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  1. kellylis

    maiv xis yaj- is married?

    too bad the vdo has been removed! I didnt get the chance to see it :(
  2. kellylis

    Masquerade Ball: Starlight Fairytale

    I love masquerade ball... too bad its so far away from me!!! :(
  3. kellylis

    Duab ci thoj is married??

    true... people over sea are using facebook a lot these days... I see a lot of over sea hmong celebs having their own facebook. so it is possible for her to have a fb :)
  4. kellylis

    Toog Vaj & Paj Suab Yaj

    I think they must be then or she wouldn't be calling/writing of Toog as her husband. and yea I was on her fb page too and she did write 'husband' one of her status said... "It's been 47mins, the husband (Toog Vaj) and my dad are STILL talking about hunting. WOW. Lol" They must be then... well...
  5. kellylis

    A Hmong Dubb Lakorn Blog

    awesome!!! will totally check it out!
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    unique Hmong baby girl names

    My side of the family call my boyfriend, Nraug Hli, even though thats not his name... hehehe it's a long story how he got that name *sorry just wanted to mention this since I saw the name on your list* speaking of Nraug Hli... My niece had a guy friend name, Dao Ong, and we always wonder what...
  7. kellylis

    unique Hmong baby girl names

    My boyfriend's uncle named his baby girl, Khuv Xim, meaning, regret. I think the sound of the word, khuv xim, sounds nice and pretty, but not the meaning... I always have this thing that your name effect your life/future, etc etc such as the name khuv xim... I feel like in life she's just going...
  8. kellylis

    Es Lauj's new album

    awww... you guys are too funny :) for some odd reason every time I see him, he reminds me of Tub Yaj...
  9. kellylis

    Lee "Eb" Lor wedding reception

    :) He's actually a really goofy and fun guy if you get to know him, but he's quite shy in person... I thought at first that him being an actor and all he was not a shy person, but he is... he's not that talkative when meeting someone new for the first time, just more like smile and answering...
  10. kellylis

    Mab Sua Lis-rumor or truth

    really? well, last time I heard there was rumors going on about her cheating on her husband and that he was sending her back. But that was just a rumor and she's still here with their kid... unless this is a new rumor of the old rumor. People say thing a lot about her because she's usually home...
  11. kellylis

    Cha Her's new movie [2011]

    I think its ok once in a while... but to have almost the same thing over and over is kind of boring and with the same guy too... they should have done something else... I've never seen any of Cha's war movie... just know him because people talk about him all the time and seen trailer only...
  12. kellylis

    Cha Her's concert/party

    wow... so she got pregnant the same month she got married... anywho, I'm happy for them. update us on their baby too when it's born :)
  13. kellylis

    Cha Her's concert/party

    I'm way older than she is and just from that picture she makes me look way younger than her :) I wonder when is she due... anyone know?
  14. kellylis

    Brenda Song is pregnant

    what you said is true but its just that shes kinda like a role model and a lot of young hmong girls does look up to her too... so to me, it was just kind of like... a little disappointed because of the status that she has and stuff, and she goes and get pregnant... at least marry the guy then...
  15. kellylis

    Who's going to Thailand/Laos this year?

    I want to go back to thailand and celebrate new year with my dad again :) haven't been to laos, but heard that new year over there are fun too. but to answer your question, no... i wont be going back to thailand or laos for new year or this year...
  16. kellylis

    Duab ci thoj is married??

    This guy could just be a HUGE fan of hers, because there's no pictures of them together. he just has picture of him and the vdo of her singing, where the other guy has plenty to proof something of him and duab ci... but either way, she could still have waited a little bit longer till she gets...
  17. kellylis

    Brenda Song is pregnant

    *sigh* (of disappointment)
  18. kellylis

    do u "know" a hmong celebrity????

    I'm related to some of them, just kidding... only related through family members, the one that I'm closely related to is Eb Lauj (he married my best friend who is my niece), follow my blog and see our happy family, hehehe :)
  19. kellylis

    Hmong Bloggers

    I have a tumblr, but I don't think you'll want to follow me there. it just consist of pictures after pictures of pretty things, hehehe...
  20. kellylis

    Cha Her's concert/party

    Cha's mother and father-in-law came into my brother's shop the other day. My brother couldn't do anything but buy that $150 ticket, and for sure I know my brother and sister-in-law is not going to be going. They dont go to parties or stuff. My brother told me that he was just helping since they...
  21. kellylis

    Couple who suicided together

    I know it's sad and I do feel sad and sorry for that couple, but seriously... I've gotten so annoy by it! I hear it everyday at the flee market, it's on repeat at least ten times on most of the days there... I get annoy by the mom and the dad, especially the mom because I feel like she wasn't...
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    Hmong Bloggers

    You also have my blog. of course it's just of things of my interest :) it's in my signature box, but here it is again. maymay daily chronicle
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    Hmong Forums

    thanks... I was running out of things to read, hehehe <3
  24. kellylis

    Hmong Forums

    Beside this one, does anyone know any more Hmong forums? I mean I go to but I don't know what happen to it. maybe they're fixing it or something but it's not found and also what happen to anyone know any other Hmong forums???
  25. kellylis

    Nrhiav Kev Ncaj Ncees [2011]

    I give that girl a lot of credits for all her movies... and I would like to watch it, but I'm not that into war/fighting/bloody movies...
  26. kellylis

    Duab ci thoj is married??

    that's just plain mean of people... its not like he forced her to marry him. she probably like him too, so heck... let them be marry... too bad it all has to come to deleting youtube account :(
  27. kellylis

    do u "know" a hmong celebrity????

