the wedding day on pk and he fell Hahaha....savage > being a good person doesn't mean I don't get mad >I will NOT be part of this love triangle Clap clap She was concise and consistent I like how when she's upset she admit to why...
  18. spanky

    Be still my heart *sung hong

    He sure can kiss......a light fluffy short drama.....I want more of this from Thai lakorns
  19. spanky

    My secret Romance,my queen hyun man k-drama

    I've once again lost interest in Thai lakorn (Prime time)...The evening lakorn are ok. I'm really enjoying the K-drama again. I stayed up watching these dramas, reasonable ep's (about 13-16) My secret Romance is really good, Fluff and cutesy. No crazy N'rai, only 13 ep and p'k Love for her...
  20. spanky

    Mook liam peak (who plays "andy"?)

    Recently rewatched this and the character ANDY is soo stinking cute.... anyone knows the actor name/ info?
  21. spanky

    They Kiss Again is too stinking cute!

    So I watch the K-drama version and Enjoyed....It had me LMAO many times...the better looking cast was nice to I tried Kiss Me and it was decent... I tried Miss in and Kiss and was bored...the review said it was similar to ISWAK I tried to watch ISWAK but no good VDO and I was already familiar...
  22. spanky

    The Moment

    Watched the preview and it looks good. Hopefully It's out on thaiflix by the end of the year. hahaha...Of course It helps that I'm Kao S. fan
  23. spanky

    Rewatching Old Chinese series...Miss those days

    She is one of my Favorite from back in the day, too bad she didn't have more series. She was absolutely beautiful (aura) in Against the Blade of Honor. LOVE her in there, so strong and serene. All the guys (who wanted revenge) on Louis is taken by her "beautiful soul." This is when Louis...
  24. spanky

    So young 2 : never gone

    Happen top see am MV....looks good...the pk is very handsome. Glad i read the review and found the more open ending...gonna watch it later 2 nite. Kris Wu - swoon worthy
  25. spanky

    Kao Jirayu

    I watched him on club friday with four. Their story was cute. Love his dimples! He's sooo adorable and multi talented. The more I looked into him...I'm quite impress by his talents...I'm a sucker for ppl who play instruments and sing. I think he is more well known from movies. Hope to see...
  26. spanky

    BOF Jeong*Ea uel (soeul)

    These 2 are the only reason I can finish this drama. Their relationship was very mature. She is a great heroine...gentle yet strong in a subtle way. Brave in her feeling. Though he got issues...he was sweet and gentle. They helped each other grow as a person (she helped him more). She was...
  27. spanky

    Thai Actor in Chinese drama...

    I've been bored and was browsing more k&c drama and noticed Mike has a few Chinese drama and Put is in one two Good for them....didn't realize thai lakorn/ actor is being more exposed. I know there are some fan base. Do Any know if either one speak the lang? Mostly dubb I hope to see...
  28. spanky

    alex rendell is too adorable!!!

    He has really impress me, even more so in his role as Khun Chai w/pope/diane.... He is a good singer too! Hope to see him in more lakorn and interesting role...wish to see him more in a main/lead role
  29. spanky

    Any recommended series??

    I'm looking for some series to watch, Haven't watched 1 in a loong time. I haven't watch much... I've enjoyed My girl DOTS Playful Kiss Goong My princess
  30. spanky

    yui pattamanwan and her hubby are too cute! I'm trying to find OLLLD lakorn to watch and came across these two! I remember watching their 1 lakorn together....they are such a stinking cute family! He was in more movies, a few w/kob.
  31. spanky

    I would love a remake of Dood Fha Rai Dao

    they need to cut out the smacking part,,,too Ch 3 I want Mario/Mint (my current bias) Nadech/Mint now/Micheal * Sammy w/mik? Ch5 onehd
  32. spanky

    Slow Burn

    Chario/ChadaOh/Marida is my CRACK….I NEED them hahaha…so I been re-reading some romance novel and is borrowing from that premises and the same. I couldn’t find a better title. Basically n’k is p’k lil sister BFF type of story.   Intro (I’m not creative w/last names -.-  I suck really bad hahaha)...
  33. spanky

    Ann & Ton lakorn *Loy Arai

    watch online or purchase?   If I remember correctly this lakorn is where n'k sister was dating p'k and his dad rape her and then the pra'nang got married and took care of the child...
  34. spanky

    lakorn missing on youtube ;(

    what happen to saeng soon? i can't find's not a ch7 lakorn ...any1 know? thx so annoyed i can't find older lakorn ;(
  35. spanky

    Oil and Amy K. Lakorn Mam

    I found it on watckthailakorn and it's surprising entertaining...cute and Funny   Both Amy and Oil got me LMAO
  36. spanky

    Any Charebelle Lanlalin fans?

    is there any of her fans here? I'm re-watching PRPR and feel back in-love w/her and toomtam....any news on her?
  37. spanky

    sing Ha glai pope   lakornthaiboran channel   Is that AUM as p'k?   i miss how the old boran boran sux...miss yam
  38. spanky

    Koo Torranong - Bee Bandit and Khem - Any1 know where to watch?

    i have luck finding this lakorn (ethaicd - too costly)   any1 know where i can watch or get it for cheap? thanks
  39. spanky

    What happen to Joy Siriluk??

    I know she no longer has a contract w/ch3...and I heard about her "Political" view causing issue...   Is she retired from acting?? Thanks