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  1. dreams_x

    Picture uploading? Help?

    I was wonder, how do u put multiple pictures side by side? Can you do that with photobucket? Plz anyone help Thanks
  2. dreams_x

    Guilty of Love

    Guilty of Love Cast: Mark Prin Mint Chalida Pope Thanawat Taew Nataporn Mint Natwara as Prae Introduction: Force marriage? Life after marriage? It scared Mint to death. Mark: Don't you dare lay your hands on her, or else your going to it worst than her. (he grabs Mint's arm and...
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    Tub Ntsuag Kub

    Lol, im very behind on this, but anyone know where i can watch this movie at? it looks very good. Please help!
  4. dreams_x

    Two Hearts, One Love (Chapter 3 Preview up) 6/15/2011

    P'Mark, I ask you, Who do you love?, Mint cries. Mark looks down doesn't know how to answer her... P'Mark, I'm asking you? Do you not hear me? Do you still love Anna? Why is it so hard to answer just a question? Anna stood there by Mark. Feeling bad that her best friend found out between them...
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    Anyone know the hmong dubbed of this korean drama? thanks you. and where can u watch the hmong dubbed at too :)
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    Avoiding Your Own Heart

    Avoiding Your Own Heart Starting Aum and Aff Andrew Cronin and Sara Regg Intro: His mother was hurt because of her father, then his mother died all because of her father, and now her son is back to get revenge on the person who hurt his mother and caused her to die like this....But instead...
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    Noob dib tsis txi taub

    does anyone know what this movie is about? the guy is hot.....
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    Colorado Tournment

    does anyone know wheN?
  9. dreams_x

    Mart and Vicky's new lakorn? is this new? anyone no the storyline?
  10. dreams_x

    Aum A. and Bua lakorn?

    okay i was wondering if anyone know the summary to this lakorn... its starting aum and bua... and aff.. if noe plz tell me.. thanks
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    Love Forever

    Cast: Aum and Aff This is my first fan fiction, so plz bare with me cuz it might take me a while to update... thanks girls Introduction: He had my body, my soul, my life, and my heart, but at the end, he threw it all away. He hurt me in so many ways that caused me to love him even more...
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    oil and aum

    can anyone help me translate tis song.. thanks
  13. dreams_x

    ken and janie lakorn

    can anyone tell me wat is the storyline to tis lakorn??
  14. dreams_x

    thai song

    i was wondering was this song ever use n any of the lakorns?? it is by Peacemaker i heard it before but can rember where..
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    which guys is hotter?

  16. dreams_x

    what lakorn is this?

    i no this lakorn is hmong dubbed, but anyone no wat this lakorn is n thai? like what is the thai title? and anyone no the storyline... i mean its kind of confusing a little bit cuz hmong people cut some scenes out..
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    is there any websites that any one no? like for sky prodction? like wats the websites?
  18. dreams_x

    jum loey rak???

    have they dubbed this one yet? or not?
  19. dreams_x

    hmong title for

    wat kind of hmong title would u guys get for this thai lakorn? if this lakorn was ever dubbed n hmong wat kind of hmong title do u guys want it to be?
  20. dreams_x

    tub yaj

    anyone know? if no plz tell me... was just wondering...
  21. dreams_x

    Aum A.

    Mine would be AFF.... she is so pretty and he is so hott. they make a really great match... :spin: :clap:
  22. dreams_x

    who do u want oil to play with?

    who do u want oil to play with? AUM or NOON? i want him to play wit aum.... they make a really cute and hott couple...
  23. dreams_x

    Who do you want cee to be with in the future?

    who here likes cee to be with n the future? Amy still or Pinky? I want him to be with Pinky n th future... i don't really like amy at alll...