    *Gasp* (at calling her a hoe) I thought he lived in California, did he move?
  28. kellylis

    pretty clothing... and so expensive!
  29. kellylis

    Lis Koob Xiong

    awesome! thanks, i will have to go check it out ^^
  30. kellylis

    Lee "Eb" Lor wedding reception

    Don't be embarrass, Eb's wife loves getting to know his fans :) plus she's really nice. Maybe I should do a quick interview of Eb and his wife, hehehe...
  31. kellylis

    Lee "Eb" Lor wedding reception

    awww... ur too cute XD but if I know my friend, she doesn't call her hubby, "Honey." hehehe... maybe you were too shock and heard her say, "honey." but yea... she said, she remembers you :)
  32. kellylis

    Hnub Lis

    is their boy here in the US too?
  33. kellylis

    Young Baby Shaman

    Maybe they're just filming their kid just for the heck of it... like we film my baby niece and nephew all the time whenever they do something different or cute. They just thought that, "hey, maybe we should film him since he likes to 'ua neej' for fun." and just film as if he's doing it for...
  34. kellylis

    Hnub Lis

    I've seen Mab Sua there a couple of time and Vixay Yang once with his wife. So, who's Lee Xiong? and I would love to read more of those celeb rumors and gossip. they know what they're getting into once they decided to become actors/actresses and singer :) count me in!
  35. kellylis

    Lee "Eb" Lor wedding reception

    It's a shoe shop :) and yea... I think people should start talking instead of whispering and thinking that they won't know that they're secretly looking at them... I think its way better if people just let them know or make it known that they are there to see Him and his wife (like how they...
  36. kellylis

    2NE1 Lonely MV

    My niece is the one filming and she's the one entering the contest, she is not Eb's wife :)
  37. kellylis

    2NE1 Lonely MV

    uh... I think that's his wife :) looks like the girl on their facebook ^^
  38. kellylis

    blong xiong the singer

    Sorry, but I'm not getting what ur saying?... unless i just read too fast... could you explain it a little better, it sound like you were rushing through it.
  39. kellylis

    Cha Her & his wife

    I wouldn't really call it the "korean style"... I've seen hmong "korean style" and its way better then that. it's just plain "got up late and mess it up and pray it look good for the people" look... hahaha...
  40. kellylis

    2NE1 Lonely MV

    So... My niece is entering the 2NE1 Lonely MV contest (she's a BIG fan of 2NE1) and had asked Eb to star it... and he generously agreed to it :) She (they) worked really hard on it, and she worked really hard on editing the video. so please view the video and comment on it, also "like" it too...
  41. kellylis

    Miss Int'l Runner Up Paj Ntsa Vwj visits Hmong Orphans

    I guess its a good thing to do something like that if you're a "Miss ____" something, but come on... do you have to wait till you're a miss pageant to visit orphanages oversea. My nieces went too Thailand and visited an orphanage, they bought them papers, pencil/pens, eraser, tooth brush...
  42. kellylis

    Neej Twjcuab [2011]

    the trailer is kind of weird, it doesn't give me much... but at least its a different storyline ^^
  43. kellylis

    Tu Siab Rau Txoj Hmoo [2011]

    This movie look more interesting than the one with Coob Thoj... ahh... txiv neej lub siab phem os ^^ hehehe...
  44. kellylis

    Kev Hlub Teev Kua Muag [2011]

    it looks quite interesting, but Coob Thoj's voice is a little bit annoying... or maybe its just me.
  45. kellylis

    hmong girls/ guys over sea stories

    There are too many out there... I mean there are the ones that marries oversea for love, but those are very rare! I believe there are more of Hmong Laos marrying Hmong Meskas just to come here but those hmong meskas are just too... I don't know the words to describe them... I guess just have no...
  46. kellylis

    Tseem Khib [2011]

    Yes, the girl who played Xab's wife in this movie is Xab's real wife :) and I have to agree this one is not one of Xab's best movie, but Nom Phaj and Niam Fav Maiv's part was funny. Their characters were the best in the movie. usually xab's movie would have him beating up his wife and yelling at...
  47. kellylis

    Yeng Tha Her

    alright... here you go... enjoy viewing the cover...
  48. kellylis

    Yeng Tha Her

    Smooching with yengtha... that's not a pretty sight for me. I mean, Maiv See Yaj and Maiv Lis Thoj are good singers, pretty and stuff, but I feel like if they have smooching scene or those skin to skin scene they're just like any other desperate Hmong Laos girl and my respect to them as talented...
  49. kellylis

    Aib Ruam [2010]

    Yes... I couldn't thought of the word... hehehe thanks
  50. kellylis

    Aib Ruam [2010]

    Actually Eb is with Xab and them too but does more of the behind the scene with Xab then on screen with Xab. he's kinda like a... I dont know what they call it... but he's not sign on to any sponsor, so all his sponsors are the ones that come and ask him. I know of Bee Vang who does his Aib Ruam...
  51. kellylis

    Aib Ruam [2010]

    I think most of Eb's movie or his sponsors have him make such annoying movie where the ending makes no sense. I mean in the movie, "Npam" the ending was just so BLAH. usually horror movies like that, no matter who he is, he usually die or go crazy for it to be a lesson learn. In Npam, Eb's...
  52. kellylis

    Hmong Celebs and Social Network

    You can try looking him up, or just go through the friend list of the other celebs that has FB. Usually they have each other on their list.
  53. kellylis

    Hmong Celebs and Social Network

    Hnub Lis has a FB too... Hnub Lee Dib Thoj Bla Moua
  54. kellylis

    Duab ci thoj is married??

