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    Mark Prin & Pat Patricia (HAMBURGER vol. 12 no. 190 April 2014)

    Just behind the scene works for now. Official cover will be out in April!!! ^_^   Seriously, they look HOT! I feel the steamy chemistry. LOL. :woot2:       Credit to Pat's IG, Mark's manager, FCs, etc. :)
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    Mark and Yaya in Paris, France (12 PLUS Event)

    My man Mark is pretty tall considering Yaya's a "giant" girl. lol NOT literally y'al know what I mean but she is tall. lol I want to see them reunite in a modern lakorn. :) :dance1:     In Paris       Of course Mark's fans can never let him leave without a farewell goodbye and visit...
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    [Ch3] Phope Rak (Medta Lae Mahaniyom)

    cr. prinfanclub and lakorntv3   เมตตาและมหานิยมเตรียมเปิดกล้องละครเรื่องใหม่ ‪#‎ภพรัก‬ เป็นเรื่องที่พล๊อตขึ้นมาใหม่ ได้ หมากปริญ&เบลล่าราณี มาเป็นพระนาง ฝากติดตามกันด้วยนะจ๊ะ   ภพรัก‬ = Phope Rak  
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    Mew Nittha (Cheevit Jing, June 2013)

        Cr. ChivitJing Magazine
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    Mew Nittha (L'Officiel, June 2013)

      '           L'Officiel Website
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    Mew Nittha (IN Magazine, Issue 99, June 2013)

      a second version with Jirayu's special scoop         Cr. In Magazine   BTS clip. Due to copyright, Youtube muted the music. Suckers to In for stealing music. ..><
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    [Ch7] Sapai Hua Daeng (DIDA VIDEO)

    Sapai Hua Daeng = Red Head Wife (lol)   LOVE BENZ and POO! Sexy ladies!!! Tle looks good too.     I miss them since Plerng Prom. kekeke     Credits to Benz and Tle's IG
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    Cindy Burbridge and Byron's BABY girl

    THis is probably old news but I just found she's pregnant with a baby, "kerd mai thang" lol  But her baby girl is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo eye with an Asian is the cutest thing...omgee!!! ^_^   anyone's got a clue how old the baby girl is now???? 
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    Mark Prin, Barry Nadech, Ken Pumpoom (IMAGE March 2013)

    Cover coming soon           Enjoy these for now!! More to come later.  Couldnt get Ken's single portrait.   Cr. Magazine Dee    
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    Intellectual Maturity between an Asian and White counterpart

    maybe it is just me but I am beginning to feel like my white friends have a much broader sense of knowledge and intellectual maturity.  Does anyone else feel the same?  Like this coworker that I work with he's so professional and sounds extremely intelligent.  I am blown away by...
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    Mark Prin, Ken P, James Ma (DICHAN VOL No.863 FEBRUARY 2013)

    36th Anniversary Issue   Interesting cover for now! Inside pictures coming soon!     Mark is Handsome! Beautiful!   Ken P   James M   Cr. Dichan FB
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    Dara's New Year Splurges

    I was browsing on Instagram and came upon some of the pictures that these daras posted during this new years holiday! Margie went crazy with her spending.  I don't know if she's buying these for other people but she's always splurging on high-end brands and products, which makes me think that...
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    Beauty Guru?

    I watch a few Youtube Beauty Gurus and I was just curious if anyone here has a favorite Beauty Guru? For me, I really like xteeener, allthatglitters21 and missglamourazzi (hope thats how you spell it) lol I watch them because they give helpful tips; haul vdos and interersting vlogs. =D Share...
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    Anyone here feels alienated around white folks???

    Share your stories? I am running out of time but I notice that lately I have been encountering rude and cold shoulders from white people? At first I don't feel comfortable with the word 'white people' but if Asian can be said why not white??? After all it is just a term to describe people...
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    Mark Prin (Appeal December Issue, 2012)

    Cr. BanMakPantip (Cover is tiny..Dont know why. ) Will try to find a bigger picture of the cover.
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    Boy Noom: Child Obesity Disorder

    I came upon this on youtube and I would like to share it. Please be respectful to the boy and his mother. The condition he has is an obesity disorder. Kind of sad because the boy is clearly in need of help. Note: I couldnt find a non-Celebrity thread so I posted this in here. I hope people...
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    What lakorn introduce you to the Thai Lakorn Industry?