    A lot of girls over there are very mature for their age, I hope she's smart enough to not get marry to one of those OGs from the US...
  55. kellylis

    Nkawm Mi Noog [2011]

    well, if you look at Hnub's facebook, her baby boy is that big... so it could be her son. Glad that she's making movies again... but I guess since she's a married woman her p'ek has to be her hubby...
  56. kellylis

    Eb Lauj's interview with Suab Hmong

    No, Eb only went to the Fresno New Year. They couldn't make it to the Sacromenta New Year. He did stayed in Madison for a while :)
  57. kellylis

    Hmong Celebs and Social Network

    I think that the ones i saw on myspace are created from their girlfriends and boyfriends here in the US. like Toog Yaj and Ntxhi Xiong... oh and Dib Thoj too... I know she has one, but not sure if its created by her or some other dude...
  58. kellylis

    Hmong Celebs and Social Network

    really? xab has one... interesting... maybe i should look him up?
  59. kellylis

    Hmong Celebs and Social Network

    Does it count if we're related to them, hehehe... Cause I'm related to eb lauj (in a way) Would anyone want to follow some who is related to any hmong celeb. They tend to disappear once they get marry. But I would still love to know what happen to them once they're married. For example, like...
  60. kellylis

    E.T. Yang Got Married...?

    yup, I heard that he got married. I'm not sure how she looks like, but I would like to see a picture of them! congrats to them!
  61. kellylis

    [ Coming Soon ] Nkauj Fa : Thov Hlub Koj Ib Tsug 13 Hnub

    may it'll look more interesting if the trailer was made better... this didn't really catch my attention, though the nice view of the mountain side did :)
  62. kellylis

    CIAJ SIA married hmong-thai star Ntxhi Xyooj?

    hmong people or you can say, hmong celebs who are dating and denying it are annoying... why can't they just come out straight like Paj Suab Yaj & Toog Vaj... hmong people know each other quite well, its like we're all related! you will never escape! hehehe...
  63. kellylis

    Tsawb Yaj???

    I heard that he is married to some hmoob meskas woman n now reside here in the US I just don't know which state tho. I haven't seen or heard much about it tho... (I think he has a nice voice!)
  64. kellylis

    should parents ask for dowry prices over 6000.00

    I totally agree on this one!!! This is best said about all this dowry talk... thank you for babysitting my bride!
  65. kellylis

    kace vang

    the wedding was only sometime last year... and yea with maggie lee the girl in the just for love mv and they have a child together... i feel like i'm repeating what everyone said, but this is from what i know, hehehe...
  66. kellylis

    this guys is cute

    he's in there too... which one was he? (well, i didnt really watch the movie, but... which role did he play in hlub tshaj txoj sia?)
  67. kellylis

    *Upcoming Movie* Nuj Nplaib Special

    I dont mind that they made this movie into a comedy movie... but... OMG! the first part has to be one of the most boring movie ever! it was dragging on and on and there was scene in there that they didnt even need to be in there, seriously!!! some scene was just too long and need to be cut...
  68. kellylis

    Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (2009)

    why does she have blue eyes for chinese person??? did the game chun li had blue eye?
  69. kellylis

    [ATTN: READ! ^_^] Help me!

    what about the shirt that says "how to court a hmong guy" i like that one too... is it from the same guy?
  70. kellylis

    Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (2009)

    how come they didnt find someone who is fully chinese when chun li is suppose to be all chinese? kristen is pretty and stuff but she looks more white than chinese... hmm... oh well...
  71. kellylis

    [Upcoming] Drag Me To Hell

    i saw the trailer when i went to see "A Haunted in Connecticut" it did look pretty interesting, i just thought that they could have came up with a better title for the movie. "Drag me to Hell" it sounds like some video game or something...
  72. kellylis

    [Upcoming]A Haunting In Connecticut (2009)

    so... i saw the documentary on this movie or the house on (forgot what channel) and Hollywood change a lot of the stuff in there... unless they did more reseach or something... but than again, its HOLLYWOOD! they have to make it big and out of it! I saw it on friday (the say it came out) and...
  73. kellylis

    Sacramento police unravel alleged murder plot

    are you serious? a killer or not a killer... he's not cute nor good looking... but maybe that's just me, maybe he's just not my type! and to think that the killer use to work in that same work field...
  74. kellylis

    boys over flower

    how freaky! feel kinda bad for the girl though!
  75. kellylis

    Are Hmong star[s] approachable?

    i believe that even if you're sick you gotta at least smile... i mean come on, you're a Hmong Celeb!!! you can't be "don't want to be bother" and as for Dao Vue wearing sun glasses in a dark room, lol... i heard something about guys like that on a radio once... forgot but it was SUPER funny!
  76. kellylis

    Kob's Tooth

    i thought that there was going to be a before and after pic...
  77. kellylis

    Muab Kub Yaj... his songs are catchy

    he has a nice voice and his songs are cool... but they're mostly thai songs translated into hmong or some other language translate or sang in hmong... but he has a nice voice!
  78. kellylis

    Paj Huam Haam

    oh well... if that really happened then i dont know... but i like some of her songs... especially, "Leej Nus Toj Saib" hehehe... i dont know much about her...
  79. kellylis

    about tub yaj?

    actually, i've been hearing about that a lot... and lately, it has again resurface (about him and his porn) if anyone has it or seen it, i would really like to know... kinda of getting tired of this porn thing. everyone saying it but no one has really seen it...
  80. kellylis

    Ntxub Txoj Hmoo (Movie)

    true... i agree on this one!!!
  81. kellylis

    Portraits of Hmong Women

    aww... thanks for the site... i'm an emotional person and the last part made me cry...
  82. kellylis


    i would love to go... but too bad its in NC... way too far for me...
  83. kellylis

    Ntiaj Teb Txoj Kev Ntsuag

    i use to love watching that movie when i was younger... it was one of my favorite hmong movies... (^-^)
  84. kellylis

    'Tub Yang' Recently New Album 2009

    I totally agree with you on this one... i'm not a huge fan of his, but i kinda like this album... hehehe... (^-^)
  85. kellylis

    she looks weird here

    the picture of Dao and PZK dancing... Dao looks kinda xub siab (is that how you spell it..?) dont you think so... his hands look very stiff, he must not do this kind of dance much, huh? and again... i'm gonna ask for the definition of HTT... so, looking like how PZK in the last picture is...
  86. kellylis


    someone correct me if i'm wrong but... i heard someone said that his name, ET, stands for "extreme teen" or something like that...
  87. kellylis

    random thoughts

    i dont know... i agree on you with this one... last night my sister had this dinner thingy for a relative of hers (from her husband's side) and so we all went... all the girls (women) were cooking and stuff... i saw some guys but didnt really pay much attention to it... one of their in laws...
  88. kellylis


    they do make a cute couple... i like it when people admit that they are dating and instead of saying that we're only friends... wow, starting to be like meskas celebs now... celebs dating celebs... all sort of stuff going on... cool...
  89. kellylis

    3 lub tooj npab........

    why are there so many guys that like her... thats too much and too fake, even though i know its only a movie... i mean... they're characters are all friends too... and my boyfriend was complain because everytime they go eat, its always McDonald... hehehe...
  90. kellylis

    ::Brenda Song::

    I agree on this part...
  91. kellylis

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    thanks! i'm not a huge fan but might as well check it out!
  92. kellylis

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    so... whats her myspace? i dont want to type down maiv xyooj and have like 5 to 6 or more pages for me to go through... plus their are so many maiv xyooj pages... which one is hers?
  93. kellylis

    chinese shaman

    yeah... i remember something like that too... how most of those rituals are in chinese... theres more to it but i forgot, i heard the elders in my family talking about it...
  94. kellylis

    3 lub tooj npab........

    what is this three bracelet that you're talking about? is it a real book/novel or some fan fiction? update me on this...
  95. kellylis

    OMG...Check it out!

    he sounds nice, but this isnt one of my fav. song from tub yaj... but your brother's voice is pretty good...
  96. kellylis

    3 lub tooj npab........

    3 lub tooj npab... it wasnt that good... but i like the main girl's acting and her voice sounds very unique and cool... hehehe... her voice reminds me of those hmong dub korean/thai movies ... as for the tooj npab... i thought it was weird how they got it... i thought it was like in the...
  97. kellylis

    title of song request please?

    I dont get it... i already have the link to download the song... so why would you want to find it... unless you just want to know the title...
  98. kellylis

    What is this song called??

    hey thanks! lookie here Jieb_Lover, Aria save me the time and got you the link to the song you wanted it... (^-^)
  99. kellylis


    i agree with this one...
  100. kellylis

    What is this song called??

    yup... when i have time i'll uplaod it for you... maybe this weekend because i have a lot of reading for classes this week... i'll either pm you or... i'll let you know one way of another... :)
  101. kellylis

    Sick ass picture....guess who it is....

    LOL... hehehe... youre funny!!! a photo shoot, wow...
  102. kellylis

    ok listen to this~!

    i like it... you sound kind of like him and a mix of tub yaj and i just andy lau, hehehe... but you seem to be holding back you voice a little... but so far, its pretty good!
  103. kellylis

    The GunMan

    theres some mix review on this movie... hmm... wonder if its really that good...
  104. kellylis

    song request..xD

    hey... nice song... i'm not a fan of tub yaj... but i gotta say... his lastest album... i' actually like song of the songs in there...
  105. kellylis

    Hmong Potato

    theres a movie call, 'hmoob qos' i thought u were talking about the group of hmong thats call, hmoob qos... oh well...
  106. kellylis

    Tso Tsis Tau Koj Tseg

    no, i dont think that they're from MN... if i remember correctly... they're either from SC or NC... and i've seen that movie... they're hmong is ok, isnt that fluent... but the acting and stuff is ok... not one of my fav... but it was okie... (^-^)
  107. kellylis

    What is this song called??

    ok... i got the name of the song... its call... "Nco Koj Mus Ib Sim" and it sounds like txiab... thats what i thought too... but its not her... the album has two singer, a guy and a girl... so either its Kub Lauj or Xyo Muas... it was the soundtack to that movie...
  108. kellylis

    NEW MOVIE!!!

    I dont think i want to watch that movie... it doesnt look that scary, but i have a thing with voo-doo... i dont like voo-doo... that scares me... but i like th mountain that they used... it reminds me of the lion king... hehehe...
  109. kellylis

    Sick ass picture....guess who it is....

    shes an import hottie?
  110. kellylis

    What is this song called??

    Oh... i have that song... but i have to go and look for it first... i had the cd but its in my car... i'll let you know when i get it from my car tomorrow morning.. :)
  111. kellylis

    Brian & Pa's performance

    her voice is kind of cute but annoying in a way! i didnt watch the whole clip... maybe it got better or worst... I dont know...
  112. kellylis

    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    there are some people that think he's attracted and HOT! but I personally dont think that he's attracted or anything... whats weird about him is that he seem to have a little head for such a big body... or is it just me? Lol...
  113. kellylis

    Stolen Dog

    sorry to hear about that... hope you find her... her pictures are really cute!!!
  114. kellylis

    Hmong Potato

    Lol... okie... i read this thread before but didnt really know or get it... until today... i just got back from the market place (st.paul) and my mom and i walked by a booth that was showing these hmong women with really strange hair style... sorta like one horn right in the middle of their top...
  115. kellylis

    Zinc - Tseem Nco COVER

    cool... you sound almost kinda like zinc too... thats like the only song i like from that album...
  116. kellylis


    I dont want to start anything... but I heard that Paj Saub likes Lis Lauj (Eb Lauj) too, like they're in thailand making her music vdo and ET is making another one of his movies... and i think this one, they might have lee lor in there with et too...
  117. kellylis

    nTxWm nTxUaJ pAJ LaUJ

    whao... thats awkward... sleeping with a 16 year boy... hmm, so did his parents find out and was not happy about it and forced them to get married? Drama!!!
  118. kellylis