    If you would have to pick just one, which lakorn is the first that introduces you to Thai lakorn Industry? Hopefully there isn't a thread on this yet. Basically, the lakorn that brought you to watch Thai lakorn. Include a clip. :) The lakorn that took interest in me and made me grow to love...
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    if you have cousins that are cruel and selfish???

    If you have cousins that are cruel and selfish from the heart, but you can't exactly tell them, what should you do? They stab you from behind many many times and you're hurt, but u cannot express it out. It hurts so bad that you cannot speak for yourself anymore, what should i do? Maybe leave...
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    I have a guy-friend who likes me alot!!

    Four the past 4 years of my college life, this guy liked me a lot. He was very sweet and was always the nicest guy! However, it turned out I was going through so much in life such as drama and etc because my parents were having issues with step-mother and divorcing. You know how Hmong culture...
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    Which celebrity do you think is still a virgin?

    I just thought of this question, and would like to discuss it. I mean, in Thai culture, people are more reserved, but does that apply to celebrities? Well, we shall see. Haha!
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    Book recommendations?

    Hey guys and girls, it is summer, and I am seriously dead bored. I need to read. I was wondering if anyone knows of interesting and good books they can recommend? thanks! genres: romance vampire-ish/romance or good books!:) thanks everyone!
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    Magazines for sale

    I have a whole bunch of collection, so if anyone is interested, message me. I will sell each magazine by the price of $5, too.
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    Where can I download or watch Khon La Lok?

    I think both are so competitive and after watching the preview, I would like to see the lakron really bad. If any, please let me know where can I watch it? Thank you very much. :D
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    what should u do if u feel like ur parents are way too strict and traditional?

    I came from a family where my parents are very strict about dating hmong men and they highly affirmed that the first man u date or if have sex with should be ur husband. What I don't understand is yes, I am dating this Hmong man and I showed them him and they think they liked him, too but what...
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    N. Korea to bring the Moon to Earth by 2015? Okay, I have just heard out about this so let me know. Anyone updated with this? And also, my question is wow, can the moon really fit in N. Korea? Considering its size. Has UN and the other worlds: USA, CHina, and etc approve of this?
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    HND anyone?

    Hello Hmong fellows, I was wondering how many of you are going to HND? It would be so great to meet any of you..hhhahaha
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    I already ask a question, but looks like no is replying so please help me out if you can. Thank you.
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    Help with transferring pichas/ music vdos into ipod??!!

    Hey there sarnies, I recently bought my ipod and have downloaded some thai mvs from online and just don't know how to put those mvs into my ipod. please help me on how i can install/put mvs into my ipod. Thank you.
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    What if I really like this guy?

    I know he has crushed me for 2 and 1/2 years, but due to school I've been ignoring him like never even caring for him. I think I could have hurt him, but at this point I realize that I do like him. I don't know if it's too late now to approach and ask him or not. All I could wish for is that...
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    How do u handle controversial around u?

    I'm taking a class on social welfare, and there are a lot of criticism going on targeting the poor especially african american and the minority population. i have T.A and she seems very ignorant as well as racist. she's in her 24 years doing her masters in social work. i am hoping to serve and...
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    does anyone know where i can print out hmoob dab neeg to read?

    I am trying to improve my hmoob and so if anyone can throw me some links or short hmoob stories to read, that would be very appreciated. thanks!^^
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    Where can I watch ThaiTV online?

    Can anyone give me some links to where I can watch lakorns/shows/etc online? Pay or free watch just let me know. Thanks.
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    Peak Magazine

    credit to Noon's Board. Hope's there would be some articles, but there aren't any so. Well, enjoy SON! hehe
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    Who in here are Son&View BIGGEST fans?

    Omgosh, I am completely in love with Kaew Lom Pet. It was so FUN! Anyways, I have become a madly lover of Son-Yuk and View. Both are definitely the best couple so far. Well, I just wanted to express my love and find out who's here are their BIG and #1 fans. hehe