    Hlub Koj mv

    *SHOCK* maicheng... is that you? nice job! but yeah, the guy tend to look at the camera a lot, but other then that... way to go you!!!
  119. kellylis

    Talented or Not?!

    wow... she has guts to be up there and singing like that...
  120. kellylis

    Pakou Thao

    like going into myspce... LOL j/k but yea, if shes the one in white then she is pretty... i envy her! hehehe...
  121. kellylis


    oh... you mean those... i see.. LOL!!!
  122. kellylis


    this picture looks like a picture that they're a couple... i wouldnt go to the studio with a guy celeb and take a pic like this and waste money... i would only take a pic kinda like this if it was with my boyfriend... dont you think so...
  123. kellylis


    10-20 years... its not that klong and if your still young you'll still have hair unless your those ppl who have less hair... and someone please define the look of FOB for me! how is that suppose to look like? or is there something wrong with looking FOB?
  124. kellylis

    Pakou Thao

    which one is she? the one in black or white?
  125. kellylis


    wow... that does look kinda like it since you mention it... i'm 25 and i look way younger than them...
  126. kellylis

    Paj Zaub Khab

    she isnt all that pretty in those pictures... maybe its the makeup... hmmm (?)
  127. kellylis


    o_O ummm... is she suppose to be a hmong celeb or something cause i dont think i know her? or is she just a popular internet girl?
  128. kellylis


    i realized that his hair is always like that... and as for his sister, paj suab... if she and tooj are dating... they do make a cute couple though...
  129. kellylis

    hMONg tABLoiDs...

    wow... her face is flawless or is it photoshop?
  130. kellylis

    Paj zuab PZK should be jealous

    didnt PZK and dao take a picture kind of like the first one...? the one with the dance move...
  131. kellylis

    Neeg Tsis Sawm Zoo

    i like his movies, but they are always the same... played the guy that the parents dont like... ends up marrying their daughter anyway... then cheats on her... marries second wife and finds out that second wife is no good... nothing different really... only bits and pieces thats different...
  132. kellylis

    Are Hmong star[s] approachable?

    i totally agree with you on this one! lol...
  133. kellylis

    Ban Xai Tong : REMAKE?

    i hope the guy is handsome and manly enough... lol... oh and i hope the girl fit to be her age... i thought Pojamon character was suppose to be only 18 or younger... but joy (the version with sornram) looked older than that...
  134. kellylis

    gran torino

    yeah... weird huh? but maybe they can make us loook better by making another movie... this time on the Vietnam war, but from the Hmong's view/side... and how we helped them and stuff... that would be good and i would watch it! hehehe...
  135. kellylis

    Noina/Nina..she's living in Wausau, Wi?

    REALLY? last time i visited Thailand the people living over there said that she married a Thai dude and wasn't able to come to the United States... huh? I wonder... so many, "I heard..." which one is it for real?
  136. kellylis

    Kids singing!

    i agree with you... especially with the "kuv tseem nqhis mis" that music vdo was just WRONG! she was not cute at all in there... to me its like they're targeting older men and not young kids to watch their VDO... gross! I mean i could understand the cute ones, but the one like the "Milk"...
  137. kellylis

    hmong scary movie..

    oh that movie... hluas nkauj dab... it looks ok... why does she have to wear that dress...
  138. kellylis

    Who bought new songs this year 08-09?

    oh him... i have his 3rd and 4th which is his latest album... his voice is cool, but the thing about his songs are that they're all copied and i get tire of his songs after a while...
  139. kellylis

    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

    actually a couple of years ago, there were people talking about it in the twin cities... some say that they've seen those what you call "hmong vampires" but the thing is that its only one of him... i heard that its some kind of voo-doo that he does so to keep his voo-doo working he has to do...
  140. kellylis

    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    i give credits to all the girls that was in the pageant, but seriously, did they really have to talk like that...? I liked how Paj Nra Xyooj talked, it wasn't so fake and ho... high and down with the tone... but somehow she got 3rd place, its better than nothing...
  141. kellylis

    cua yaj and mai yeng lee(my cousin) they are married

    recent picture: NC new year 2008 omg! shocked! --------------------------- whao, hes here already? thats good for them both... i was wondering, was it hard for her to sponsor him over?
  142. kellylis


    its even on youtube? whao... i dont know...
  143. kellylis

    How would you know

    Wow... eternalsunshine... you are good at this, i learn a lot from just reading your post... thanks, it helped me! i will take that in consideration! :D
  144. kellylis

    Did he stop making movies?

    Yengtha is married to his Hmoob Meskas wife first... then marries Ying Yang, but made her his first wife... i dont know why... i'm not a fan of him... but i saw ying yang at the st.paul new year and she looks pregnant again, her belly was big... i heard from one of his cousin that he also...
  145. kellylis

    cua yaj and mai yeng lee(my cousin) they are married

    whao... that is a long time then... i remember that was like in 2004 or 2005... they must really love each to wait until now... well, best of luck to them! :D
  146. kellylis

    hey! tht new BK commercial!

    hahaha... cool! i remember going to thailand and taking one of our friend that we made there to have their first BK... they were embarrass to eat it...
  147. kellylis

    cua yaj and mai yeng lee(my cousin) they are married

    so is she hmoob meskas or hmoob thaib teb? and i thought that he was married already? whao... wasnt there a rumor a couple year back that he married a girl from SC or NC or something...?
  148. kellylis

    Nkauj Nyab ?

    i think that movie should just be a one part movie... each part wasnt even that long enough for a part part movie... but i just its a way of them making money...
  149. kellylis

    Hnub Lis

    OMG! so hes her husband, no wonder why she was willing to do that kissing scene in "Nkauj Nyab" oh well, as long as they love each other, but i'm just sad that she couldnt wait until she gets here to get pregnant... she should know that shes a hmong celebrity, shes expected to be going places...
  150. kellylis

    Nkauj Nyab ?

    really... i just got my yesterday at the st.paul new year... and mine was for $20 i thought that it was good, and Hnub did a great job playing the poj dab... i liked it... though i thought that i ending was too quick... they did a nice job with it...
  151. kellylis

    hmong gossip! :D

    now it'll be even faster cause its on the net... well, no one will know the name but, you get it...
  152. kellylis

    HUSA to host Winter Formal 2008

    aww... why does it have to be so far? i've never went to any of my high school dances... does anyone know any here in MN? hehehe... (i am such a nerd!)
  153. kellylis

    Pov Pob Swb

    pov pob swb! i play that every year... i think if not pov pob swb... at least just pov pob for a mintue or so... its like tradition and only once a year! but thats only what i think... and yes, girls does cheat... but i never win anyway... hehehe...
  154. kellylis

    dont u hate it when ppl wears the same outfits as u do?

    yeah... i like my tradition hmong outfit... unless my and my sisters and friend decided to make something different... but i always stick with my traditional one every year! :)
  155. kellylis

    Leej Twg Mus Xaiv Ntsha Ua Nom (Presidential Election, Vote?)

    yea... i voted yesterday... OBAMA!!!
  156. kellylis

    upcoming hmong new year

    does anyone know about the new year at the metrodome (the minnepolis one)??? please let me know... thank you!
  157. kellylis


    thats awesome becky... cool...
  158. kellylis


    i'm always something ugly or scary every year... this year i want to be something nice looking... lol...
  159. kellylis

    Has anyone seen this video?

    seriously... i am SO speechless... i was in tears watching this... i can never imagine myself going through this. i wish there was something we can do to help them more... :( T_T
  160. kellylis

    Any New Hmong Dubb dramas coming out?

    they give boring and so common...
  161. kellylis

    Guess what I caught on video?

    hey thats cool... how do you do that... i want to learn!!! teach me!
  162. kellylis

    Want to see a scary clip?

    looks kinda fake...
  163. kellylis

    Lao Moua

    that was just weird... weird english songs...
  164. kellylis

    Toog Vaj

    the picture of him wearing the black shirt with the mo hawk... looks like hes try to be the main guy from the thai group... Clash!!!
  165. kellylis

    Basket Lady

    i've heard of it... i think almost everyone could do it... but its just kinda scary cause u gotta know how to send her back too... my mom told me that me sister and her friend use to do that when she was younger in thailand... kinda creepy for me...
  166. kellylis

    Chay Vang

    darn! i was gonna watch it but after reading what you guys said i dont think i'm going too... makes me feel sad for him already... but he has courage for going there...
  167. kellylis

    im just saying

    OMG! i remember when i was in 7th grade, i looked nothing like that... these day n age... kids are really growing up fast!
  168. kellylis


    i wonder why on hmong's cover, they like to put so many heads there... you dont see a lot of those no more, but some still have like ever characters head on the cover and sometimes you see them twice on the cover... which is weird...
  169. kellylis


    my name is mai too... but it's maiv vwj which i like to put together... so it's maivwj then my lastname, hehehe...
  170. kellylis

    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008 - Bao Xiong

    i remember seeing her competing in both MN pageant... i forgot what year but she did it for the one in St. Paul and didnt win the crown and then also for the one in Minneapolis too... and also didnt win...
  171. kellylis

    mab sua lis and her husband

    well... he's still ib tus hluas nraug when she married him... so she did good compare to those other ones... nice picture tho... cute too...
  172. kellylis

    Someone Care to Listen

    ur cool... just keep on working on singing and u'll be perfect.. hehehe
  173. kellylis

    Ib Leeg Tub

    cool... now i can just watch it off youtube! but it makes it kind a boring... everything is on youtube now, hehehe...
  174. kellylis

    Is E.T Yang married to Ma Sua Lis?

    mab sua is married to this one guy in st.paul... the guy at the market place that mostly everyone buys their dramas from, hehehe...
  175. kellylis

    mai xyooj to marry tub yaj

    as long as she could afford him... than i say go ahead, hehehe...
  176. kellylis

    I hEARD tHAT hNUB lIs iS mARRied..?

    oh no... another one of this... 'i head...' thingy... well, mostly it could be... it always start out that way... with mab sua lis... it was i heard that she was married to an hmong meskas dude... and voila! a couple months later, its true... so who knows, it could be, or not...
  177. kellylis

    Xais Yaj (Tub Yaj's cousin) - New Hmong P'ek

    isnt that somchai yang's younger brother? looks just like him...
  178. kellylis

    Ib Leeg Tub

    YES i cant wait to get this movie BUT darn it is soo expensive its like 24 or was it 34..haha cant remeber but sounds goood i'll get it after july 4th
  179. kellylis


    this really sucks because the guy is my cousin's uncle
  180. kellylis

    hmong-american girls are fat!

    woah..this freaken pisses me off who ever wrote the song should get a good beating and the stupid singer should too
  181. kellylis

    yang brothers... which one u like.... tub or sue????

    how does the other dude look like? not tub yaj. him... i know ow he look like, but sue...
  182. kellylis

    mab sua lis

    I saw her too at the flee market... i even took a picture with her, hehehe... but she's pretty in real life... shes not that different...
  183. kellylis

    Hmong Female Singer claims Sornram kissed her

    if its making out stuff... then i would be like... WHAOOO! but its just on the cheek... last time that sornram came to the US <minnesota> i went to his concert and asked for a kiss from him and got a kiss on the cheek... from him and i did kiss him back on the cheek... (it was a bet that i...
  184. kellylis

    what is she doing?

    maybe they were trying to be sexy?... i dont know... depends on what they were thinking when they took this pic!!! HEY.... HOW DO YOU PPL GET PIC OF THEM ANYWAY? just wondering...
  185. kellylis

    Tsim Yeeb Thaij & Yeeb Yaj Yuam

    thanks... cool!
  186. kellylis

    Huas Ham

    he remains me of this one pra'ek guy... hmm... cant think of who exactly...
  187. kellylis

    WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak

    oh... yeah.... i remember reading one of those flyer at the market place the other day... thats okie... i can go if i want to... but i saw him a couple of years ago when he came... i'll let someone else go see and tell me how it was, hehehe...
  188. kellylis

    family size

    there are 6 of us kids in the family... 3 boys and 3 girls!!! hehehe...
  189. kellylis


    i thought that movie was funny... i like xab and hnub... but it was kind of like their other movie too... like that 'sticky' movie... i was hoping to be at least a little different...
  190. kellylis

    ntxawm lis

    thats good for her... time for her to start her life...
  191. kellylis

    Xab Thoj new movie w/ Hnub Lis & Txiab Yaj

    yeah. its about the same... i wanted a different storyline... but i heard they're filming another again... i hope that that one is way better with a different storyline...
  192. kellylis

    Nkauj Laus/Nraug Laus

    i'm also 24, my mom and everybody that i know doesnt pressure me into getting marry... they all know and understand that once you get marry everything is not the same... you're going to have a family and be a nyab and starts working for not just you and ur husband and if you have kids, then you...
  193. kellylis

    Dowry System, what do you think?

    i agree on this one... i think its true... very nice said!!!
  194. kellylis

    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    true... i agree on this one!!!
  195. kellylis

    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    hey the guy in the first pic is kwm lis from the tiger movie... and i think one of the lady is from his movie that was filmed here in the US, dont know the title of that movie though... wow, older ladies are WAY cooler than us young ones... now they cant be yelling at us... hehehe
  196. kellylis


    the mercedes girl actually looks like shes playing the piano for real... but pajzaub... hers looks a little fakes, but oh well... its over...
  197. kellylis

    hlub tshaj txoj sia

    darn... i dont have myspace... not working for me...
  198. kellylis

    hnub qub

    wow... cool pic...
  199. kellylis

    NOSE JOBS!!!!

    i dont think if bothers them... but is just this thing... even american celebs talks about it... and besides they're our hmong celebs... its fun talking about them and stuff... well... not talk in a mean way... you know...
  200. kellylis


    OMG! how gay! who cares about her... others only like him as a fan liking a celeb... she can order him, he's not that good looking... the only thing ppl are crazy for him because he's a p'ek... there are other better looking hmong guy out there... she shouldnt be that crazy about him... and she...
  201. kellylis


    wow... someone is actually going to order him... he's worth that much?! that lady must really be crazy for him... oh well... good luck for her! ^-^
  202. kellylis

    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    its not all lees and vangs that cant marry each other... its just that its in that certain lee and vang clan that has something that happened years and years ago... you know how hmong are...
  203. kellylis

    valentine's day

    i still need a plan for v-day... *sigh* so sad these days! hehehe... nothing cool on v-day, i might celebrate it on friday or saturday instead...
  204. kellylis


    i believe they are! when my sister and them went to thailand cause my dad still lives there... they saw them both... and they weren't filming... and people there said so too... even the director of the movie...
  205. kellylis

    He's Married!!

    DARN! i wanted to be the first one to tell... but since no one knew, i thought that they wanted to keep everything silence until after the wedding... oh well... since now that everyone knows... congrat to them both! hehehe...
  206. kellylis


    true... hehehe... i only comment...
  207. kellylis

    tub yaj

    tub yaj? you mean the hmong actor guy? really... he cant be just 24 years old... he look more like 27 or 28... cause he has 3 younger brother thats almost like him too, beside the youngest one.... that just dont make sense... oh well... i dont know...
  208. kellylis

    underage kids

    wow... shes pretty... its doesnt look like shes trying to be sexy or anything... it just look like shes just taking pic...
  209. kellylis

    Xab Thoj and Hnub Lis

    i dont think they're dating in real life, cause i know that hnub has this hmong american guy and i think that they're planning to get marry soon or something. but i dont know about xab!
  210. kellylis


    its kind of scary! really... especially the ending...
  211. kellylis

    Tshua Ib Yam

    it was boring and slow... yes too much crying and there was a lot of parts in the movies that they didnt need... the girl is one of the dancers and she does sing... i saw her cd poster at the flee martket, so i'm guessing she's coming out with and album. as for the guy... nws lub suab lus tsis...
  212. kellylis

    voos yaj two new movie

    this one reminds me of 3 tiam hlub... is that what its called... the other one with somchai... yea, but the storyline sounds different and better... with this one...
  213. kellylis

    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    OMG! it made me cry! :( so sad! So touching... I hate real love story that has a ending of not getting each other... Sib Hlub rau tiam no los tsis sib tau, mam li tos lwm tiam... makes me cry! *sinff* *sniff*
  214. kellylis

    Faces of Laos

    ... its so beautiful like you said... makes me emotional... makes me wanna cry... *sniff* *sniff*
  215. kellylis

    Singers from Thailand are coming to Milwaukee!

    the other one is xyooj vaj from TX...
  216. kellylis

    new year photos

    it just depend on some... some are really nice and polite while others are just conceited and stuff, thinking that they're hmong celeb...
  217. kellylis

    New Faces of Hmong celebreties

    i know... i heard that too, but i havent heard anything about a concert or anything... i wonder if hes going to have one. i would so go, hehehe... and yeah, hes funny in person too. but we only took a quick pic and left... he was busy shopping with eb lauj and hnub lis... we met them at the...
  218. kellylis

    new year photos

    okie... got it... here's mine, and guess who it's with... i'm the one on his right... and my niece is on his left...
  219. kellylis

    new year photos

    i have one too... but i need to upload my pic though... i'll do it later... it's at our st.paul new year...
  220. kellylis

    New Faces of Hmong celebreties

    i want xab thoj to come even though i met him when i went over to thailand this past may... but i want to go to maybe one of this concert... and I want Tooj & Xyooj too...
  221. kellylis

    E.T Yang

    i saw him like a lot of times at the new year in ST.PAUL! it was just normal... he was just standing or walking... nothing special... just like walking pass some guy...
  222. kellylis

    Did Mabsua Lis really get married?

    why is it that when someone starts to get their name out they go and get marry...
  223. kellylis

    Is this a Hmong Tradition Skirt? kOREAN?

    yeah... right now people in Asia are starting to wear hmong's traditional skirt as part of fashion... especially in thailand. but in korean... thats cool...
  224. kellylis

    Maiv Xyooj New Release!!!

    wow... i like some of her songs thanks for the news
  225. kellylis

    Did Mabsua Lis really get married?

    wow... if that is true than i guess that all of cov hmoob maskas mus yuav all of those singers from thailand and loas... whos going to sing and act for us anymore... j/k i wonder if she did...
  226. kellylis

    what kind of hmong girls is prettier?

    i think everyone is pretty in their own way... sometimes it just depend on how u dress and make up urself... but a lot of makeup too can make u look too much...
  227. kellylis

    New RnB/Pop Singer - Jade Lee

    wow... i like her, my new hmong idol... hehehe...
  228. kellylis

    paj huab ham

    i'm guessing she has better hmong because she's hmoob meskas and yea, she does have a nice voice... she has a very high voice...
  229. kellylis

    Check Out the picture"Lam Hnub Txhob Txawj Poob" Movie?

    wow... I remember this movie... we still have it... somewhere... i remember we use to watch it a lot and it was really a good movie and yeah one of the p'egk did pass away a couple of years ago... they should sell that movie again... it was a good hmong american movie... hehehe... i did like it...
  230. kellylis


    i dont understand why they're picking girls from different country... the girl in minneapolis was fron china... if they wanted to do that then i think they should have one for international when they have one girl from one different countries or something... cus they cant do anything after they...
  231. kellylis


    true! i think hmong movies should have more extras or just bloopers... i LOVE watching bloopers! hehehe...
  232. kellylis

    "NRAUG LAUS" a MOUA LEE film

    OMG! i luv all his films, i've been waiting ever since his last movie... CAN'T WAIT!
  233. kellylis

    Share your Hmong posters

    wow! you guys are all so great at it! too bad i cant share any of mine... *Sigh* I just gotta have my laptop stolen! GOSH darn it... oh well... i could start over whenever i get another one... hehehe... but great job with all the poster... makes me really want to make some too...
  234. kellylis

    Xab Thoj new movie coming out

    I'm a big fan of Xab thoj so is my mom she loves him lol well i havn't seen a comedy but he has another movie out not sure if yall got the topic for it but it's call Ciaj Tuag Tsis Mus Yuav Tos Txog Hnub Twg
  235. kellylis

    I am About To Make A Movie

    I think ur rite on that too, but the problem about making a movie here is harder... first of all ppl here in the US don't have much free time to just to make a movie and star in one while the ppl over there... they dont do much besides farming... so its much easier for them over there... its...
  236. kellylis

    disgusting hmong people

    its just RUMORS! i read it in the hmong newspaper and they confirm that it was only rumors since so many hmong ppl are talking about it... they even called the hospital and did all those research and it turns out that there was none... so therefore, only rumors and nothing more!and besides if it...
  237. kellylis

    Hmong movie "Nkauj Zag Txoj Kev Hlub", starrin Lwg Dej

    well... some people mite like it but for me... I didnt like it... it was too fast and too easy - meaning... there wasnt enough problems for the mom to get mad or to hate her and she sends the girl away... not one of my fav. movie... but u can give it a try...
  238. kellylis

    Are you coming to the mn st.paul new year???

    yea... i'm going it's kinda like tradition now, hehehe... oh and good luck too you! ^-^
  239. kellylis

    A Xiong Man & A Lee Woman

    wow... the version i heard was about a Her and a Yang... hmm... so whats their lastname for real... but anywho... heck with their lastnames... that is just wrong and nasty...
  240. kellylis


    hmm... no, i just got back from thailand and i saw her over there... she was still alive and moving... so i'm guessing its just rumors... theres always rumors of people dying... but yea... she's still alive...
  241. kellylis

    Kos Lis - singer from Loas

    he's ok... his songs are ok too, so is his voice... my sister made me go to his concert... which was ok also... ^-^ but my friend really liked him... :P
  242. kellylis

    New Hmong singer: Lao Moua

    I think TouGer MOua and Lao Moua are Uncle and Nephew... I hear people saying that at the flea market... and yea I think lao moua is kind of cheesy... they both have the same dance move -which my little niece and nephew said that they look like snakes when they're about to shed their skin...
  243. kellylis

    sony vang is getting married....

    i know this isnt my place and i dont reply much but this is wat i hear... from a close relative of him... an aunt i cant remember, but she said that she said she was pregnant so he had to marry her. once he came back and did all those paper work she said that she had a miscarriage... something...
  244. kellylis

    Chae Rim, Hee Sun, or Jang Nara

    i think all three of them were very beautiful in traditional chinese clothing, but i'm a fan of Chae Rim... and I like Jang Nara... i think she's cute. Not a huge fan of Hee Sun, but she was pretty in the myth too... I havent seen Jang Nara's movie... which one is it?
  245. kellylis

    Hmong writing

    yeah it is hmong... My friend studied that for a couple of years... I dont know them but I saw them around a couple of times...